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Local Artisan Food Producers in Fannin County, TX (4)

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Desert Creek Honey

Artisan Food Producer in Blue Ridge -

Desert Creek Honey is a family owned business that take great pride in honey that is both produced and bottled by themselves. They are one of the few companies that still produce, package, and sell their own products. They make sure the bees are properly and humanely cared for, and that each jar sold is the highest possible quality. Their honey has a squeezable bottle and a flip top, no drip lid it is clean and easy to use! At Desert Creek Honey, the honey is “raw, unfiltered, and 100% real”. Every drop of honey they sell is from their own hives and has not been cooked, pasteurized, altered, added to, or modified in any way. Nothing is added, and nothing is taken away from the all natural goodness of real Texas honey. The health benefits are amazing, and the taste is too!

Lampman Pecan Company

Artisan Food Producer in Dodd City -

Lampman Pecan Company is a family owned business that offers a variety of “superior pecans and artisanal pecan products” in Texas. They have in-shell pecans, shelled pecan pieces and halves, as well as candied and flavored pecans. Their shelled pecans are grown locally in their own “pecan orchards.” If you need a hand picking up or shelling your own pecans, Lampman Pecan Company got the tools for you! They have a great assortment of products that make perfect gifts! Customizable gift baskets, trays, and gift packs are available for all occasions. Lampman Pecan Company also carries some great lines of jams, jellies, and honey.

Maine RootNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Ector -

For six years now, Maine Root has been the most outrageously “refreshing thirst-quencher” in town. It all started when the owner, Matt, brewed his own root beer. Their organically sweetened sodas have been thrilling fans from New England to Texas. Maine Root’s are made from “100% organic sugar cane” and it comes Fair Trade from the owner’s friends in Brazil. They farm their key ingredient, and in exchange, Maine root supports their hospitals and schools and you get to enjoy a variety of amazing refreshments. It’s a pretty sweet supply chain! Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a Maine Root rookie, feel free to try all the delicious concoctions. Fill your refrigerator, throw some bottles in a cooler, or mix them with your favorite spirit!

Margarita’s TortillaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Honey Grove -

Margarita's Tortilla Factory manufactures “organic flour tortillas, non-GMO corn tortillas, and handmade tamales,” all made by hand with an authentic homemade taste! All their products are prepared from “all-natural ingredients.” They don’t use any artificial flavors, colors, or any preservatives. You won’t find industrial formulations in the products they offer, either, like enzymes, modified starches, and natural mold inhibitors. Just good wholesome ingredients! Margarita’s Tortilla Factory doesn’t take shortcuts. They adhere to traditional processes and put a lot of love into their products. Since 1997, they are following these principles and they now offer many flavors of tortillas and handmade tamales.

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