Grapeland, TX
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Local Family Farms & Ranches near Grapeland, TX (8)


Elliott Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Grapeland - 5.93 mi

One of the most famous farms nearby Grapeland is Elliott Family Farm. They specialize in Southern peas (especially purple hull and cream peas), grain, and milled flours. Moreover, the family has been farming since 1854. Currently, they are transitioning to organic. This means that they use no chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Also, their Southern peas are sold fresh shelled by the gallon, quart, and pint, or unshelled by the bushel basket. Furthermore, they shell, force air clean, and bag their product. A satisfied customer said, "I baked oatmeal cooking using the oats that we got from your farm, and the kids loved them!"

M-Rockin-C RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Grapeland - 6.71 mi

M-Rockin-C Ranch offers farm-fresh meats that are pasture-raised and fed organic feed. They have a wide variety of proteins available. If you plan to shop from them, expect quality pork, lamb, chicken, and even rabbit. This variety is great for people who are looking to stock up their pantry with a balanced set of proteins. If you plan to visit, M-Rockin-C Ranch also has camping grounds where you can enjoy the sceneries offered by their sprawling 65-acre ranch.

Viking Farms & Winery

Farm & Ranch in Crockett - 7.99 mi

Viking Farms & Winery, which is located in Crockett, Texas, is a farm that produces blueberries, jam, honey, and wine. This is a family-owned business. The farm is a 10-acre lot located in East Texas. In it is the vineyard, which was developed in December of 2019. When the vineyard started, 88 grapevines were planted, along with 120 blueberry plants and 25 peach trees. So far, everything at Viking Farms & Winery is turning out the way the family has hoped when they started this venture. People living in or near Crockett can come to the farm or contact the farm if they are in need of jam, honey, wine, or fresh produce. This is how locals help local businesses thrive.

The Regen Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Oakwood - 19.29 mi

The Regen Ranch produces grass-fed lamb, pork (seasonally), and pastured turkey & eggs using regenerative agricultural practices. You will  love their "pasture-raised turkey and eggs" that they offer. The owner, "Christine" is "very responsive" and "so accommodating". Also, the eggs they sell have "hard shells and bright orange yolks!" You can also find them participating in the "Brazos Valley Farmers' Market". Check out their social media page for more updates. You can also buy meats and eggs at their website.

Good Roots Garden

Farm & Ranch in Rusk - 19.67 mi

In about 10 miles Southwest of Rusk, you can find Good Roots Garden. It is a locally-owned farm serving East Texas with high-quality produce since 2010. Moreover, they follow the National Organic Program guidelines, growing nutrient-dense food using ecological farming practices. The owners, Larry and Jerri Berry, both manage the small ranch and grow seasonal vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers without harmful materials such as synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or transgenic seeds (GMOs). Besides, they have been doing land farming for over 150 years. With their advocacy, they believe that nourishing the soil and land means taking care of ourselves. Update: They are not currently offering CSA or Produce for the public. Check back in the future for more updates.

Hassell Cattle Company

Farm & Ranch in Rusk - 20.16 mi

Hassell Cattle company located in Rusk, Texas offers top-quality Texas Wagyu perfect for meat lovers out there. They have “awesome wagyu beef at prices that won’t break the bank!”  Their high prime beef is raised hormone-free and antibiotic-free. Hassell Cattle is the perfect place if you want to cook up some quality beef. Their steak has a “great taste and super tender”. To make things even better, Hassell Cattle offers “very fast” delivery services straight to your door. Enjoy the “exceptional flavor and texture”! If you’re looking for an ethically sourced and high-quality wagyu beef, Hassell Cattle is a must-try!

Pierce’s Chapel Produce

Farm & Ranch in Palestine - 20.95 mi

Pierce's Chapel Produce aims to provide "the absolute BEST quality produce available."  They specialize in growing and selling vine ripe tomatoes and sweet juicy peaches.  But they do have a great line up of fruits and vegetables that are all of farm-fresh quality! Strawberries,  cherries, cantaloupes, shelled peas, peppers, okra, squash, as well as honey and fruit syrups, jams, jellies, salsa, and a whole lot more! Expect "a great selection with good prices" making it "worth the drive to find fruits and vegetables grown the right way from Texas soil."

Farm to Freezer Meat Company

Farm & Ranch in Oakwood - 24.82 mi

Farm to Freezer Meat Company raises and curates cattle which produces high-quality beef. Farm to Freezer Meat is a family-run business that also has hamburger patties, sausages, ribs, and more! You can buy these when they set up shop in local farmers markets. Aside from selling meat from their ranch, they also source directly from Texas ranches to provide some of the best meat cuts this side of the Lone Star State!

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