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    Georgetown, TX 78626
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    Keeno’s Beef Jerky

    Artisan Food Producer in Wichita Falls - 227.67 mi

    Established in 2010, Keeno's Jerky is located in a city that is starting to gain recognition as "The Jerky Capital of Texas.” But what sets keeno's jerky apart from the rest? Keeno's kitchen as well as their products have been inspected in order to provide a healthy beef snack. Their jerky proudly honors the tenderness and flavoring from “Texas’ best steak houses,” and they make the jerky fresh everyday. Keeno's signature “Kickin' T-Bone Jerky” has quickly made a name for itself. The flavor, reminiscent of a perfectly prepared Texas T-Bone steak is just one of the reasons that Keeno's fans can't get enough. The fact that it is so soft and easy to chew makes it just plain addictive!

    (940) 249-1982

    The Jank Gourmet BBQ Sauce

    Artisan Food Producer in Weslaco - 310.95 mi

    The Jank is known for its Texas gourmet bbq sauce that is low in sodium, no high fructose corn syrup, no added sugar, and no MSG. It is diabetic-friendly, keto-approved, and children-loved. They offer a great selection of products including original, spicy, goodness, and habanero. And, all are great condiments to complement any meal, including “beef or pork tamales.” You can also use these products as a marinade for all your meats. On top of their liquid products, they also offer a dry all-purpose seasoning blend with a natural smoke flavor – perfect for rubbing all your meat prior to grilling. “You’re missing out on something really special” if you don’t try The Jank.

    (954) 687-2259

    Artisan Oils and Vinegars

    Artisan Food Producer in Lubbock - 318.98 mi

    A family-owned store in Lubbock is the culprit for all these “top quality oils, vinegar, and herbs.” These artisans offer barrel-aged, flavor-infused olive oils and balsamic vinegar, dipping sauces, dried soup mixes, and flavored pasta. They have 24 amazing flavors available and you are highly encouraged to sample their products as much as you like. “The honey ginger and cranberry pear are phenomenal.” Drizzling it on some “golden beets and kale salad was perfection.” If you enjoy a little heat and flavor, be sure to try the roasted chili oil, which is amazing independently by the way, but pairing it with garlic olive oil just adds so much flavor. Don't forget to try their cranberry-orange vinegar for that “citrusy pork salad recipe,” or “use the Jalapeño lime vinegar to sauté mushrooms” for a little quick meal twist. Oh and by the way, “that Tuscan herb is to die for!" 

    (806) 370-7489

    Kelle B Jammin’

    Artisan Food Producer in Lubbock - 319.34 mi

    The name alone evokes high, positive, contagious energy, and it is exciting! Kelle B Jammin' is a smart play on words, perfect for the business of selling delicious jams. Kelle B Jammin’ makes and sells small-batch, artisanal, gourmet jams. But don't be fooled by the name. They also sell snacks and pickles, rubs, spices, sauces, as well as mixes and kits. This small, local business is located in Lubbock, Texas. Just as sweet is the other project by Kelle B Jammin' - Kelle B Kids Cookery Camp, where kids are taught basic cooking skills. That is an important skill and who knows, maybe someday one of the kids here start their own jam business, just like Kelle B Jammin’!      

    Farmer Matt’s Food Co.

    Artisan Food Producer in Slaton - 321.08 mi

    Right now, there isn't a lot Farmer Matt’s Food Co. is selling. But whatever they produce from a process they describe as artisanal alchemy, it is surely a great product. Take for example the Fermented Pepper Condiment. Farmer Matt’s Food Co. takes pride in the fact that they make a hot sauce using a thorough fermentation process, naturally and artistically fermented in small batches. No vinegar. No sugar. 100% yummy. Maybe it is because the spice is made from the very peppers used to make the sauce. Farmer Matt’s Food Co. describes their Fermented Pepper Condiment as "the perfect blend of habanero and jalapeño peppers, garlic, and hibiscus flowers." Not only that, but they are also using their own special secret spices. If you want a bottle, you can visit Wolfforth Farmers Market every Saturday or order online.

    AnnaBee Crafts

    Artisan Food Producer in Lubbock - 323.38 mi

    Unique, unusual, and unforgettable. AnnaBee Crafts makes 50 different kinds of handmade, homemade jams, jellies, pickles, seasonings, salsas, and more. “These ladies know what people like! The flavors are unique and the jams are well made.” Offering a wide variety of products from jams and jellies like raspberry chipotle, strawberry champagne, cranberry Jalapeño, Habañero to roasted salsas, apple smoked salt seasoning, olive oil dipping spice, and their seed packets, they certainly do their best to make them uncommon. “Everything has been excellent, especially the apple butter and the fresh frozen black-eyed peas!” Taking it easy on sugar? Sugar-free jams are also available. Go get them at the local craft fairs, farmer’s market, and festivals in Lubbock.    

    (806) 441-9680


    Artisan Food Producer in Brownsville - 328.11 mi

    TXQ Rubs was born late at night on a driveway in Brownsville, Texas. TXQ Rubs takes the “flavors and traditions of regions in Texas” and puts them in a bottle, just for you. When someone hears the numbers “956, 361, and 214,” they normally think of area codes. But for “Lou and Melissa Castro,” the creators of TXQ Rubs, those numbers represent the eight different barbecue rubs in the works to represent classic Texas flavors.Their first product, “956,” is an all-purpose seasoning with a hint of lime, spice, and sugar. The whole line of spices and rubs is meant to showcase Texas and all of the different wonderful flavors in Texas. Sprinkle it lightly on thin cuts and heavier on thicker cuts. From this Texas Region to yours, enjoy! Echale!

    (956) 466-9596

    Claude’s Sauces

    Artisan Food Producer in El Paso - 516.49 mi

    Claude’s Sauces began their operations in the 70’s as maker of the original ”Claude’s BBQ Brisket Marinade” made by their parents Joe and Glenda Castaneda. From there, they have grown to include “Claude’s Fajita Marinade,” a staple necessity in many homes. They remained a family run business up to this day, offering a full line of BBQ, Steak and Hot & Spicy Sauces, wood flavored marinades along with their Casa Corona line of dehydrated instant beans, enchilada sauces and their signature bar stock, ”Tank’s Bloody Mary Mix!” Grown in El Paso, they are proud of their footprint locally and support the community.

    (915) 858-4299

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