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    Georgetown, TX 78626
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    Farms, Ranches, and Local Food Businesses that deliver Spices in Georgetown, TX 78626 (88)

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    Gooding’s Specialty Foods

    Artisan Food Producer in Katy - 124.90 mi

    Wake up your taste buds as Gooding’s Specialty Foods celebrates escabeche with marinated eggplants and marinated mushrooms like you have never had before. This is the “best food you’d ever want to taste!” The taste was “amazing” as they are made with the finest ingredients without using any kind of preservatives. Plus, it has a one-year shelf life too! These goodies will surely treat your family to pure goodness by jazzing up any food; make a charcuterie board, use as a side dish for steaks, or make crostinis with cream cheese. And speaking of crostinis, this escabeche-marinated eggplant and mushroom comes with a free bag of toasties! Catch them at the local farmers market; or, if you’re from the Houston metro area, have yours delivered at home!

    (281) 658-1691

    The Sauce Factory

    Artisan Food Producer in Tomball - 126.21 mi

    Headquartered in Tomball, Texas, The Sauce Factory is an artisan food business that crafts and offers great Cajun sauces and seasonings to the market. The sauces are sugar-free, gluten-free, MSG-free, meat-free, and dairy-free. It is the best dipping sauce for grilled salmon, sausage, chicken, meatloaf, bbq ribs, beef brisket, even salads, and stir-fried vegetables. And not only that, you can use it as a marinade too! These Signature Cajun sauces come in variants like regular, sugarless, hot-Caliente, and tangy mustard that you’ll surely love. On top of that, they also sell “The World’s Greatest Dry Rub” that comes in a handy jar. So, if you’re on to a wet or dry marinade this weekend… Well, you can have both with The Sauce Factory. Order via their website or catch them at the local farmers’ markets in and around Tomball.

    Kustom Spices

    Artisan Food Producer in Katy - 126.83 mi

    Kustom Spices is a Texas-based company that crafts and sells whole food spices with no additives, preservatives, and fillers. They serve 100% vegan-friendly, keto-friendly, paleo-friendly, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, dye-free, and MSG-free spices that bring back family time and cooking back into each and everyone’s homes. This artisan can also customize your spices based on your allergen or dietary needs. Plus, they can recreate your favorite store-bought spices without the use of fillers and chemicals. “Sounds amazing,” right? Well, there’s more. Their spices are absolutely “yummy” and its aroma will surely make your mouth water. Yes, you can smell the difference right away! And the best part is, they have “free delivery in Katy,” Fulshear, Brookshire, Richmond, and Rosenberg.

    (281) 616-7053

    Gordon Specialty Foods

    Artisan Food Producer in Katy - 127.80 mi

    Gordon Specialty Foods is a well kept secret for professional Barbecue cook-off teams and outfitters throughout the United States. Grub Rub is a “seasoning, tenderizer, and marinade” all in one. What separates Grub Rub seasoning from the other seasoning is how it sticks to the meat after only a 10 minute marinade. Once it becomes moist, it will not drip off. As the fire begins to cook the meat, Grub Rub seasoning will create it's own delicious sauce to seal in the meat's natural juices and flavor. This “old family recipe” keeps the meat moist and tender throughout cooking. Grub Rub seasoning first arrived on the shelves of Randall's grocery stores in 1994. Now, you can find it in close to 1,000 stores across the United States.

    (281) 347-4782

    Grilling Geek Spices

    Artisan Food Producer in Conroe - 128.26 mi

    One of the reasons why we love to buy from restaurants is because the food they sell has this distinct, delicious flavor we cannot imitate or match. It is frustrating, especially if you feel like you are doing everything right. Many people love to grill meat, but the taste is very different from the grilled meat they buy in the restaurant. Maybe Grilling Geek Spices can help you. They sell spices made for meats you want to grill. Using this instead of the plain salt-and-pepper seasoning may be the trick that can turn your grilling from average to outstanding!

    (936) 900-2480

    Big Bayou Cocktail Sauce

    Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 129.96 mi

    After thirty years of refinement and adjustments, Big Bayou has crafted the perfect balance of what we all expect from a cocktail sauce- one that complements not only seafood but all of the dishes without overpowering its delicate flavors. Are you looking for a bold, robust, and versatile flavor cocktail sauce? Search no more as “Big Bayou’s Lime and Cilantro with Jalapeño Cocktail Sauce” is just what you need. Brush some meatloaf with their traditional sauce and bake it in the oven for that Sunday dinner. Marinate that chicken wings with the “Jalapeño Cocktail Sauce”, bake or fry it for that Superbowl party! You can even finish it with some Bloody Mary with the help of the “Big Bayou Bloody Mary Mix”. Just be careful of the alcohol though, as it is completely addicting!

    (832) 648-7500

    Brazos River Provisions

    Artisan Food Producer in Rosenberg - 132.57 mi

    Located in the quaint Historic Downtown district of Rosenberg, Brazos River Provisions is like no other shop in the area. It is a purveyor in making unique jellies, barbecue rubs, salsa and coffee, all with a “Texas twist”. The Artisan Jams and Jellies that they produce are Wine Infused, Champagne Infused, Tequila Infused and Pepper Infused. All of the Jams and Jellies are made right in the kitchen of Brazos River Provisions. They are made in small batches from the best ingredients. They do not use fillers, artificial flavors or colors. Most days customers are welcomed to the store with the aroma of Jelly being made in the kitchen.

    (832) 595-2881

    The Spice Hippies

    Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 134.14 mi

    When we talk about seasoning, we usually think about savory flavors. And the name The Spice Hippies certainly evokes flavors in the spicy-salty-savory range. But looking at their recent creation, the one they called Caramel Snickerdoodle Gourmet Popcorn, I am convinced that The Spice Hippies are real flavor geniuses. They can help you and me explore the bounds of taste and flavor beyond the traditional and conventional. Spice blends, vinegar, oils, seasoning - everything and anything can be an effective tool to ramp up or experiment on flavors.

    (832) 786-1051

    Alamo Red

    Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 134.30 mi

    A new line of Texas Crafted recipes straight from Alamo Red’s kitchen to yours! Their products are made in Texas by Texans who pride themselves on their craftsmanship. They have Texas inspired Salsas, Bar Mixers, Quesos, Dips, Spices, BBQ Sauces and Marinades. They are using a proprietary “small batch” production process that achieves crafted flavors that complement your favorite dishes or drinks and developed a hand craft production process that ensures that each batch produced delivers on their commitment to quality and great flavor. Alamo Red won “Small Business of the Year” awarded by the Small Business Administration (Greater Houston Area) in 2013 and “Medium Business of the Year” awarded by Cy-Fair Chamber of Commerce on the same year.

    (713) 896-4196

    Bayou Beaux Beez

    Artisan Food Producer in Huffman - 137.83 mi

    Bayou Beaux Beez, from Huffman, Texas, makes Creole-style barbecue seasonings, rubs, sauce, glaze, and more. You can buy their products online. They also have cookies, loaf cakes, and roux. They even sell aprons, caps, and a grill set to help you get started with grilling! They set up shop in different locations to make it easier for you to get in touch with them. They have been in selling in Valley Ranch Town Center, Valley Ranch Community Market, Summer Days Market, Brenham First Fridays Farmer & Artisan Market, Aggieland Artisan Market Post Oak Mall, New Caney Community Market Westchase District Farmers Market, Rayford Sunday Market, and Post Oak Mall. They have been very busy making the rounds to bring their wonderful products closer to the buying public. If you have been visiting any of these locations and events, you'll surely come across Bayou Beaux Beez's stall.

    (318) 518-2767

    Ty’s Gourmet Spice Seasonings

    Artisan Food Producer in Sugar Land - 138.96 mi

    A trip to the doctor's office can sometimes be a silver lining and Ty's Gourmet Spice Seasonings can attest to that.
    Chef Ty, owner of this company, paid a visit to his doctor's office only to find out that he had to change his diet into a Low-Sodium one. Out of his frustration of finding a seasoning that's low in sodium yet flavorful enough, he and his dad came up with this product. At first, it was still named Ty's LOW-SALT until the word "spice seasonings" have been added. Eventually, they've ventured into other blends, which led to the birth of  Ty's Gourmet Spice Seasonings.
    This artisan food producer specializes in Low Salt and No Salt seasonings that creates a "party in your mouth." They currently have 3 flavors to choose from: Original Low Salt, Zesty Low Salt, and Plum Salt-Free. Both the Low Salt flavors use kosher salt, which is then replaced by plum in the salt-free variety.
    Nevertheless, all these seasonings are packed with 13 different herbs and spices that are sure to cover up for the reduction or absence of sodium. They're aromatic, fragrant, and flavorful enough that will surely stimulate your taste buds and comfort your soul. Not to mention that they're gluten-free, Non-GMO, and made with no preservatives or artificial ingredients like MSG.
    Yet, these seasonings are versatile enough to be used as a marinade, wet or dry rub, brine, cooking salt, or a finishing salt. They work wonders on everything from meats like "lamb," beef, "chicken," and pork to vegetables, soups, stir-fries, stews, and more.
    So, if you're required to have a low sodium diet, or just trying to cut on your salt intake, and yet you don't want to suffer from a bland and compromised taste, this is your best option.

    (713) 306-0185

    Lottabit Spices

    Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 140.57 mi

    Inspired by the amazing travels and flavors from Italy, France, Africa, the Middle East, and the United States, Lottabit Spices crafts “delicious” and “fresh local spices,” sauces, infused sugars, and almond flour that is blended with Lottabit of love and passion. “If you haven’t tried them,” then “you must.” They sell a variety of “really great spice blends” that are perfect to season any meat and vegetables with. “Life Seasoning” works “very good on fish” and Sweet & Smoky Pepper Rub works well on beef and poultry. Their sauces are really good, but you’re gonna go “nuts on the Cajun lemon pepper sauce! It’s absolutely amazing” and unique! Their infused sugars are a must-have in the house, especially if you’re a baker who loves desserts. Not to mention that they also offer almond flour if you’re baking something gluten-free!

    Riba Foods

    Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 140.88 mi

    Riba Foods provides the highest-quality Fire-roasted, traditional Mexican salsas and dips; non-roasted salsas and dips; picante sauces; pickles; peppers, chipolatas and barbecue sauces. They pioneered the open-roasted process in which they "Fire-Roast" fresh vegetables in order to produce the best tasting traditional Mexican salsas and dips on the market today. They took this unique process and expanded it to a variety of products that are like no other. They expanded the manufacturing and co-packing capability, offering a selection of 22 salsas and dips. Now, Riba Foods, Inc. is still a family-owned business and remains one of the premier fire-roasting providers in the U.S. If you are craving for that authentic, flavor-packed salsa taste, look no further. You can use their salsas for dipping, snacking and cooking at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    (713) 975-7001

    F.I.T Brine

    Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 144.20 mi

    F.I.T Brines, also known as “Flavor Infused Tenderizing Brines” started out as a kick starter project for 2 friends from Houston.They develop a range of savory brines that could help any would-be BBQ host cut their preparation time down considerably, thus giving themselves more time to enjoy the day. Their spice blends are unique mixture of sea salt and all natural herbs, spices, and extracts specially designed to be mixed with water to flavor, tenderize, and make meat more juicy after cooking! They can also perfectly season vegetables for roasting or sauteing! There are 9 flavors available in the F.I.T Brines range giving you complete coverage across all of your favorite meals and all of these flavors are 100% natural and gluten free.

    (772) 222-7463

    Patsy G Mustard

    Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 144.22 mi

    Patsy G Mustard is an artisan food producer based in Houston, Texas that specializes in all-natural, handcrafted, gourmet, and zero preservatives mustard. This product is the “best condiment ever!” At first you might think that “it was a touch too spicy” but after a few tries, you’re certainly going to be “obsessed” with its “amazing flavor and great quality” that “has a bit of ‘kick’ to it.” Plus, it’s also “healthy and great on everything” like “salad, eggs, meat, wheat pasta, and anything you need to add some zest and flavor to.” There’s “no guilt eating this stuff and no hidden ingredients that are not good for the waistline,” so we “highly recommend” you trying this “phenomenal” product.

    AXEL Provisions Company

    Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 144.99 mi

    Think of hosting a backyard luncheon this Sunday and you want to please your guests on the food you are about to prepare. You list down all the ingredients and the necessary condiments, you buy them from the market, and you actually prepare them. Kind of overwhelming, right? Shed of your time and money with AXEL Provisions’ products. Made with all-natural ingredients and tender loving care, AXEL crafts Chimichurris, seasonings, and pickled goods, that is “delicious alone, awesome for marination, and an all-around kitchen necessity.” Match it up with a “very balanced” AXEL salsa that brings a “unique fusion of flavors that will surely send happiness all over your flavor palette.” You can easily become a master griller - guaranteed! Certified guilt-free as these premium grilling provisions are keto-friendly, vegan, and gluten-free. 

    One Two Three Salsa Mix

    Artisan Food Producer in Fort Worth - 145.46 mi

    One Two Three Salsa Mix is a husband and wife team out of Arlington that create and sell a variety of salsa mixes including their best selling "Original Jalapeno Salsa Mix". Every week, every year, they travel all across Texas selling salsa mixes to places up north like Denton all the way down to San Antonio, out west to Sweet water, east to Jacksonville, Tyler and everywhere in between. Their Salsa Mix is a blend of “13 different herbs and spices”. It has expanded to five varieties like Jalapeno, Chipotle, Salsa Verde, Habanero and Carolina Reaper. Each packet is still hand packed, labeled and sealed by them and their three sons. Their ingredients are purchased by local Texas businesses and their Salsa Mixes and Sour Cream Dips are all natural, and they don’t use any preservatives.

    (210) 639-6995

    Renfro Foods

    Artisan Food Producer in Fort Worth - 145.74 mi

    Renfro Foods, Inc. Is a family-owned and operated since 1940 that offers “delicious condiments” including salsas, relishes, barbecue sauces, cheese sauces and jalapeño peppers. They have a standout labels blending modern with nostalgic. Their famous, pioneering salsas, like Mango Habanero and Craft Beer, perfectly balancing heat and flavor. Always looking to improve and expand categories, Renfro Foods debuted an improved Nacho Cheese Sauce at the “2013 Winter Fancy Food Show” and introduced two new flavors to the category - “Chipotle Nacho Cheese and Ghost Pepper Nacho Cheese,” reflecting the high heat factor that continues in the marketplace. Renfro Foods, Inc. has come a long way. They have grown to become one of the largest salsa manufacturers in the United States. Their line of products includes syrups, jellies, preserves, vinegars, chow chow and taco sauce.

    (800) 332-2456

    Avocado Crack

    Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 146.12 mi

    Avocado crack is an all-purpose seasoning that is initially made for avocados but turns out to be perfect on everything. Knowing that “this product was used by Tabitha Brown,” you’ll know you can’t get away without it. “The spice combination is balanced, flavorful, and the spices complement each other.”  Sprinkle them on steak, seafood, tacos, pork, soup, salad, fruits, and even on plain scrambled eggs! “It is truly a universal spice.” Oh boy, even the “No-sodium is yummy!” What else can you look for? There’s just a “perfect balance of flavors” that cannot be missed. “It’s so addicting!” So better stop wondering and order yours now! Ships nationwide.

    Briggs True

    Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 148.44 mi

    Some of us like things a little spicier than most. It may be the foods we eat, the way we live or even the clothes we wear. Briggs True solely exists for the enjoyment and fulfillment of the discriminating heat seeker who appreciates the value of quality products. They offer the taste, lifestyle and quality of Texas through their “Handcrafted Sauces and Seasonings” that are all natural, gluten and fat free, no MSG, Non GMO, and low in Sodium. They provide unique and better items and resources while focusing on superior customer service. Briggs True is constantly striving to provide what the market place is asking for, their unique “lifestyle products” embody the qualities that make life's simple pleasures more fulfilling.

    (832) 788-7071

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