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Weimar Meat CompanyNo Own Retail Location

Butcher in Weimar -

The Weimar Meat Company, under the Elstner Meat Processing LLC, is a labor of love between Kevin and Sadie Elstner that has born fruit by way of a good local following. This is because how Kevin and Sadie have grown their business into a cattle farm that practices natural cattle-raising techniques where all of their cattle are free from any growth hormones or antibiotics. And to keep that good level of flavor in every cut of meat, they finish their cattle with natural grain. Because of this, the quality of their meats is top-notch with their dedicated employees that ensure each customer prime and choice cuts of meat.

What The Cluck FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farmers Market in Jewett -

Established in 2021 by the Rice Family in Leon County, TX, this farm is dedicated to producing pasture-raised poultry products, including chicken, chicken eggs, ducks, duck eggs, and turkey. Their commitment to providing high-quality, natural feed for their poultry sets them apart, as they prioritize a soy-free, corn-free, non-GMO diet for their animals. Additionally, the farm offers seasonal produce cultivated using organic fertilizers and low to no till growing methods, ensuring the highest quality and sustainability. In addition to poultry and produce, the farm also raises Red Wiggler and European Night Crawler worms, and sells castings. Their diverse range of products extends to include homemade jams, jellies, and baked goods, all prepared using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. With a focus on using the finest ingredients, this farm ensures that consumers can feel confident about providing their products to their families. If you're seeking high-quality, ethically produced food, this farm is definitely worth exploring.

Winter SweetzNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Mission -

If you're looking for wholesale quality Texas-grown grapefruit, Winter Sweetz is worth checking out. All of their fruits are sourced locally from Lone Star Citrus Growers. All of their fruits are harvested by season and November through March is the time of the season when trees bear the sweetest grapefruits. Savor the fruity flavors of Texas from Winter Sweetz with their home-grown grapefruit.

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