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The Bread Lady TX

Artisan Food Producer in Bandera - 0.17 mi

Making breakfast is a great way to start the day. But sometimes, we just want to wake up to a delicious breakfast waiting to nourish us and start our day with a smile. Well, The Bread Lady TX can help you that. They have a lot of delicious bread. There is something you will definitely love here, whether you enjoy sweet or savory bread.  Breads are fresh and made from scratch. Take your pick - do you want bagels or pretzels? Perhaps a baguette or fresh sourdough?

Fickle Pickles (Bandera)

Artisan Food Producer in Bandera - 0.21 mi

You'll come in thinking probably thinking of buying antique items. Maybe you will, maybe you won't. What is fairly certain is you will never leave the store without at least a bottle of the very famous Fickle Pickles. It tastes sweet at first, and then it gets spicy. Locals believe that is the reason it was called Fickle Pickles. The store is now an iconic landmark here while the food is an all-time favorite. The Bandera branch of Fickle Pickles is the company's third store. The flagship store is found in Boerne while the second store is in Gruene, New Braunfels.

Skyline Gelato

Artisan Food Producer in Comfort - 16.33 mi

Serving authentic Italian gelato and sorbet, Skyline Gelato aims to produce their gelato the traditional way. Their “exceptional gelato” and sorbets are made with “fresh ingredients”, experience the true taste of each flavor. With over a dozen unique and “interesting flavors”, Skyline Gelato has a flavor for everyone. From the simple flavors of sweet vanilla cream to their decadent salted caramel, you simply can’t go wrong with any flavor! If you want to experience the rich creaminess of gelato, Skyline Gelato has “awesome flavors and texture” that can satisfy your cravings. “You need to try some!”

Chilito’s Express, Latin Fusion Catering-Tamales & Sauces

Artisan Food Producer in Boerne - 19.96 mi

Chilito's Express, Tamales, Sauces & Catering has been in business for over 10 years. They have been offering unique flavors of “Gourmet Tamales and Latin Fusion Cuisine” that has a blend of flavors of not only Mexico, but the tropical flavors and ingredients prevalent throughout Central and South America and the Caribbean. In 2009, the founder, Al first came to Boerne, and he realized it was the perfect place to share his culinary passion, being that he saw the town “like a big family that loves food.” Ever since then, he has endeavored to grow the Chilito's family, one bite at a time, household-to-household, and generation-to-generation, throughout the entire Hill country. If food is your passion, you'll definitely love their Gourmet Tamales. They also have a delicious variety of sauces for your enjoyment. Chilito's Express has been included in Kim's Lists as one of the 9 Artisan Salsas in Texas you must Try! Check out the link to learn more!

Carousel Antiques & Fickle Pickles

Artisan Food Producer in Boerne - 21.02 mi

Boerne, Texas Carousel Antiques & Fickle Pickles was founded in 1987 by Billie A. Shaw. The Antiques soon became a backdrop to Mrs. Shaw’s Fickle Pickles. "Lot's of hidden treasures from the past here at this place at a really good price". This is "a must place to visit if you're in town or passing by". You can also buy their pickles "online". You can order online via their website or you can contact them directly. Even if you "detest sweet pickles and can't stomach anything that's spicy", you will become "a pickle fan". "They are amazingly delicious and crunchy!" and they have the "best pickles in the world!" 

The Artful Olive Co.No Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Boerne - 21.03 mi

The Artful Olive Co is based out of San Antonio, Texas that offers the best quality “Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Barrel Aged Balsamic.” This company was founded by “Anna Marie” who brought a little piece of “Italy to San Antonio.” It started with just a beat up canopy, a table and 5 different flavored Oils. Now, they already have a wide selection of products Including Mediterranean Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic from Modena, Italy. Some are flavor infused, all natural. They also have other artisanal products like “spices and pasta sauces.” They have expanded the business all over San Antonio, Selma, Cibolo and Live Oak.

JC Delectable DessertsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Boerne - 21.03 mi

JC Delectable Desserts is a home bakery based in San Antonio, Texas that specializes in cake pops, cupcakes, “candy apples,” and “Rice Krispies Treats.” If you’re thinking of something healthy and creatively unique for your next social event, family gathering, or basically any celebration, look no further as JC Delectable Desserts would be happy to whip something up for you. He crafts amazing and delectable cupcakes; among its variants are the lemon buttercream, strawberry, KitKat, and Neapolitan with a brownie bottom cupcake, which he sells at various farmers’ markets. Alongside such wonderful treats, he also offers “mini cheesecakes” that are “so delicious!”  

Texas Hill Country Hot SauceNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 21.03 mi

Texas Hill Country Hot Sauce is a woman-chef-owned business that has won its share of awards due to its amazing hot sauce. Their hot sauce comes in many different flavors. It's not just hot, but tasty as well. With flavors like Poblano mild, Hatch Chile hot, Purple Pepper hot and sweet sauce, and their hot habanero sauces, they have something for everyone! With over 1,500 followers on Instagram,  you know that their hot sauce is good!

Red Door CreameryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Kerrville - 22.55 mi

Red Door Creamery is a local business based in Kerrville, Texas that offers Grade A goat milk and farmstead cheese.  Since the owner, “Tracie, loves her goats as much as we love our children,” her dairy products are also made with tender love and care. Moreover, these hand-crafted and organic products are totally soy-free, corn-free, and Non-GMO. “All the cheeses were delicious”; they’re “very creamy and delicious!” Plus, they’re “locally made.” If you have “always loved goat cheese,” you should try the “difference” between a store-bought and these “fresh” ones. You’ll be “surprised” how these cheeses make you warm and feel that all is well in the world. Tracie sells a few selections, but “the plain chevre is absolutely amazing! The texture is so light and creamy. It is perfect.” You’re also going to “love the chive and black olive goat cheese,” as it stands as the number one favorite in the market to date. 

Sandra’s Custom CookiesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 24.49 mi

Located in San Antonio, Texas, Sandra’s Custom Cookies is a home-based business that specializes in custom-decorated cookies for all occasions. Every batch is made from scratch and “baked with love.” Sandra, owner and baker, personally decorate each cookie and does her best to make each cookie as perfect as possible. Spot on! She literally makes the “perfect cookies!” They “were such a big hit at parties” as “everyone loves them so much!” Its “delightful designs cause spontaneous glee and irrepressible hugs” – we couldn’t be more impressed.  Eat them, serve them, or give them as gifts, you can’t go wrong with Sandra’s Custom Cookies.

Chef Tim’s GranolaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 24.74 mi

Chef Tim's Granola is famous for “wholesome and delicious Granola” that sells at the Farmer’s Market. There are seven flavors to choose from including the famous, Habanero and Honey, Chocolate, blue berry, cranberry, the original honey and oat, and the latest flavor of granola, "cherries and banana” Chef Tim built these granola for his diabetic mother. He wanted to introduce a wholesome granola, where she did not have to worry about sugars. But it exploded into something great for all, it turned into a growing business which Texans really enjoys. He uses only the finest ingredients and he try to keep in mind today's society and their needs.

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