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Dish Society currently operates on 5 branches and 4 of which are located in Houston, Texas. The Dish Society at Houston Memorial is one of them. The restaurant itself has multiple concepts. It provides a counter service for breakfast, brunch, and lunch while it offers full service during dinners and social hours.Moreover, it offers American and Tex-Mex food specialties that are locally-sourced from nearby farms, ranches, and artisan producers. It features an extensive menu that consists of anything from the classics to the seasonal ones. And speaking of classics, the BLT in this branch is definitely a must-try. It's "simple" yet "nostalgic" that you wouldn't think you're outside grandma's home. But, of course, it's made with homegrown vegetables and local bacon! How can it be not delicious!However, if you're not in the mood for sandwiches, or perhaps, you're on a diet, you can also enjoy a cup of joe or some nutritious juice and elixirs here! All the more reason that you should never miss this place after all.

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