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Native Sons Coffee Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in Waco - 2.86 mi

There is no better place to sip your favorite coffee than a locally-owned coffee shop. Featuring Waco-made tea and coffee beans, Native Sons Coffee Roasters showcase the quintessence of a community by serving “artisanal coffee” that are carefully roasted on-site and delicious baked goods. Native Sons Coffee Roaster care deeply about their coffee, from the origin of the bean to the proper brewing method. They get all of their coffee from sustainable, fair trade, green coffee importing companies and roast to enhance the flavors of the natural bean. The shop has dark colors, leather and velvet finishes with a sleek design that makes it looks dapper. They also have two separate outdoor patios to enjoy your beverage while soaking in the good weather.

Katie’s Frozen Custard

Artisan Food Producer in Waco - 5.10 mi

Katie’s Frozen Custard gives you the best of both worlds, the snack world that is. First up, cold and sweet! Since 2002, Katie’s has been serving frozen custard, which is a gourmet ice cream that is made fresh every hour. Compared to regular ice cream, it is creamier, smoother and denser. Get your frozen custard fix in different forms: sundaes, shakes, floats, and splits! But if you are looking for something hot and savory, Katie’s menu also offers chili cheesedog and other sandwiches, along with chili pie, coleslaw, and potato chips.

Bare Bucha

Artisan Food Producer in Waco - 6.74 mi

Bare Bucha crafts real kombucha beverages that are packed with vital amino acids, minerals, iron, and probiotics which gives you a microbiome boost, supporting immune function & your body’s endocrine system. It’s always an easy choice and the best choice. “Every sip of Bare Bucha is an opportunity to treat your body well.” It is an effervescent and life-giving fermented tea made from only the freshest raw ingredients, a quick, easy and delicious way to bring balance to your body. Luckily, they innovate “super creative flavors” from time to time. Some of these are Topic Thunder, Blueberry Lemon, Pomegranate Basil, Ginger Lime, and Lavender. So snag your favorites by ordering online or watch out for their Bucha Vans. Who knows, you might be getting free awesome sips!

Luna Juice Bar

Artisan Food Producer in Waco - 6.74 mi

“Conveniently located” in Waco, Texas, Luna Juice Bar crafts “local and fresh” cold-pressed juices that are made with 100% whole food, fruit and veggie juices. Get all juiced up with “the best raw” liquefied food that “you can get naturally.” Together with other menu items like salads, wraps, toasties, vegan waffles, and snacks, “Luna by far” has “the best assortment” of “healthy goodness” amped with its “fullest flavor” that you’ll surely love. Not to mention the “proper nutritional value” all these goodies encompasses! In addition, they have “a very comfortable place” with “such a cool vintage atmosphere.” Their “customer service is top of the line” and “the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable.” So, “if you haven’t been to the store or the truck, you’re missing out.” This place is “highly recommended!” 

Waco Cha

Artisan Food Producer in Waco - 7.13 mi

Waco Cha is a local tea shop that specializes in bubble milk tea, green tea, Thai tea, agua de Jamaica, matcha boba, lemonade, and many more. It has "the tastiest” and “most refreshing bubble tea in the area. It’s the perfect farmers market drink stop on a hot summer day.” Not to mention that “they also have drinks that most boba tea places don’t offer.” And, if you’re lactose intolerant, vegan, or simply looking for sugar-free bubble teas, or maybe you don’t like bubbles at all, don’t worry because their premium handcrafted tea caters to everyone. On another note, Waco Cha doesn’t only provide teas, but they also created a community that celebrates diversity in all aspects. Here, you’ll be able to share your culture, express yourself, and collaborate with other customers or members from all over the world. And what’s more exciting is, their first storefront has recently opened in downtown Waco. Come and pay a visit!

Apex Coffee RoastersNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Waco - 7.42 mi

Apex Coffee Roasters is a craft specialty coffee roastery established in 2014 in Waco, Texas. Delicious coffee is made here by true artisans who are completely passionate about sourcing responsibly and roasting meticulously. They roast to showcase the farmer's craft and reveal coffee's unique natural flavor. Apex is doing some significant work to showcase “specialty coffee” to this city and beyond. They have the “IR-12”, a machine with great design that can do a full batch roast time of 13-16 minutes, where you can roast up to 105 pounds per hour. Apex’s goals are a little more down to earth, they want to have relationships with the majority of the cafes in the greater Waco area and help foster the further growth of coffee culture in the area.

Rancho Martinez KitchenNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Waco - 7.54 mi

In the late 1950s, Maria Martinez learned the traditional way of cooking tamales while growing up in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. She then perfected the recipe and began selling them from a small stand in Wisconsin. Twenty years later, the family business moved to San Antonio, Texas but it was sold to an uncle in the 1990’s. However, the Martinez family still continues to hand-make tamales from the finest ingredients using Maria’s recipe. To date, Rancho Martinez continues the legacy of a family-owned and operated small business that provides exceptional tamales and whole wheat tortillas to Waco and the entire Central Texas Region. Indeed, “these are the best tamales” in Waco. It is very authentic and flavorful – something you don’t want to miss. They currently sell in Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market and Texas Farmers Market at Lakeline Mall all-year-round. You may also order online for your convenience.

Third Space Theory Coffee

Artisan Food Producer in Waco - 7.54 mi

Third Space Theory Coffee is a locally owned mobile coffee cart in Waco, Texas. They offer “single-origin” Organic Honduran beans that are “locally roasted” and sold from light, to medium, to dark. This variety has a taste of honey; it’s sweet with chocolate, caramel, and a hint of strawberry notes. “The coffee is always great” and “terrific.” They’re “so smooth and delicious!” Its “quality” is “hands down the best” that you can find in Waco. So, if you see them at select farmers’ markets, don’t hesitate to sip a cup of joe from them. I’m sure, “you are likely to come back for more.” And since this business is on-the-go, you can hire them for your next event. It’ll certainly be a hit if you have such a “cool concept” of serving “great” free-flowing on your special day, right?

Pecan ShopNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in McGregor - 8.63 mi

Texas native pecans from Pecan Shop are not planted in orchards but grow wild. They do not require irrigation, fertilization, or spraying and are compatible with soil-building grasses. These small nuts are “packed with flavor” that many Texans say is the best! They soak it in filtered water and Redmond sea salt. The natural sweetness of the native pecan and a touch of salt makes it awesome in sweet or savory recipes. Pecan Shop support rural small family enterprise, sustainable farming, and local small food producers and artisans by using only local honey, mesquite, and native pecans shelled by them or other local sellers and care about our local people, land, creatures and water.

Mill-King Market and Creamery

Artisan Food Producer in McGregor - 11.02 mi

Mill-King Market and Creamery is a specialty store hidden in a “small farm in Mcgregor”, offering natural, local and organic food. Who wouldn’t thought Waco has such a luxury! Mill-King specialize in low temperature pasteurized, non-homogenized milk, cream, cheese and yogurt. They also carry eggs, grass-fed beef, pastured pork and poultry, bone broth, honey, and other minimally processed food. This grass-feed dairy farm makes the best “non-homogenized milk” you will ever find in Texas. It's always incredibly fresh and consistent, and very good value for the level of quality. Aside from the dairy products, Mill-king also offers unique organic products, like Salsa, organic non-gmo cereals, organic frozen mango, ice cream, as well as a varied collection or health food and specialty items.

Homestead Gristmill

Artisan Food Producer in Campbell - 14.36 mi

Located in Waco, Texas, Homestead Gristmill offers a wholesome taste of fresh-ground whole grains from their historic timber-frame “water-powered mill” that was originally built in 1760. Given a new life as Homestead Gristmill in 2001, they open it to public year round, grinding “fresh whole wheat flour and corn meal.” In addition, they also grind oats, rye, spelt, rice, buckwheat and soybeans. They use the single-step process of grinding with natural granite stones which preserves the nutritional value of the grain. All the grains are grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers. You can visit Homestead Gristmill and watch the “milling process” and tour the store, which features fresh samples of various baked items, unique gift items for the kitchen and home, and dozens of delicious natural mixes that can be taken home and enjoyed.

Brazos Valley Cheese

Artisan Food Producer in Waco - 14.64 mi

Brazos Valley Cheese is dedicated to crafting “all-natural, high quality, healthy cheese” using traditional methods and no artificial flavors. The company has the capacity to make cheese from “2,000 gallons of milk” per week. Every cheese is made with raw cow’s milk and all the hard cheeses are aged in our underground cheese cave. The high butterfat content of the milk makes rich, yellow, creamy cheeses that are used by the finest chefs and sold at the best retail shops in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin and Houston. They also have award winning cheeses like the Brazos’ Eden cheese that won first place at the “2011 American Cheese Society competition”, and the Brazos Select that won second place in 2010.

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