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    Wharton, TX 77488
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    Farms, Ranches, and Local Food Businesses that deliver Pastries in Wharton, TX 77488 (44)

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    Love Creek Orchards and The Apple Store

    Farm & Ranch in Medina - 190.55 mi

    Love Creek Orchards and The Apple Store have quite a history as "pioneers of the Texas Apple Industry."  This store "produces over fifty different products made from sweet Texas apples."  A must-visit tourist destination in Texas, The Apple Store's Patio Cafe was listed by Texas Monthly Magazine in two categories.  It is one of the "Best 40 Small Town Cafes in Texas."  Meanwhile, their apple pie was voted "Best Apple Pie in Texas."  Visit the orchard to pick your own fruits.  You can also drop by the cafe to grab any of their homemade specialty items.  Some of their products include pies and other pastries, breads, candies, jams, jellies, ice cream, and more.

    (830) 200-0302


    Bakery in Katy - 39.06 mi

    Panaaron, which is located in Katy, Texas, is an artisan bakery owned by Aaron Mendoza, from Caracas, Venezuela. Aaron trained very hard and learned from different mentors and the result is this: great-tasting bread at Panaaron. Aaron makes Cachitos, a Venezuelan sweet and salty bread that contains ham and bacon. Golfeado is a spongy and soft pastry that is shaped like the pain aux raisins or Spanish conch. The flavor comes from anise seeds, cinnamon powder, and grated salty white cheese. Pan Andino Camaleon is a bread originally from Venezuela's Andean region, while the Pan De Guyaba's distinctive quality is that it contains guava jam. There's also bread with ham (Pan De Jamon) and another one that has cheese in it (Pan De Queso). Roles De Nutella is a soft and fluffy roll-shaped made delicious by Nutella, chocolate chips, and chocolate syrup.

    (832) 363-9332

    Sinfull Bakery

    Bakery in Houston - 55.30 mi

    Sinfull Bakery offers baked goods that are so sinfully delicious you won’t believe it’s vegan! This is “Houston’s first 100% vegan bakery,” established back in 2009! Everything is “made from scratch, with all-natural and mostly organic ingredients.”  Check out this award-winning bakery’s selection of baked goods from bars, cookies, soft granolas, cinnamon rolls, pies, mini-sweet loaves, cupcakes, muffins and even a Giant Cinnamon Roll Birthday Platter that can feed up to 35 people! They also offer cinnamon rolls and other ready to bake items that can be frozen and reheated at home! While others might be hesitant about these treats being labeled as vegan and organic, those who have tried it can attest that “you do not have to be vegan to enjoy these treats” and that they “would have never guessed” because it is that good!

    (281) 467-0017


    Store in Shiner - 66.99 mi

    Bluestem is a place where you can find something unique from a “local Texas Artisan.” They have everything from meats, noodles, honey, jelly, salsa, meat pies, paintings, air fresheners, glass, handbags, soap etc. They are dedicated to bringing their customers “quality artisanal goods” from all around the Lone Star State and unique designs inspired by Texan culture and landscapes. Bluestem is a “Revival of Texan Traditional Craft.” But also a continuation, and a tribute. They simultaneously curates beautiful objects from “Texan artisans, manufactures hand-made goods,” and designs products which share their customers’ love of the Great State. They always use local materials, local businesses, and local craftspeople for their merchandise.


    Eilenberger’s Bakery

    Bakery in Palestine - 172.75 mi

    Eilenberger's Bakery - particularly its pecan loaded fruitcake - is proof that good things last. It has been made the same way in the last 120 years, and the result remains the same: people love it, and they keep coming back again and again. If you ever come to visit Palestine, Texas, make sure to come by and have a taste of this iconic fruitcake. If you fall in love with it, don't worry. Eilenberger's Bakery ships nationwide. Another perk of being a revered institution.  Lunch is served between 11am and 1pm.

    (903) 729-0881

    White Rock Coffee (Deep Ellum)

    Restaurant in Dallas - 243.82 mi

    White Rock Coffee is a proud Texas brand. This award-winning coffee shop gives you everything you need. This is a great place for casual coffee drinkers who want a nice, quiet place to sit down, relax, and talk. This is also a great place for passionate coffee lovers who knows their coffee and are very discerning. White Rock Coffee has freshly roasted coffee every day. They also have freshly-made food that pairs well with their coffee. The overall excellence of White Rock Coffee is the reason why this company has grown through the years. Wherever you are in Texas, chances are there is a White Rock Coffee near you.

    (469) 399-7997

    White Rock Coffee Express (Lakewood)

    Restaurant in Dallas - 247.13 mi

    Sitting down for a cup of coffee and some me-time has always been the reason why stopping by a coffee shop is inviting. But sometimes, we are busy and we cannot afford this luxury, so we settle for our typical grab-and-go coffee. Texans love their White Rock Coffee, and if you cannot visit any of their sit-down coffee shops, try White Rock Coffee Express in Lakewood. This store was created for drive-through and walk-up customers. Just because you cannot stay does not mean you don't deserve a delicious cup of freshly roasted coffee. For those who can't sit down and stay awhile, White Rock Coffee wants to make sure you get yours too!

    (214) 792-9767

    White Rock Coffee (Preston Hollow)

    Restaurant in Dallas - 251.51 mi

    White Rock Coffee Preston Hollow, located in Dallas, Texas, offers freshly roasted coffee. On a cold or chilly day, it is nice to have hot coffee. At White Rock Coffee, they have many choices for you, from the traditional espresso to their signature Adam Bomb and White Rocker. Or go for a cup of hot tea instead, if you want something different for a change. They also have blended drinks, smoothies, and iced drinks - perfect for the hot and humid Texas weather. Make sure to pair your choice of drink with any of White Rock Coffee's freshly-made food from their bakeshop.

    (214) 647-1213

    Shawndra’s Cupcakes and Treats

    Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 45.17 mi

    Shawndra's Cupcakes and Treats loves to remind us that there is always a great reason to have sweet treats! If you are having a birthday party, perhaps a personalized chocolate cake? A wedding is a special occasion, and Shawndra's Cupcakes and Treats can make a cake just as special and unforgettable. Perhaps something naughty or kinky for a bachelor or bachelorette party, or something yummy and appropriate for a corporate event? There is always a sweet treat perfect for every sweet moment in your life.

    (832) 907-5176

    Kai’s Baking Studio

    Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 45.39 mi

    Kai's Baking studio is an Artisan Food Producer based out of Houston, Texas. They currently have one location that you can visit for keto, gluten-free, and vegan baked goods. Their number one goal is their customers' health and wellness (not to mention their appetites!). All of their recipes are crafted to hit not only keto and other wellness goals, also to satisfy the sweet cravings of those who normally couldn't consume sweet treats. They also have "Kai's Sweet Box" which is a subscription service that sends you keto treats straight to your door on a monthly basis!

    (832) 583-7894

    Brotha Bakes

    Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 45.42 mi

    Cakes in jars? It sounds odd, but someone out there is creative enough to tread the proverbial "road less traveled". In this case, it is Brotha Bakes. They put cakes inside jars so that it is easy for you to eat them. And you know what? It is not a bad idea after all. Just open a jar and dig in. No need for plates or a knife. No more mess on the table. And judging from the response of happy, satisfied customers, Brotha Bakes' cakes in jars aren't just convenient, they are also super delicious and really, really yummy!

    (281) 410-8195

    Crave Cupcakes (Uptown)

    Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 51.26 mi

    Crave Cupcakes gives its customers “a gourmet twist on a nostalgic favorite.” This cupcake shop, with three locations in Houston, houses handcrafted cupcakes using only the finest ingredients like pure vanilla bean extract, luscious dark and sweet chocolates, seasonal fruits, and European butter. Grab one or a dozen of these gorgeous and tasty cupcakes in original or mini sizes for snack time or as a great dessert option for your special events. Crave Cupcakes also offers specially designed sugar toppers: use any of the more than 50 embossed designs, have a memory printed, or have the event date embossed on your toppers.  Gluten-free, vegan, and keto cupcake options are also available, as well as specially made doggie treats. 

    (713) 622-7283

    Araya Artisan Chocolate

    Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 51.28 mi

    Araya Artisan Chocolate are handcrafted following the “French and Belgian techniques” using premium single origin chocolate, and only the finest and natural ingredients available. No preservatives or artificial flavors are added. Each chocolate is an “edible gem”. The flavor combinations are wonderfully rounded, and often surprising. Every piece of them was exquisite, with amazing flavors and so beautiful where you don’t want to eat them! There are “more than 30 flavors available” and elegant boxes available to make a unique gift for someone special. A selection of Vegan/Dairy Free products are also available. Indulge your senses with the aroma and intense flavors of their handcrafted chocolates, discovering the essence of the spices, nuts, fruits or liquors within each piece that “melts in your mouth” and leave a memorable experience!

    (713) 960-0850

    Crave Cupcakes (Kirby)

    Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 51.78 mi

    Crave Cupcakes (Kirby) serves gourmet, handcrafted cupcakes which are simply mouthwatering and delectable. This is something we expect from an award-winning cupcake company such as Crave Cupcakes. The process of making these delicious cupcakes always starts with getting the best ingredients. Crave Cupcakes (Kirby) make cupcakes every day and there is no chance for a day-old cupcake sold the following day considering the number of customers coming in for their daily cupcake fix.    

    (713) 622-7283

    Dessert Gallery Bakery & Cafe

    Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 52.22 mi

    Dessert Gallery Bakery and Cafe has been a part of milestones, celebrations, special events and occasions since 1995. They have been “putting smiles on people’s faces” through their homemade and all-natural desserts and baked goods. The menu features an extensive list of sweets like cupcakes, bars, cookies, pies, mousse, cakes and cheesecakes, macarons, truffles, parfaits, meringue, and so much more! These items are visually appetizing and delicious as well! The Dessert Gallery is not just about sweets; they’ve also got savory items on their menu, like sandwiches, wraps, and salads!

    (713) 522-9999


    Artisan Food Producer in Cypress - 52.79 mi

    Sugareto, which is located in Cypress, Texas, is a boutique bakery specializing in keto products, gourmet donuts, cakes, and cupcakes. This is a particularly exciting year for Sugareto customers because starting 2021, they are now offering coast-to-coast shipping! This means the delicious and healthy products made from this bakery are not exclusive to Cypress residents anymore. Their innovative creations like the Keto Lemon Poppy Seed Pound Cake or the Keto Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake will surely be enjoyed by people all over the country.

    (832) 684-9096

    Pied Out Cookies

    Artisan Food Producer in Cypress - 54.84 mi

    If you want to be strict with your diet and eat only vegan, soy-free food, then try Pied Out Cookies. They take pride in making cookies that vegan and soy-free. Their cookies are made using virgin organic coconut oil, unbleached flour, and organic sugars. Like you, they too understand the value and benefits of cooking and eating this way and having them is good for the community. Just by looking at the photos of the cookies, I am convinced that these are really yummy sweet treats!

    (832) 558-7849

    Awesome Bites

    Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 55.53 mi

    Don’t let your allergies take the joy out of eating.  Here’s a treat for you, literally!  In Awesome Bites Co., "everything is vegan and dairy, egg, soy, and nut-free, with lots of gluten-free options, and yet awesomely delicious!  This artisan bake and ice cream shop that has been "reinventing treats" that are “full of flavor and made with the healthiest ingredients” that even kids and the pickiest eaters can enjoy!  Truly something that parents can “feel good about giving to their kids every day”.  Whether you or your kids have allergies or intolerances, or you are just craving for something tasty and healthy, these treats are "made to share with the people you love.  Eating better and safer never tasted so awesome!"   

    (832) 582-0118

    Sweet Like Harris

    Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 55.73 mi

    The specialty of Sweet Like Harris is making and selling pralines. Why they chose this particular product to focus on, we do not know. Maybe it is their favorite. Or maybe they have a personal connection to it. Whatever the reason may be, let us be thankful they did just that because they are very good when it comes to making pralines. Their Original Southern Louisiana pralines and Crown Royal-infused pralines are both equally exquisite and divine, especially if you have it with hot coffee or tea.

    (346) 345-8361

    Tiny Temptations

    Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 59.28 mi

    When I read that Tiny Temptations sells many macarons of different flavors, I believed them. However, I didn't imagine that the variety is this extensive. There's blueberry lemon, and then there's coffee. It gets interesting: there's caramel macchiato, and then there's also HOT Cheetos too! I don't know which flavor to pick first. I don't know which flavors pair best (because I definitely want to eat more than one). It is a good problem to have, I guess.

    (713) 244-4799

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