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To say these are just peppers, mustard or bread and butter pickles is like saying Texas is just a state. Texas Pepper Works is a specialty brand, made in “small artisanal batches”, so there are only three flavor-packed items: Candy-Krisp Jalapenos, Jalapeno Mustard and Raspberry Chipotle Salsa. These products stand apart because they use fresh vegetables, selected peppers and classic ingredients for an even, not too chunky texture. From the first bite you notice right off they are crispy. But then hang on to your hat. Your taste buds are in for a wild bronco ride from sweet, to sour, to tart, to spicy! Texas Pepper Works products are a culinary homage to our home state, as the brand is all about Texas and fun! This makes for great dipping as well as a special flavor when brushed on during cooking or grilling.

Local Artisan Products by Texas Pepper Works

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