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Black’s Fairy Meadery

Winery in West Columbia - 12.97 mi

Black's Fairy Meadery is a flagship meadery established in 2017 located in West Columbia, Texas. "It's worth visiting" to try one of their "great tasting meads" including Black's Fairy Traditional Mead, Black Current Cacao, Black Current Lime, or White Chocolate Strawberry. "If you like mead its a must-try" and "if you don't like mead, its a must-try!" Mead, or “honey wine” is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey. "They don't have food but you can bring some in as you wish". "It is just a tasting room for the most part but they make up for it with a diverse set of choices" and they "make you feel right at home and the customer service is excellent".

Texas River Valley WineryNo Own Retail Location

Winery in Brazoria - 21.25 mi

Texas River Valley Winery is a small, boutique-style vineyard and winery. The mission of this vineyard and winery is to produce wine with a taste that is true to the flavor of natural grapes. How are they with that job so far? Well, see (or taste) for yourself. Texas River Valley Winery welcomes visitors who are interested to know more about their passion for making wine. Or you can have your wine-tasting every Saturday at The Farmers Market in Tamina. They set up shop here for those looking to buy good, locally-produced wine. Texas River Valley Winery is located in Brazoria, Texas.

Haak Vineyards and Winery

Winery in Santa Fe - 23.23 mi

Haak Vineyards and Winery became one of the first wineries in the country to cultivate Blanc du Bois that began as a hobby with two vines. They are "located in a small Texas town, in a residential area". Visiting them is "a great way to spend the afternoon" while "listening to music and enjoying the scenery of the vineyard". "The people are friendly and the wine is AMAZING" and "especially the Blanc du Bois Estate Dry". You will also find an "enthusiastic tour guide" which will make your "tour enjoyable". You will "look forward to going back" especially with "the nicest and most welcoming folks".

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