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Local Family Farms & Ranches near Henderson, TX (7)


Big Oak Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Kilgore - 13.66 mi

Nestled in the heart of Texas, Big Oaks Ranch is your go-to destination for premium grass-fed cross-bred goats, along with a diverse selection of organic vegetables and pasture-raised chicken eggs. Enhance your farm-to-table experience with our high-quality hay available for sale. Beyond our agricultural offerings, our ranch serves as a cherished home and training ground for magnificent ranch horses. Experience the best of both worlds at Big Oaks Ranch, where we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional farm goods and fostering equestrian excellence.

Iron Farm Meat Market

Farm & Ranch in Kilgore - 16.77 mi

For Iron Farm Meat Market, "farm fresh" is not the gold standard.  On the contrary, it is merely the minimum basic requirement for meat producers seeking to provide high-quality meat. The company prides itself on raising cattle, pigs, and chickens in the best possible environment. The result: good quality meat worthy of the consumer's trust. Update: Their retail store has closed. They are now only selling beef by whole, half,  or quarter and by appointment only.

Griffin Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Kilgore - 17.41 mi

The Griffin Ranch in Kilgore, Texas, raises top-quality grass-fed beef. It is a 160-acres farm of Elbert Dickinson since 1849, and afterward, it becomes a 500-acres farm. Rest assured that they have healthy and high-quality products because they are not using antibiotics or hormones. They do not “grass finish their cows, but they let their animals live in a pasture focused life, and they are fed grass since birth. The farm is very responsible and hands-on in taking care of their cows and their land. Aside from that, they are also competent when it comes to serving people with healthy food for their meals. Come and visit the Griffin Ranch! Contact them for more details!

The Farmer’s Garden

Farm & Ranch in Kilgore - 19.66 mi

The Farmer's Garden is a family-owned and operated farm in Chapel Hill, outside of Tyler.  And their mission is to bring their customers "fresh local produce grown the way you wish all food was raised."  They have a great selection of goodies, like cream and black-eyed peas, okra, pumpkins, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  The Farmer's Garden's owner also sells eggs, jellies and biscuits which she personally made!

Lone Star Sustainable Farm

Farm & Ranch in Warren - 20.28 mi

This farm has natural, rotational pasture-raised pork and chicken. No soy, no GMO, no vaccines, no antibiotics, no chemicals are used in raising their animals. They have "sweet pork that tastes every bit as good as it looks". And they also have "a mighty fine cured ham steak" with "no overt saltiness either". You "will definitely be back for more". "The chicken breasts and tenders are unbelievable, so juicy" too. Also, the pork chop is "absolutely delicious" too. It has "dynamic full flavor, tender, juicy, and raised with love". You can also buy them at the Beaumont Farmers Market. Their breakfast sausage and ground pork are "really great too".

Yates Family Farms

Farm & Ranch in Longview - 21.99 mi

The goal of Yates Family Farms, which is located in Longview, Texas, is to produce locally-raised, high-quality beef at an affordable price. They want premium beef affordable for the consumers here in the East Texas area. They operate using the farm-to-table approach; what you have in your kitchen and dining table is fresh from the farm. They have provided a price list for individual orders. There is also a separate price list for bulk orders. This means small, local businesses sourcing beef locally can still turn a profit if the beef they buy in bulk is affordable. This is also a great offer for families planning on cooking for a big group when there is a special occasion, like weddings, birthdays, or anniversary celebrations when guests come to visit, dine, and celebrate.

Api di Volo ApiaryNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Reklaw - 23.38 mi

Api di Volo Apiary is making good use of their honey and beeswax. They make and sell raw honey which is very good for the body. Honey is the perfect remedy for everything, from cough to wounds. It pays to always have a jar of raw honey in the pantry. Api di Volo Apiary also has other items for sale. If you need beeswax candles for when the electricity is down, go visit and buy from the apiary. Beeswax candles do not melt as fast as ordinary candles so this is a good buy! They also sell lip balms, salves, and creams.  

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