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Lorberau Legacy Farms

Farm & Ranch in Alice - 5.86 mi

Lorberau Legacy Farms is a goat farm that is considered as The Home of Texas Nubians and LaManchas. The farm is located in Alice, Texas. Lorberau Legacy Farms takes its important role in the local goat industry seriously. They make sure to actively participate in the Dairy Herd Improvement Registry, which means the goat milk they harvest is constantly examined and analyzed for protein, butterfat, and somatic cell count. This way, the milk from the goats on this farm is entered into a database. They also undergo a linear appraisal. The evaluation of a trained appraiser helps the farm regarding future decisions on breeding selection. And it also allows the farmers to get to know their goats better.

Edelen Farms

Farm & Ranch in Alice - 8.07 mi

Edelen Farms is a quality provider of grass-fed beef, pastured poultry, free-range eggs and fresh home-grown vegetables.  All products are assuredly chemical-free - raised without hormones, antibiotics nor pesticides.  They are also never confined to a feedlot and are moved to fresh pasture daily. Their main technique is daily rotational grazing focusing on the herbivores natural characteristics of mobbing, moving, and mowing. You can order their products online on their website. You can also buy their products at the Grow Local Farmers' Market downtown Corpus.  

Shower Daily Ranch

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio - 11.76 mi

Shower Daily Ranch raises pigs outdoors, rotating them through various pastures so that they are free to do what pigs do, rooting in the dirt, laying in the sun and playing chase. During rotation into the next pasture, this is their opportunity to spread the free fertilizer the pigs left behind and clean up the rough spots thereby rebuilding the pasture for the next rotation. You can visit their place to purchase their products or you can also check out their website and buy online. It is a "beautiful peaceful place with happy chickens and pigs...what’s more to like? Their bacon!"

Cinco Frijoles Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Orange Grove - 14.53 mi

Cinco Frijoles Ranch, which is located in Orange Grove, Texas, has poultry, TAMUK rabbits, goats, mini donkeys, and pets. So if you want pets at home (rats, mice, and guinea pigs), they have these too. If you are interested in any of the animals, you can request a quote from them to give you an idea regarding the price. You can contact Cinco Frijoles Ranch and set up an appointment any day from Monday to Saturday so that you can pay them a visit and see the animals for yourself. You can see their living conditions and their overall state before making a purchase.

Gulf Grove Farm

Farm & Ranch in Tivoli - 16.63 mi

Gulf Grove Farm is a small farm specializing in homemade pickles, honey, jellies, and organic produce. For veggies, they sell arugula, radish, kale, Swiss chard, zucchinis, and peppers. On the other hand, they also sell Wild Mustang grape jelly and tomato habanero jelly. A happy customer said that the farmers are great people offering great products. On top of that, their staffs are knowledgeable and accommodating. Recently, they have made their very first candle, which is from the beeswax they have been taking care of on the farm. You can find them at Farmer’s Market Downtown in the Art Center

Split Horizon Ecostead

Farm & Ranch in Corpus Christi - 17.12 mi

Split Horizon Eco-Stead is an Eco-Stead ran by The Pafford Family. Everything that they sell is hand-made, home-grown, or promotes self-reliance and sustainability. "The spaghetti squash" that they have is "so good!" You will become "fans" if it is your "first time trying it". They also have zucchini, yellow, and pattypan squash. There is also a nice amount of cactus plus tons of okra red and green. They also have cucumbers, swiss chard, lettuce, and green tomatoes. You can just give them a call or text if you are planning to visit. Check out their Facebook page for any updates too.

Knolle Dairy Farms

Farm & Ranch in Sandia - 22.09 mi

Knolle Dairy Farms, which is located in Sandia, Texas, is a family dairy farm. They make rich and creamy Jersey milk. Every time you buy and drink milk from Knolle Dairy Farms, know that you are part of the continuing legacy of The Knolle Family who has been milking Jerseys since 1928 here in Sandia, Texas. With nearly a century of experience in this field, you can trust the quality of milk Knolle Dairy Farms offers us every day. They also have an amazing selection of cheese products All of their Jerseys are GRASS FED which make them produce rich and creamy milk. Their milk products are Low Temp Vat Pasteurized.

G.P.MushroomsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Robstown - 24.65 mi

G.P.Mushrooms offer fresh gourmet oyster mushrooms of different types.  One of his products is the Blue Oyster Mushroom which he describes to have a "nutty seafood flavor."  This can be eaten in a multitude of ways, including a BBQ Oyster Mushroom Sandwich!  A great alternative to meat and for vegans!  But aside from the mushroom products, he is also an advocate of growing your own gourmet mushroom.  He sells kits or blocks of inoculated with either Italian Oyster or Blue Oyster Mushroom.

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