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Mrs. Annie’s Peanut Patch

Artisan Food Producer in Floresville - 0.21 mi

Mrs. Annie's Peanut Patch, in Floresville, Texas, offers premium quality homemade products made from peanuts. A long-time favorite is their peanut brittle, while their jalapeño peanut brittle has also gained some popularity because it is a unique product you don't normally see in supermarkets and groceries. If this is not your cup of tea, then maybe you can try their pecan brittle or the peanut patties, which I am sure you haven't had before - if you did, I bet it isn't as good as the one they have at Mrs. Annie's Peanut Patch. You can also bring home pecan chewies and flavored peanuts. If you prefer more traditional products, they also sell all-natural peanut butter and raw peanuts.

TeGarden FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 12.06 mi

Looking for a unique and traditional taste of Texas? Located in Southeast Bexar County, TeGarden is a small family-owned farm re-established in 2009 that offer jellies that will satisfy and delight your taste buds! Their jellies are handcrafted in small batches, ensuring great taste and quality. They have different variants like Jalapeno Jelly, Prickly Pear Jelly, Habanero Jelly, Pomegranate Jelly, Mesquite Bean Jelly, and the Granpa’s Wild Grapes that has a deep rich acidic flavor which makes for a wonderful grape jelly. The produce is home grown in their own garden and the greenhouse. They also have Registered Nubian goats, guardian dogs, chicken eggs, goat milk soap, seasonings and meat rubs.

Fowler’s Pure Texas HoneyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in La Vernia - 15.57 mi

Located in La Vierna Texas, Fowler's Pure Texas Honey is a family owned honey farm that proudly offers the taste of “Texas in a bottle!” They do not add fillers like most of the brands you find at the store. Whether you buy it raw honey in liquid or cream form, its simple goodness is untouched so you get all the tasty health benefits too, just as nature intended. The color of the raw honey they sell varies from a light, golden amber to a rich, deeper shade of amber, depending on the source of the nectar the honeybees feed upon. It’s perfect for adding to sweet or savory sauces! From stirring some into your tea to adding it to your baking for a natural sweetener, their raw honey adds a rich flavor to everything.

Uncertain Farms and M circle M Canning Company

Artisan Food Producer in Seguin - 21.26 mi

Uncertain Farms, born from a longing for a slower, more grounded life, owes its success to Bob Mishler. In 1998, Bob founded the farm, followed by the M Circle M Canning Company a year later, paying homage to his mentor. Today, our 8-acre plot yields a bounty of pesticide-free fruits and vegetables. Explore our diverse range of 100 salsas, pickles, preserves, and jellies, alongside 20 artisanal bread varieties and homemade ice creams. Bob's passion for freshness shines through in every product. Discover a taste of the good life at Uncertain Farms.

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