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Hendon Farms

Farm & Ranch in Welch - 1.60 mi

Hendon Farms, which is located in Welch, Texas, produces USDA-certified organic cotton, peanuts, and small grains in its organic field. They have been in business since 1916, and this is a good thing because you know that they've grown a lot as a business through the years, and the reason why they are still here is because they are good with what they do.  They keep up with the times, which is one of the reasons why they experience continued success. Right now, the farm utilizes the latest farming technology and equipment, to make sure they are efficient.

Mitch’s Texas Style BBQ – Lamesa

BBQ Joint in Lamesa - 16.50 mi

Indulging in the culinary delights of this establishment is an experience that goes beyond words. The flavors are nothing short of amazing, creating a symphony of taste that lingers on the palate long after the meal is over. The staff, in addition to being great, adds a welcoming touch that enhances the overall dining atmosphere. What sets this place apart is the unwavering commitment to authenticity when it comes to barbecue. There's no room for imitation or shortcuts – it's the real deal. Unlike other places that serve up fake renditions, this spot delivers a genuine BBQ experience that truly captures the essence of this beloved culinary tradition. Every bite reflects the dedication to quality, showcasing the true artistry of barbecue. It's a haven for those who have been disappointed by imitations elsewhere, as the food here is a testament to the authenticity of real BBQ. From the first taste to the last, this establishment stands as a beacon for true barbecue enthusiasts, offering a delightful journey into the world of genuine and flavorful BBQ.

Texas Custom Wine Works

Winery in Brownfield - 17.83 mi

Texas Custom Wine Works is a winemaking facility where the client’s needs come first and are profoundly and fundamentally different from other custom crush winemaking facilities in Texas. They do not make their own wines but they help others. They can plant and train the grapes, irrigate, crush, ferment, oak-age, test their product for sugar, acid, alcohol, tannins... Its never-ending. You will "highly" appreciate their "friendliness and the several wines" that you will be able to taste and purchase. They are a great "addition" to the "Hill Country" community. They are "making wine the right way". Their mission is assisting and training and sharing others in this Ever-Growing Industry for the Great State of Texas!

Biggie G’s

BBQ Joint in Lamesa - 17.92 mi

If you're a BBQ lover looking for some delicious and authentic BBQ, this establishment is the perfect choice for you! They offer mouth-watering BBQ that is sure to satisfy, but be sure to call ahead and see if they've sold out for the day. With a commitment to using high-quality ingredients and expert preparation techniques, every dish is bursting with flavor and made with care and attention to detail. From juicy brisket and flavorful ribs to mouth-watering chicken and sausage, this establishment offers a diverse menu that is sure to please. And with hours from Monday to Saturday starting at 12:00 PM until they sell out, you can enjoy your meal at your convenience. So why not head to this establishment today and experience the ultimate in delicious and authentic BBQ? With a dedication to using high-quality ingredients and expert preparation techniques, you won't be disappointed!

All Star Peanuts

Farm & Ranch in Wellman - 17.93 mi

When we see, hear, or read the word "peanuts," maybe the first thing to come to mind is something of little or no value at all. Nothing can be farther from the truth with All Star Peanuts. This farm produces conventional and untreated peanut seeds. But that's not all. They also sell non-GMO cotton seeds. They also have inoculants and other types of seeds. Feel free to follow them on their social media, or if you live close by, you can visit the farm. All Star Peanuts is located in Wellman, Texas. They are happy to help you become successful in your planting endeavors.

Farmhouse Vineyards

Winery in Brownfield - 18.49 mi

Farmhouse Vineyards is "a well-known winegrower located in Brownfield, Texas". They are "owned by a brother/sister team" and "they own four vineyards located at three different sites". Their tasting room is now located "right on Main street in a renovated classic home". "When you enter, a quaint gift shop welcomes you, creating a farmhouse welcome". Experience and taste such great wines including "2017 Revolution is a dry Rosé sparkling made from Counoise" and the "2017 Bloom Rosé, you get to enjoy a 100% Mourvedre Rosé that is light and refreshing with plenty of strawberry and melon notes". You will remember them for "lovely wines and friendly people", "treats you like family".

The Triple D Winery and Restaurant

Winery in Brownfield - 19.32 mi

The Triple D is Terry County's first Winery/Restaurant that serves homemade lunches and also a Winery with TEXAS Wines. They are located "right off the downtown square". Come and experience a Terry County Grown Texas Wine today. You will "loved the old rustic style, the pavilion for entertainment, the corral for seating". Visit and enjoy "some burgers and chicken dinners can be ordered with your wine". They have a "large open eating area, done in a light wood cabin style dining room, with a viewing window on the wine production". The "atmosphere is casual, but it's upscale as well" with "cool music" and the "staff is excellent!"

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