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Artisan Bakeries near Geronimo, TX (4)


Uwe’s Bakery & Deli

Bakery in New Braunfels - 10.20 mi

Uwe's Bakery & Deli gives off the feel of an old café in Germany. This place has a great location with very friendly staff and above all, delicious food! Their baguette is good. It is light, like a Cuban loaf from Miami. You can also take home with you some baked goods to enjoy later. Don't worry, they will still taste fresh and delicious. There is a lot to choose from on the menu, which makes coming here exciting every time. Overall, the food is delicious, and they have a great variety of German bread and pastries. This place has a good family atmosphere, boasting delectable homemade food.          

The Wily BakerNo Own Retail Location

Bakery in Schertz - 19.27 mi

Indulge in your favorite pastries worry-free while helping the environment - this is the mission of The Wily Baker.  As they offer delectable pastries, they are also repurposing and upcycling beer grains from local breweries into a “protein-and-fiber-fortified baking mix,” therefore reducing food waste and even maximizing its nutritional value! A win-win situation for everyone – the bakery, the brewery, the environment, and of most of all, the consumers who get to have oven-fresh baked goods such as cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, pretzels and buns which are made affordable and fortified “with increased fiber, whole grains, and protein content!”  The Wily Baker has also been recognized at the 2018 Microsoft Mini Pitch-Off Contest and at the SXSW Innovation Pitch-Off in 2019 for their innovation and social impact. 

New World Bakery

Bakery in De Kalb - 20.81 mi

Specializing in artisan breads, The New World Bakery is a family owned and operated bakery that was founded by “Native German, Reinhard Haltermann” in 1995. With humble beginnings, it started in a small office suite in South Austin with only a couple of delivery trucks and a lot of ambition. The business eventually out-grew and have been “providing fresh baked breads everyday” to customers in Austin and surrounding areas. Their bread contains no preservatives, no trans fats and uses local ingredients. The bakery is now strategically located in the beautiful and prosperous city of Kyle, Texas, staying true to the original goal of providing high quality artisan breads, “made fresh and delivered daily” to local restaurants.

The Pastry CornerNo Own Retail Location

Bakery in Schertz - 22.44 mi

Homey, hearty, and filling bread and pastries from The Pastry Corner! A local home baker in the San Antonio area, it specializes in “handmade European style pastries, artisan bread made from scratch” and sinfully tasty cookies. You will see their table in farmers markets bursting with all these highly recommended, “fantastic baked goods,” like sourdough bread, cookies, baguettes, cinnamon rolls, and even their own versions of pastries such as the cruffins, danishes, French macarons, pop tarts and more! Everything is freshly baked, homemade, and preservative-free! You can contact them for special orders, or even for custom-made cakes and pastries for any special occasion.  

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