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Hickok Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Karnes City - 7.16 mi

Mark and Cassie Gotthard lead the way at Hickok Ranch. Mark and ranch manager Matthew tackle groundwork, while Cassie manages the online presence and grass-fed beef sales. Discover not only premium-quality beef but also a sprawling 600-acre landscape, perfect for Trophy Buck hunting and camping beneath the stars. In addition to hunting, relish in base fishing, hiking, and varmint hunting. It's your ultimate outdoor escape!

Spendlove Vegetable Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Karnes City - 12.99 mi

Jeff and Annie Spendlove are the proud proprietors of Spendlove Vegetable Ranch, where they oversee operations. They've been supplying Karnes County with a bountiful array of fresh produce and succulent beef. Thanks to its strategic location, their ranch thrives, particularly during the summer, outperforming neighboring farms. Unlike other farms, the ranch remains resilient against the East Coast's humidity fluctuations. With year-over-year growth in production and sales, the Spendloves are making strides towards their vision for Karnes - a community that relies on local farms rather than solely on massive industrial markets. Moreover, when you visit the ranch, you'll discover delectable homemade jams and locally sourced honey. Don't miss out, pay them a visit at your local farmers market today!

Balboa Farms

Farm & Ranch in Floresville - 13.55 mi

Balboa Farms, which is located in Floresville, Texas, is a local farm that grows seasonal produce sold to local customers. Maybe you have seen a Balboa Farms stall when you visited a local farmers market, like Arbor Park Pop Up Market, GNW Market, 01 Farmers Markets, or Deerfield Farmers Market where they have set up shop before. Here, they've sold a variety of goods. Fresh produce, for example, like tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, squash, onions, potatoes, strawberries, lemons, apples, and peaches. If you can't choose which vegetable to buy, go for the veggie bags and make do with what you find there. They also have canned and bottled items, pure honey, homemade seasoning blend, and freshly-baked breads (banana nut bread and chocolate chip bread).

KR Cattle Co and Farms

Farm & Ranch in Floresville - 14.64 mi

KR Cattle Co and Farms has pasture-raised, non-GMO eggs from chicken, duck, quail and guinea.  Grass-fed beef, chicken and fresh produce are available as well! "If you are into fresh, organic food, this is the place to shop!"  You will be assured of the freshness and quality of all their products through their motto:  "Our family eats this way so we wanted to make it available for others."  They participate at the Alamo Heights and Royal Farmers Markets.  

Startz Cattle Company

Farm & Ranch in Floresville - 16.72 mi

The mission of the Startz Cattle Company is to provide quality Breed stock for the Wagyu breed and high-quality beef for resale. They also have replacement bulls and Heifers. The wagyu is "delicious, not to mention fresher and less expensive than purchasing premium beef from a grocer". Also, "Startz Cattle Company raises their beef the healthy way!" Check out their social media page for more updates about their farm and contact them for your orders.

Hartman FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Atascosa - 17.90 mi

Hartman Farm is a 10-acre farm that is home to healthy poultry animals that bring joy to everyone's table. Some of the poultry animals that the farm raises are chickens, geese, ducks, and quails. You would love how tasty their quail eggs are! Their products are available all year round. One happy customer says, "I won't eat eggs if they are not farm fresh fro, Hartman Farms!" The farm also grows several types of produce. Theresa, one of their patrons, prefer to get a lot of peppers and okra from the farm for her pickles and salsas. Visit them today to learn more!

Get Grazed FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Stockdale - 17.90 mi

The owner switched from Angus cattle to Longhorn cattle raising in 2013. They wanted to raise the healthiest beef possible, beef that even a heart patient could enjoy. Longhorn beef is some of the leanest and healthiest beef available today. They also do not use hormones, antibiotics, chemical fertilizers or herbicides. Instead, their cattle are grass fed\free grazed and you have a beef product that you can safely put on your table for your family to thoroughly enjoy. They participate in the Seguin Farmers Market. You can "try some of the ground beef" and it is "really awesome" and "flavorful". "They offer grass-fed beef by the pound. It is nice to be able to customize it the way you want, instead of buying large packages! Stop by and grab a sample and get more info".

Martinez FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Grand Prairie - 22.12 mi

Martinez Farm is located in Pleasanton, Texas. A farm owned by Eugene Martinez. Martinez Farms offers several vegetables including lettuces, greens, cucumbers, squash, carrots, cauliflower, cilantro, and parsley. The owner does not have any website or any Facebook page where you can see photos of their vegetables. But, you can contact the owner directly to know where they sell their produce. You can also watch the short video posted here and listen to Eugene Martinez talks about how useful some Medina products as applied on his vegetable farm.

Koltermann Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in La Vernia - 22.65 mi

Ryan and Megan Kolkermann proudly steward Kolfermann Family Farms using sustainable methods. In harmony with nature, they prioritize giving back more than taking, offering delectable, sustainably grown produce. Seasonal vegetables include squash, cucumbers, potatoes, eggplants, onions, bell peppers, and various hot peppers. Their fruits range from cantaloupes to watermelons. Don't miss their acclaimed homemade chocolate zucchini bread and pickles. Rave reviews highlight their superb offerings. Explore their Akaushi beef garlic sausage links, ham steak, and pork pan sausage for more flavorsome choices. Discover the richness of Kolfermann Family Farms' offerings.

Peeler Farms

Farm & Ranch in Floresville - 22.98 mi

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Peeler, the dedicated ranchers at Peeler Farms with over a century of experience in the meat and cattle industry. Our daily hands-on care ensures happy and healthy animals from birth to harvest. Plus, our on-site processing facility guarantees quality. For superior, farm-fresh beef and lamb, look no further than Peeler Farms. Join our satisfied customers on Facebook who rave about our tender, juicy ribeyes with unbeatable flavor. Taste the difference today!

Mesquite Field Farm

Farm & Ranch in Nixon - 24.46 mi

Mesquite Field Farm is a small off-grid cottage farm located South East of San Antonio. The owners of this farm are "the most wonderful people you will ever meet who truly have a passion for helping others learn about farming and ranching, especially veterans". The owners "have been a true blessing to so many!" They produce rotationally grazed grass-fed beef. They also do not utilize chemicals on their cattle, or the farm for that matter, nor do they feed them grain but their cattle eat grass. And, "they have the best of the best beef". "The ground meat is delicious, it's perfect for burger patties!"  

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