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Ahimsa Farm

Farm & Ranch in Boerne

Ahimsa Farm describes itself as "a small, chemical-free transitional organic farm on the Little Joshua Creek." They are located in Boerne, Texas. Ahimsa Farm sells free-range eggs and beautiful, healthy vegetables through its community-supported agriculture (CSA) program. Those supporting Ahimsa Farm's CSA pay $200. I am sure this is money well-spent. If you are thinking of learning about working and managing a farm, Ahimsa Farm is accepting applications for summer internship.

(210) 249-1180

Andalucian Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Bellville

The Andalucian Ranch is a family-owned business. The ranch produces farm-fresh, homegrown vegetables and fruits which they sell to the community, like vegetables and eggs. This ranch hopes to promote a healthy and sustainable partnership between local farmers and local consumers. They have an online presence - a Facebook account and an e-commerce website where you can buy different products. They sell cucumbers, goose eggs, and even potted young olive trees. The Andalucian Ranch is located in Bellville, Texas.

(713) 305-4861

Atkinson Farms

Farm & Ranch in Spring

In the 1990s, Atkinson Farms owner Mike Atkinson, a 4th generation farmer, was experiencing a crisis. Competing with foreign-sourced produce was getting more difficult and more robust. Finally, he and wife Theresa had an idea. Why not market and sell their food on the farm’s premises? In 2000, they did just that and built a grocery store on-site. Besides buying produce at retail at the onsite store, visitors of the farm can also treat themselves to a “pick-your-own” activity during strawberry season, a popular event with kids. The farm also participates and sells seasonal produce at other farmers’ markets in the area. A happy buyer says, "I love the fresh produce, jams, and jellies."

(832) 381-8202

Blueberry Hill Farms

Farm & Ranch in Edom

Established in 1982, Blueberry Hills Farms is just 5 miles from Brownsboro and 75 miles east of Dallas.Once you are there, you can start picking your fresh blueberries and blackberries.With a 56-are farm, they are also able to grow apricot, figs, cherries, and peaches. All of which are used by the farmers on their bestselling fruit preserves.The farm also sells baked goods from their newly opened bakery. If you happen to be there some time, don't forget to try their Blueberries & cream pie. It is one of the must-try products of the farm!Other unique products they sell are blueberry yogurt and blueberry lemonade.On a different note, a Facebook Review says that the farm is beautiful and well-maintained. It is perfect for family days.

(903) 852-6175

Countrified Farms

Farmers Market in Grandview

Countrified Farms, which is located in Grandview, Texas, makes dry-aged beef, farm-raised beef, and pork sold at Cleburne's Farmer's Market. There are a lot of products for sale to choose from. They have beef sirloin steak, ground beef, beef rib steak, jalapeno and cheese beef summer sausage, and more. If you can't make it to the farmers market, feel free to contact Countrified Farms and leave them a message. They offer delivery and they will be very happy to arrange a delivery for you. Countrified Farms promises its customers that the product they buy is made entirely from cattle that are raised locally and humanely. They also assure their customers that they do not use steroids, antibiotics, or hormones on their cattle.

(817) 239-4235


Bakery in Addison

If you love loaf cakes and cookies and you live in Dallas, Texas, you should check out Doozy. Doozy makes home-baked and handcrafted creations that promise "to enchant your palate." If you don't like bread that tastes stale because it has been on the shelf for several days, Doozy promises freshly-baked goods made from fresh ingredients made every day. The owner of Doozy describes the baked goods they make as "heartwarming" and "cozy," perfect for those times you are spending quality time with family and friends and eating cookies with a cup of coffee.

(214) 600-2079

Hamilton Pool Vineyards and Farms

Farm & Ranch in Round Mountain

Hamilton Pool Farms is known for winemaking. Hamilton Pool Farms is located in Round Mountain, Texas. The farm and farmstand are only 20 miles from Austin City Limits. Hamilton Pool Vineyards is one of the first vineyards in the Texas Hill Country. Do you want to learn how to farm? Hamilton Pool Farms is also an outdoor farm school. They conduct gardening and herbal medicine workshops. Hamilton Pool Farms also practices regenerative farming. They make sure the way they do things is sustainable. The community, through CSA, is enjoying the vegetables and herbs from this farm.  

(512) 400-4173

Isle Acres Farm

Farm & Ranch in Leander

Conveniently seated in the outskirts of Old Town, Leander Texas, Isle Acres Farm is a 2-acre urban farm ready to meet your organic food needs.Becky, along with her husband Farmer Pete, manages and owns the farm. They do everything on the farm by hand. This means that they do not till the land and do not ever use a tractor.They offer CSA programs for people to get a share of their harvest. On a side note, the farm also donates a portion of their produce to the Hill Country Community Ministries. They also offer Farm classes for children.Facebook reviews generally applaud their produce. "Their produce is super fresh and of superior quality. Also, the owners are super helpful and friendly!"

(512) 763-5293

Jenschke Farms

Farm & Ranch in Fredericksburg

Since 1961, the family-owned Jenschke farms in Fredericksburg, Texas, is in the business of farming, Jenschke Farms' peach orchard has already 20 varieties of peaches and currently have 3,000 trees. They also make ices cream, jams, jellies, and canned peaches, and recently, they launched strawberries and pumpkins. Also, they even have Christmas trees on the farm. Also, they allow their customers to pick fruits on their own. Their client says, “They love the place because it is amicable for kids. The kids love the place, especially the hayrides. The strawberry and peaches are all good. Also, their peach cobbler is so yummy, even their cider.” If you also want to experience the Jenschke Farms, visit their beautiful place! They are very accommodating!

(830) 997-8422

Leafers Microgreens LLCNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio

Leafers Microgreens LLC grows microgreens with the goal of producing microgreens for homes and restaurants in San Antonio, Texas. The business prides itself of growing locally-grown, sustainable, and high-quality microgreens. Today, many consumers still lean towards traditional green, leafy vegetables, but there are benefits in including microgreens in one's diet. The goal of Leafers Microgreens LLC is to see the local community eating more microgreens. That is not a bad plan.  

(210) 569-9974

Planet Vegan

Food Truck in Houston

If you are a vegan in Houston looking for a food truck for lunch or dinner, we have a recommendation for you. Planet Vegan is in Houston, Texas. This vegan food truck opens at 11 AM. They have sandwiches, smoothies, coleslaw, guacamole, no-seafood gumbo, grilled mac, dirty rice, mixed greens, avocado toast, fries, and more. Customers are pleased with the food at Planet Vegan. They promised to return to have some more. Some customers praised Planet Vegan for its Southern home-cooked vegan vibe. They also like Planet Vegan because the staff is friendly.

(713) 587-6766

Psencik Peach Farm

Farm & Ranch in Fredericksburg

Do you want to experience a u-pick farm? The Psencik Peach Farm in Fredericksburg, Texas, is a 23-acre u-pick farm that is a proud member of Hill Country Fruit Council. The farm offers peaches and blackberries with the highest quality. Many people like the fruits of the Psencik peach farm because it is incredibly delicious! Aside from that, the farm is a family-oriented place and an excellent location to unwind and exhale stress and negativities. To know more about Psencik Peach Farm, you can visit their social media pages! Come and visit them Monday to Thursday at 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM and 12:00 noon – 6:00 PM every Sunday. 

(830) 990-0152

Sunnyvale Pecan Orchard

Farm & Ranch in Sunnyvale

When the fall season starts, the Sunnyvale Pecan Orchard starts to get busy for pecan season. Only 15 minutes from downtown Dallas, Sunnyvale Pecan Orchard is near enough to spend the day to pick the freshest pecans. Currently owned and run by the Sage family, Mike Sage made a promise to the orchard’s previous owners to continue the business.Enjoy the rural setting while just being minutes away from the city, and experience the fun of picking your own buckets of pecans. For a minimal fee, cracking pecans service is also available. Kids might even get to catch the actual “shaking of the trees” – the process that makes pecans fall to the ground for picking.Tip: Harvest season starts late October. Call before heading to the orchard to make sure they’re open and the grounds are dry.

(972) 226-1251

Texas Keto EatsNo Own Retail Location

Restaurant in Tyler

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(903) 331-8879

Tyler Berry Farm

Farm & Ranch in Tyler

Tyler Berry Farm has been growing blueberries for decades. Now, the grandchildren of the original owner have taken over and they are ready to explore the farm's potential. They've started growing strawberries and apples (Anna and Gala apples). If they are thinking of growing more fruits, I'd say go for it! We can never have enough fruits on the table or the fridge. I know that you are excited to sample the harvest, but like all good things, it deserves our patience. For now, you can still visit the farm if you want to have a look around, talk about farming, or simply say hi!

(903) 526-4440

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