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Local Food Businesses in Greenway Park - Dallas, Texas

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JK Chocolate

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas, Texas

Home of the Microchip & Micro Cookie, JK Chocolate makes the “world’s smallest cookies and rich dark fudgy gourmet chocolate.” These tiny, all-natural cookies are sheer bliss. They are handmade in small batch using ingredients that you can trust. Each cookie is actually a chocolate chip, enrobed in cookie dough and baked to crunchy perfection. […]

The Devil’s Own Chili

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas, Texas

Described by supporters as, “The Best Chili Mix in the World“, The Devil’s Own Chili is an institution in the Lone Star State made by the chili champ, Mel Kusin. For him, chili is a devilishly fun pursuit. He started it from scratch and made a chili, dedicating himself to learning the chili trade and […]

The Meat Shop Butchery & Eatery

Butcher in Dallas, Texas

Located in Dallas’ vibrant West Lovers Lane neighborhood, The Meat Shop Butchery & Eatery is a European-style butcher shop and eatery that offers “Rosewood Ranches’ certified all-natural, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, grass-fed, and grain-finished Wagyu Beef.” It is the most delicious, healthy and best tasting beef you will find in the US The cows are raised with […]