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Local Family Farms & Ranches near Center, TX (4)


Tomlinson Farms

Farm & Ranch in Tenaha - 10.95 mi

Tomlinson Farms, which is located in Tenaha, Texas, sells different cuts of fresh beef sourced from local farms and ranches. If you live in or near Tenaha, you can buy from Tomlinson Farms if you need ground beef, steaks, roasts, patties, smoked cured beef bacon, soup bone or femur bone, even beef tongue, beef cheek, and ox tail. Support Tomlinson Farms. Make sure you are updated too because they are planning on adding new items to the list. They are looking forward to offering poultry, swine, and farm-fresh vegetables to customers soon!

Ancient Acres Farms

Farm & Ranch in Tenaha - 13.60 mi

Ancient Acres Farms is pioneering the way as the first in their surrounding area to offer USDA-certified pastured poultry and eggs on a large scale. With an expansive expanse of cleared pasture and plans for further land clearing, they are committed to providing their chickens with ample space for free-ranging during the day and secure roosting at night within mobile chicken tractors. The use of top-of-the-line portable fencing allows the chickens to roam freely, and daily relocation to fresh grass minimizes manure build-up, ensuring the birds remain clean while naturally fertilizing the pasture for enhanced nutritional value. This innovative approach not only prioritizes the well-being of the chickens but also promotes sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices, setting a commendable standard for pastured poultry farming.

Crawford FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Port Arthur - 14.73 mi

A family farm in that many patrons love, Crawford Farms offers fresh local fruits and vegetables that they have grown in their home. One of their happy customers says that they seriously provide the best-tasting fruits and veggies in town. Such great products ought to be with as many people as possible. Thus, the farm does its best to bring its products to several locations! You no longer have to worry about having to drive somewhere far to enjoy theirs produces. They go to the VA Hospital on Tuesdays and Kickapoo Corner on Thursdays. They are also at Bossier Farmers Market, Shreveport Farmers Market, and Benton Road on Saturdays. Bonus! They remain in Benton Road til Sunday!

Rural Reverie LLC

Farm & Ranch in Carthage - 22.05 mi

Rural Reverie LLC is a first-generation family farm providing the community with agricultural products. The farm specializes in providing meat - beef, pork, and lamb.  They offer a wide selection, including options for wholes and halves. They also have discount boxes which you might want to check out. The family that owns and manages Rural Reverie LLC is open to visitors who want to tour the farm and stop by for a chat. Rural Reverie LLC is located in Carthage, Texas.

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