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Local Foods Kitchen produces small-batch soup & salads, entrees, sandwiches, and desserts which can be seen upon entry. Everything is made fresh three times a day; breakfast fare starts at 7:30 AM, lunch at mid-day, and dinner at 6 PM onwards. The menu changes frequently to keep things fun and to ensure that each and every ingredient being used is at the peak of its freshness. The menu includes classic starters like "tomato soup", sandwiches like "pimento cheese BLT", and entrees like "grilled turkey patty". A wide selection of desserts such as "Blum's coffee crunch cake" and "lemon cake" is also available for your sweet tooth fix.Craving for scrumptious salads? Local Foods Kitchen has the answer! Check them out as well as others listed on Kim's 7 Restaurants for Fresh Scrumptious Salads in Fort Worth.

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