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Fallen Oak MycologyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Del Valle - 2.40 mi

Adaptogenic mushrooms make up some of the most nutritious foods in the world! Based in Austin, Fallen Oak Mycology specializes in the “cultivation of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.” They produce “high quality mushroom products” including Oyster Master Spawn, Reishi Mushrooms, Shiitake Plug Spawn, and “Cordyceps & Chaga Mushroom Coffee.” Fallen Oak Mushroom strive to cultivate a positive impact on our environment through ethical and innovative business practices such as bin swapping with restaurants to reduce the number of one-use containers. They promote health, vitality and a high level of awareness and productivity through the use of powerful mushrooms and their wonderful flavors and health benefits.

Bee Tree Farms and Dairy

Artisan Food Producer in Manor - 6.33 mi

Bee Tree Farms and Dairy is not just a farm producing and selling their own products. It is also a distribution point for other local businesses who shared the vision of Bee Tree Farms and Dairy that there is a greater potential in building partnerships in the community. So go ahead and support them! Bee Tree Farms and Dairy has fresh seasonal vegetables and goat products. They also offer a tour of the farm, if you are curious where the items they sell come from. They love to have you visit and explore the property.

PB&J SweetsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Cedar Creek - 7.56 mi

PB&J Sweets specializes in Candies, Brittles, Fudge, Cakes, Cookies, Bread, & Pralines! Be sure to grab enough because they're meant for sharing! Another reason to get more is because one bite, and you'll forget about sharing and you'll want everything for yourself! They have great candy and snacks and many of her customers love all the different varieties she has on sale.

Made with LoveNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Cedar Creek - 7.70 mi

Made with Love is an artisan food producer that makes a variety of baked goods from local produce and organic ingredients. They have a variety of sweet and savory baked goods but they specialize in vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, and sugar-free baked goods. They also have salads and ready-to-eat meals.

Two Hives Honey

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 8.30 mi

Started as a small honey company that has evolved into so much more. Two Hives honey is a ultra-local honey and beekeeping company that is committed to natural, sustainable beekeeping practices and support for native bees. They specialized in all-natural, raw, and unfiltered honey products harvested from neighborhood micro-apiaries around town. They have the most delicious, fresh, locally sourced honey and comb honey. A business that truly embodies the culture and and community that makes Austin uniquely amazing. Last 2015 “Austin Food & Wine Alliance” grant recipient offers a chance for novices to house two fully maintained hives while honing beekeeping skills. Two Hives Honey also offers Hive tours, beekeeping classes, and their “HoneyHomes program” to help others discover the fulfilling hobby of beekeeping.

Austin Roasting CompanyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 8.33 mi

Every coffee lover in Austin knows the Austin Roasting Company! It is a family owned and operated business offering premium single origin, organically farmed, and fair trade coffee to the local community of Austin for 20 years. Their coffees are carefully roasted in small batches, packed and shipped at our local facility here in Austin. If you are looking for “retail gourmet coffee” whether in ground or whole bean, this is the place to be! They also have “Water Process Decaf” which is 100% chemical free from decaffeination process. Austin Roasting Company is using the finest coffee and the best equipment. They take every step possible to discover and preserve the true nature of each coffees unique characteristics.

El Camaron Taco DeliveryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 8.33 mi

El Camaron Taco Delivery is a place that's full of "incredible people" that make "delicious food." In fact, it brings you the best Mexican tacos in Austin, Texas!
You can choose from these 3 bestselling flavors: shrimp & red potato taco, summer & squash yuca, and brisket & potato. They can be purchased fresh or frozen, either for delivery or for takeout. And, if you're looking for a great breakfast option, you can try their Breakfast Taco pack too. You can choose the filling from either locally-cured bacon and turmeric breakfast sausage or the summer veggie and potato. Regardless, they come with six fresh eggs, a yummy Mexican cheese, and a salsa. And you know what's the part? All their taco packs are gluten-free!
But, if you're not in the mood for some tacos, they also sell cupcakes, brownies, and some Mexican side dishes that are ready to be reheated. And, if you're looking for some great Mexican food at parties and events, they are also partnered with Loteria Hospitality and La Pera Catering.

Maine RootNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Ector - 8.72 mi

For six years now, Maine Root has been the most outrageously “refreshing thirst-quencher” in town. It all started when the owner, Matt, brewed his own root beer. Their organically sweetened sodas have been thrilling fans from New England to Texas. Maine Root’s are made from “100% organic sugar cane” and it comes Fair Trade from the owner’s friends in Brazil. They farm their key ingredient, and in exchange, Maine root supports their hospitals and schools and you get to enjoy a variety of amazing refreshments. It’s a pretty sweet supply chain! Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a Maine Root rookie, feel free to try all the delicious concoctions. Fill your refrigerator, throw some bottles in a cooler, or mix them with your favorite spirit!

Austin Slow BurnNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 9.11 mi

Made in the heart of Austin since 1994, Austin Slow Burn offers a “national-award winning line of gourmet fiery foods,” specializing in a variety of quesos, salsas, jams, pasta sauce and jerk marinade. They focus on the flavor and quality of the products with the added bonus of a slow heat. Only quality ingredients are used and all recipes are made in small batches, ensuring the freshness. They started out as a Christmas gift when “Jill and Kevin Lewis” make jars of homemade salsa to hand out to friends at the holidays. It was such a hit that the recipients urged them to start selling it. The “Salsa con Habanero” became their first product. From there the Jerk Marinade and Habanero Jelly came along and after some years of experimentation the rest of their line came about.

Good Flow Honey Co

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 9.17 mi

Good Flow Honey Co is a family operated business with great passion that offers local, Texas wildflower honey, as well as Orange Blossom, Clover and South Texas wildflower honeys. They also sell two specialty "raw" honeys-which are unfiltered and unheated. All of the products are available in a variety of sizes, including gallon buckets and bulk honey which can be purchased from several area retail stores. It has always been their goal to provide customers with the purest, highest quality honey available. Everything in this honey is fresh from the beehive, which allows more of the natural taste and nutrition of the nectars, beeswax, pollen, and propolis to be experienced.

Siete Family FoodsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 9.74 mi

The best tortilla in the market is here! A family owned & operated food brand, Siete Family Food is known in creating tasty authentic Mexican food with a health-conscious twist! The owners are passionate about making and sharing “real food”, gathering together in authentic community, and advocating for healthier lifestyles among Latino families. They are selling grain free tortillas, tortilla chips, taco shells, hot sauce, & dairy-free queso in grocery stores nationwide that are non GMO, Gluten free, and they only use real food ingredients. There’s no doubt, all their products are all tremendously good and their customer service is superb!

Zhi Tea

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 9.74 mi

Zhi Tea was created by die-hard tea lovers with a love and deep respect for traditional farming, Fair Trade practices, and high-quality necessities. They produce Premium Tea and Hand Blended Artisan Signatures that are hand picked and processed in small batches to make sure they are fresh and flavorful. Zhi Tea strives to elevate the “American tea culture” by sourcing and providing a cross section of the world's finest tea. They specialize in oolong tea, and also carry organic green, white, black, and rooibos. Zhi Tea is a homegrown business in Austin, Texas and the owners are active in the community. They participate in many foodie, local, and sustainable events throughout the year and won a "Local Heroes Award" through the Edible Communities for 2009.

Austin Honey CoNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 9.78 mi

Austin Honey Company is known for producing naturally managed honeybees pollinating local organic food creating a “sweet wildflower honey”. Happy bees reside at local organic farms in Austin where they provide vital pollination. The owners purposely placed them there to help grow our local food system. This not only ensures complete pollination the result of which is higher yields, but it also provides a “safe chemical free environment” for the bees to prosper and produce an excellent local raw wildflower honey. The bees are managed in a natural chemical free manner and the honey is “never heated or filtered”. The honey color and flavor profile will change with the season. Lighter honey is from the spring and darker honey is from the summer and fall.

OMG Squee

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 9.78 mi

Fan girls and fan boys Squee for OMG Squee’s super kawaii sweets! With adorable products in a rotating selection flavors, OMG Squee offers “Character Macarons and Fluffy, Souffle-style Cheesecake” made in small batches using non-gluten, organic, and high quality ingredients! Owner and Baker, Sarah Lim, regularly squee’s over cute things. She taught herself how to bake to share all her happy treats with you! Each macaron is batter piped and decorated by hand with a variety of tasty Texas and Asian inspired flavors made with organic butter and cage free eggs. OMG Squee aim for Double Rainbow Level Happiness because what your food looks like is just as important as tasting great.

Flitch Coffee

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 10.08 mi

Flitch Coffee, a remodeled 1955 Spartan trailer situated in a charming outdoor space in east Austin that serves coffee and espresso has a great setting and atmosphere! It’s definitely one of the favorite spots in Austin. Aside from coffee, they also offers Breakfast tacos from Pueblo Viejo, a family-owned taqueria located on the eastside and pastries from Luxe Sweets. Some favorite menu items as of late have been the “iced maple latte” or a deliciously “smooth cappuccino”. The coffee is ordered in the airstream, and all seating is outside. The area is covered by large trees, so it's definitely an enjoyable spot even on a hot day. You can also bring your dogs here!

Teddy V. Pâtisserie

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 10.28 mi

Named after Elisia’s, the owner, Lhasa Apso furbaby, Theodore, Teddy V. Pâtisserie is an artisan food vendor that offers homemade chocolate chip cookies. Certainly, these are “the best chocolate chip cookies ever, period.” And it only comes in one size, a whopping ⅓ pound cookie! Oh, this “cookie is so tender” and moist; they “just melts in your mouth!” They are “so delicious” and “tasty,” it’s hard to eat just one – even five! We would recommend you buying at least two dozens. And if they get cold, you can toss them in the oven at 410°F for 5 to 6 minutes and they’re all warm and melty without warping or drying out the dough. It’s that simple! So hurry now and get your orders done. After all, you know a product has to be the best if that’s the only product they’re selling, right?

Fiesta Tortillas

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 10.29 mi

Your tacos and burritos deserve only the best! Fiesta Tortillas offers “high-quality food products” and only natural, quality ingredients. They partner with the customers, employees, and community to capitalize on “Southwestern and Mexican food.” Over the last 20 years, they have grown from a small home in Del Rio, TX, to a new, state-of-the-art baking facility in Austin, producing thousands of tortillas and corn chips every day. Fiesta Tortillas is dedicated to quality, food safety, consistency and trust. Even though the production has increased over the years, they still make everything the old-fashioned way. The recipes consist of “locally-grown Texas corn and non-GMO ingredients” to ensure that you're getting the best tortilla possible. By using the traditional lava stone grinder, they preserve natural taste and texture.

Greater Goods Coffee Roasting Company

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 10.57 mi

Greater Goods Coffee Roasting Company is a hip coffee shop in East Austin is serving carefully curated selection of specialty coffees from around the world. From unique “single origins to laid-back blends”, they have something to please every palate. It’s definitely one of the best coffee shops around with wonderful staff, and best selection of coffee. At Greater Goods Coffee Roasters, they have two passions: crafting amazing coffee and doing good in the community. They source high-grade specialty coffee and roast it to perfection, then donate a portion of proceeds of coffee bean sales to some awesome “Austin charitable organizations”. Isn’t awesome? Come here and have a specialty coffee with a splash of kindness! Greater Goods Coffee Roasting Company is one of the 8 Noteworthy Artisan Coffee Roasters in Texas! Check out the link to read more.

Tamale Addiction

Artisan Food Producer in Manor - 10.60 mi

Tamale Addiction was born from hard work and a passion for cooking. Led by husband-and-wife duo, took a few trips around the block trying to sell Mexican desserts and flautas before discovering their niche, “health conscious tamales” that is 100% organic. Since then, they turned the business into a large success. Tamale Addiction is famous for being fresh, organic, local, and delicious! Since their first set up at a farmer’s market in 2010, these Tamales have managed to collect a following of ”tamale addicts”. Each Tamale are handcrafted using the highest-quality ingredients out there. Think 100% organic masa and 0% gluten, lard, trans-fat oils, food additives, or preservatives. You’ve finally found an addiction you can feel good about it!

Capital City Bakery

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 10.76 mi

Since 2011, the Capital City Bakery has been serving the best vegan sweet treats in Austin, Texas. But, it's more than just the best treats in town. It's built on a love for food, a desire to cultivate the community, and a passion for providing the highest quality pastries. All their baked goods are made from scratch and on a daily basis. Cholesterol-free, locally-sourced, and organic ingredients are used as often as possible. Plus, everything is also 100% vegan and vegetarian. "You really can't go wrong with any cupcake, or kolache, or scone, or cinnamon roll, or cheesecake. They're all so good." And, if you want something savory, y'all will also "love their buffalo chicken and jalapeno sausage cheese and ham n cheese kolaches." Oh, "everything was so moist and soft!" So, whenever you get a chance, drop by and you won't be disappointed.

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