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Pullen Produce

Farm & Ranch in Bogata - 0.61 mi

You can "get your big max pumpkins at Pullen Produce 8203, West 19th". There are also Watermelon, pumpkins, okra, tomatoes, jujubes and more. They also offer "peaches peach honey, habanero peach sauce, squash, peas, lemon cucumbers, green tomatoes, and pinto beans". They also have a large selection of pumpkins. They also grow a large crop of plums and blackberries. They usually sell at Lubbock downtown farmers and they also sell sometimes at Friendship Willow Bend School. You can see their farm produce on their Facebook page. You can contact them directly or send a direct message at their social media page.

Floating O Farms

Farm & Ranch in Bogata - 2.64 mi

In Bogata, you can find Floating O Farms that is the first commercial and organic elderberry farm in Texas. Since April 1, 2015, Jason & Dani Morris has been running and operating the farm. Their elderberries have Vitamins A, B and C, iron, potassium, and antioxidants. Moreover, they practice sustainable farming methods for the cultivation and growth of their produce. Their goal is to offer local organic nutraceuticals fresh from their farm for your health supplement needs. Also, they are happy to share their knowledge in the expansion of elderberry alongside other farmers, cooperatives, and manufacturers. A satisfied customer said, "High-quality elderberry wellness syrup! They won't disappoint."

Egg Cited

Farm & Ranch in Clarksville - 10.00 mi

Their name  says a lot about them! Guaranteed to bring a measure of "eggcitement" to every box of eggs  with a variety of pastel colors in each box!  You  may get blue, green, and even pink eggs! These pastured  eggs are from different breeds of  chickens that are raised on pasture, free to eat insects, grass, and  whatever they  want, just like nature intended. Their chickens are also supplemented with organic whole grains that are corn and soy free, which brings out the amazing flavors in  their eggs!   Please call or text 903-277-9306 to schedule an on farm pick up and you can also find  them at  the Dallas Farmers Market and Central Market Dallas during market days.

Gibson’s Garden

Farm & Ranch in Pattonville - 11.05 mi

Their produce is available in the months of May thru October. "They have the BEST produce, wide selection & the Squash Relish is AMAZING!" Also, their "pickled zucchini squash relish and the pickled yellow squash is so good". They also have "okra dipped in buttermilk, then rolled in cornmeal and flour mixture with cracked black pepper, and dropped into hot olive oil. Delicious!!" They even got "two WINS at the Texas State Fair" last year, 2019. "Jeff's beautiful whole red tomatoes won 2nd place" and their "figs (jam) won 3rd place". They also participate in the Farmer's Market in Paris, Texas. Don't forget to check out their Facebook page for their posts about their farm.

Aussie Acres

Farm & Ranch in Mount Pleasant - 15.22 mi

Experience the retirement dreams turned into reality at Aussie Acres, owned by Anette Flanagan in Mount Pleasant. Indulge in pastured pork, beef, poultry, lamb, and eggs from happy, grass-fed chickens. Look forward to future offerings like A2A2 milk from Guernsey cows. Find sustainably grown meat at Carrollton Farmer's Market, Colleyville Street Market, or St. Michael's Farmer's Market. Check their website for schedule details. Don't miss out on this delightful farm experience!

Coronado Honey Bee Farms

Farm & Ranch in Paris - 18.21 mi

This is a bee farm located in Paris, Texas. They have "gentle queens great for your hives". They also have "by far the best customer service" you will ever have "with any company related to bees". They are "very quick in helping" if you want to "get a new queen". And, "once they mail your queen(s), you get all the shipping information texted to you as well as emailed". They are "great people, good bee knowledge!" You can also buy their "creamed honey, turmeric & ginger, lavender, and regular honey". You can even "rent a thermal board to help control the varroa mites". It's really an "awesome place. They know bees and how to manage and take care of them. hands down one of the best classes" you will ever have.

Paris Natural FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Paris - 18.68 mi

One of the demands of staying healthy is eating healthy. Unfortunately, this could be a challenge to locals if fresh and healthy food is unavailable or pricey. This is where local businesses like Paris Natural Farms become an important presence in the community. As a locally-grown, family-owned all-natural farm, Paris Natural Farms offer clean, healthy, and safe to eat food to locals living in Paris. This is one way to encourage others to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It starts with being able to eat healthily.      

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