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Saint Abigail Honey

Farm & Ranch in San Angelo - 11.21 mi

Saint Abigail Honey is proud that its extraction and bottling methods preserve the integrity of the honey. Judging by how the customers love the honey, it is fair to say it is worth the effort. This business is owned by husband and wife Michael and Nikki. This apiary is making small-batch honey from San Angelo, Texas. The apiary sells Wild Flower Honey (12oz and 16oz), Cotton Honey (120z), Fire Honey, and Honey Straws. They sell honey at the Concho Valley Farmers Market every Saturday, from 7:00 AM to 12:00 noon. They also have a roadside honey box at 5960 Penny Lane for your convenience. Customers buying honey from this apiary can arrange a local pickup in Wall, Texas. Saint Abigail Honey can also have your orders shipped via a delivery service. If there is a beehive where you live and you want it removed, they can help you.

ZR1 RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Wall - 12.82 mi

ZR1 Ranch, which is located in Wall, Texas, specializes in producing high-quality, tender, and delicious locally-raised beef. As soon as fresh supply comes in, orders of customers who pre-ordered are prepared and delivered. Anything that's left is sold to the general public. They offer a single pound or a side of beef. If you have a particular order in mind, you can call ZR1 Ranch. Better call and order as early as possible because the beef sells out fast. You can buy beef from them at the Concho Valley Farmer's Market where they present as vendors. Customers love the beef from this ranch, like the hanger steak and rib eyes. Satisfied customers are planning on stocking up on different cuts of beef. Customers praised ZR1 Ranch for great products, great prices, and great service.

Mt Nebo Growers

Farm & Ranch in San Angelo - 21.06 mi

Mt Nebo Growers sources organically-grown microgreens and vegetables that provide excellent nutrition and flavor available year-round. They set up shop and sell in local farmers markets, like at San Angelo Farmers Market. If you are curious about their microgreens, they usually have beets microgreens, broccoli microgreens, and sunflower microgreens. Customers who bought their microgreens were really happy. They shared with Mt Nebo Growers how they used the microgreens to make a bowl of fresh garden salad drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette. If this is your kind of food, look for Mt Nebo Growers!

Bell4 Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Ballinger - 24.90 mi

Bell4 Ranch, a cherished family-owned and operated establishment, takes pride in its commitment to delivering exceptional custom beef sales. Specializing in premium-quality cuts, this ranch promises a personalized experience tailored to meet your beef needs. With a dedication to tradition and quality, Bell4 Ranch ensures that every cut of beef is carefully selected and expertly prepared. From tender steaks to succulent roasts, each offering reflects the ranch's passion for excellence. Whether you're planning a special meal or stocking up for everyday dining, Bell4 Ranch's custom beef sales guarantee a memorable culinary experience. Trust in their expertise and savor the superior taste of locally sourced, premium-quality beef.

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