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Local Food Businesses in Northside Village - Houston, Texas

Discover local Texas food businesses in Northside Village - Houston, Texas

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Big Daddy’s Hot Sauces

Artisan Food Producer in Houston, Texas

Located in the beautiful Heights neighborhood of Houston, Texas, Big Daddy’s Hot Sauces is the child of Trevi and Becky Biles, capsaicin and music addicts. They started out with “Ass Burn” as the anchor in 2001. A multiple gold medal winner, that has become a “legend in the Texas hot sauce community.” Big Daddy’s award-winning, […]

Cadenza Coffee Co.

Artisan Food Producer in Houston, Texas

Committed to roasting ethical, sustainable, traceable, and excellent coffees from small coffee farms around the globe, Cadenza Coffee Co. crafts small batches of coffee that is just “so, so good.” These guys roast their coffee right at their coffee shop in Houston, and that means the coffee is ridiculously fresh. “Local product, roasted with passion.” […]

Caws Homemade Style Cracklin

Artisan Food Producer in Houston, Texas

“Prepare to be sucker-punched” with Caws Homemade Style Cracklin. Cooked fresh daily or made to order, this store offers 36 delicious flavors to sample and choose from. Enjoy the uncompromised style of deep frying and seasoning as these cracklings are not cooked on its own fat, but in peanut oil to assure the quality of […]

Dolce Neve – Houston Heights

Artisan Food Producer in Houston, Texas

The Houston Heights branch of Dolce Neve is located right along the North Main Street of Houston, Texas. It’s an award-winning gelato shop that specializes in providing the best ice cream and sorbet in the neighborhood. Although they serve less than 20 sorbet and gelato flavors, most of them are rotating and seasonal flavors. This […]

G & D Vegetables

Store in Houston, Texas

Founded in 1989, G&D Vegetables has been serving Houston fresh fruits and vegetables for over three decades now. The produce is sourced directly from local farmers from all around the state, ensuring that you will be supporting your local growers as well as having some of the best seasonal fruits and veggies at the heart […]

Garden Dreams Texas

Artisan Food Producer in Houston, Texas

Garden Dreams Texas was born from a garage overflowing with delicious Meyer Lemons harvested from Alice McEntire’s backyard citrus orchard located in Groves, Texas. Kirk O’Neal, Alice McEntire, and Elaine Lupovitch share a “passion for growing things” – kids, fruits, and vegetables. As teachers and gardeners, they have joined forces to create Garden Dreams Texas […]

J & R Produce

Store in Houston, Texas

J&R Produce is a fruit and vegetables distribution business. They also have a fruit and vegetable store located at 2544 Airline Dr, Houston, TX 77009. The business was established in January 2011. They purchase direct from local producers and make the product available to many stores in downtown Houston. Expect to find a large selection […]

Junior’s Produce

Farm & Ranch in Houston, Texas

When Junior’s Produce opened its doors in February 2019, there was quite a buzz around Houston. It was going to open at the location of a well-loved produce store, and having operated since 1958, a Houston institution. The owner-developers of the popular Houston Farmers Market had decided to redevelop the area and the produce store’s […]

Local Group Brewing

Craft Brewery in Houston, Texas

The people behind Local Group Brewing are a group of Texas locals who just want to share a damn good beer with the community. Their taproom is designed for exploration so tours of their brewing facility is always welcome. The co-founder/head brewer is called “Huggy Bear”. With a name like that, you’re basically ensured that […]

Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Craft Brewery in Houston, Texas

Saint Arnold Brewing Company is known for brewing world-class beers and delivering them to the customers as fresh as possible. Founded by Brock Wagner and Kevin Bartol, they chose Houston because it was the “largest city in the country that did not have a microbrewery.” Brock was a longtime homebrewer and had considered opening a […]

Statesman Beverage Co.

Artisan Food Producer in Houston, Texas

Statesman Beverage Co. manufactures gourmet cocktail syrups for all your drinks. This Houston-based business started in March 2017 and after two years, they become the 2019 HEB Quest for Texas Best finalist. Amazon also recently blocked one of its products due to its authenticity having conflicts with some Cuban trade sanctions. In short, this e-commerce […]

The Houston Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Houston, Texas

The Houston Farmers Market is an excellent outdoor market with tons of vegetables, spices and herbs. While a lot of the spices are geared towards Latin cuisine, a lot of the products can be used for almost any cuisine. A local favorite at the Houston Farmers Market is the Mango Con Chile. There are also […]