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Natural Grocers – Wichita Falls

Store in Wichita Falls - 50.11 mi

Natural Grocers Wichita Falls is a mecca for Organic, Vegan, and Vegetarian goods in the Texoma Region. They even have freshly ground nut butters! They have fresh nuts, trail mixes, and a lot of fermented probiotic goods! Their produce section is one of the freshest in Wichita Falls and their canned section is quite interesting. Shelves are always well stocked and they usually have the best deals when it comes to bulk goods like nuts, dried fruit, and grains. Don't forget to check out their clearance section for great deals.

Loving Naturals

Store in Graham - 86.24 mi

Loving Naturals features local vendors who specialize in natural, homemade, and homegrown products and natural grocery items. This is located in Graham, Texas. There are many different kinds of vendors here. There are farmers and ranchers selling pork, beef, chicken, poultry, and other meat products. If you are looking for organic or vegan food products, there are vendors here with these products. The farmers market is also an opportunity for locals to showcase their cooking and baking skills, which is why you will find a lot of different kinds of food here for sale. Take your pick: meatloaf and mashed potatoes, broccoli salad, cranberry pecan chicken salad, or garden salad. Choose from different kinds of scones (Dreamsicle scones, apricot scones, peach scones). You can also buy peach cream cheese protein bread or sourdough bread. And for dessert, the choices include banana pudding, toffee bit cookies, chocolate chip cookies, butter crunch cookies, or red velvet cupcakes. There's more here than food. There are vendors here selling crocheted items, gift baskets, leather goods, corn cozies, and more. For the kids, have them participate in activities that take place here, like painting and other indoor activities.

Bowie Farmers Market

Store in Bowie - 95.39 mi

Experience Bowie Farmers Market in Texas, a small specialty store with an amazing selection of food products. Discover Fischer's Meats and Cheeses, Lovera's Meats, Cheeses, Jar goods, and Hansen sodas. Plus, a huge gluten-free selection for donuts, bread, and more. Stay updated on promos and special pricing via their Facebook page and website!

Decatur Farm to Market

Store in Decatur - 119.62 mi

The Decatur Farm to Market is established to showcase local vendors and producers. Fresh produce, including meats, cheeses, spices, jams and a whole lot more are readily available to cater to each buyer’s needs. Farm to Market heavily advocates buying local to “support independently owned businesses, protect the environment and provide a variety of other benefits to the local community,” ensuring that this place is “where quality food meets customer service.”

Herbs & More

Store in Decatur - 120.07 mi

Herbs & More started as a home business in 1993, but has now evolved to be a trusted health food store in Decatur. Herbs & More is a reliable source of nutritional and dietary supplements and healthy food items. They also accept special orders if the needed item is not on their current list of brands and products. And for a more holistic experience, Herbs & More also offer services through its “Therapist, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Clinical Nutritionist, and Alternative Medicine Specialist.”

Meghann’s Market

Store in Eastland - 127.38 mi

Nestled in Eastland, TX, Meghann's Market stands as a hub for fresh produce, diverse plants, outdoor decor, and essential gardening supplies. With a history dating back to 2009, the market proudly sources a majority of its products from nearby farms in Rising Star and Cisco. This cherished establishment garners affection from both local residents and out-of-town guests. Whether you're a visitor drawn by its allure or a regular seeking quality, fresh produce, Meghann's Market warmly welcomes all to explore its offerings.


Store in Abilene - 128.88 mi

Cordell's is a unique establishment in Abilene, TX, offering a gourmet food store, bistro, and coffee shop all under one roof. In our bistro and coffee and tea bar, everything is meticulously made from scratch in our own kitchen, with a focus on using locally produced food from nearby farmers. Our Specials Menu changes daily, reflecting our commitment to offering seasonal, locally sourced, and healthy dining options. Our ultimate goal is for every guest at Cordell's to leave feeling great after their meal. Our gourmet food store is at the heart of our operation, and it's integral to everything we do at Cordell's. We are dedicated to sourcing the finest products from the best artisans, ensuring that we carry only the very best.

Weather Ford Farmers Market

Store in Weatherford - 132.83 mi

Experience the rich heritage of the Weatherford Farmers Market, a beloved Texas institution since the 1930s. Originally established by farming families, it continues to thrive under the sole operation of the Hutton family. Discover an ever-changing array of seasonal delights, from vibrant plants and flowers in spring to succulent fruits and vegetables in summer, festive pumpkins in fall, and winter treasures like pecans, firewood, and Christmas trees. Explore this authentic farmers market where Texas-grown produce takes center stage, supplemented by offerings from local producers.

ClearFork Market

Store in Hudson Oaks - 136.99 mi

Clearfork Market is a one stop place if you are looking for excellent variety of health conscious and organic food & home products. This “Health Food Store” primarily operates in the Grocery Stores business within the Food Stores sector. They offer vitamins, essential oils, groceries, fresh organic fruit and vegetables, homemade breads, meals, smoothies, and even more. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable and more than happy to share. It is also the best place to swing into for “gluten free options and local foods” because they offer the biggest selection of gluten free items in the area. They reduced the sugar content on breads, as well as switched to an “organic coconut sugar.” They are also making their purée fresh in house to ensure its freshness.

G3 Cattle Company Homegrown

Store in Tuscola - 140.07 mi

The G3 Cattle Company Homegrown stands by its years of experience in cattle-raising and providing consumers with farm-to-table high-quality meats. All of their beef is grass/grain finished and are free from hormones, and antibiotics. And all of their cattle are processed at the only organic certified processing plant in Texas. This ensures that customers in Abilene, Tuscola, and Coleman can expect good quality beef that's bursting with flavor.

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