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East Texas Homestead Farms

Farm & Ranch in Mineola - 4.06 mi

Vic and Cynthia Savelli proudly own East Texas Homestead Farms, a sprawling 58-acre property with a rich history as one of East Texas's early naturalist havens and a top Black Hereford Cattle breeder. Their farm offers premium Black Hereford ground beef and a wide range of vibrant vegetables, including kale, Swiss chard, broccoli, spinach, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts, to name a few. If you have any questions about the farm or its products, feel free to contact Vic directly at (214) 728-6963. Please note that their CSA page hasn't been updated since February 2, 2012. For the latest information, we recommend reaching out to them directly.

Blueberry Ridge Farm Bed and Breakfast

Farm & Ranch in Benavides - 5.24 mi

This is a u-pick blueberry farm located in Mineola, Texas. It has a "pleasant country atmosphere" with "blueberries" that has "the size of grapes!" Their picking season is from June to July. They also have other activities plus their barn is available for lease for any occasion. The owners are also re-opening their Pumpkin Patch in the fall of 2020. Since they are also a Bed & Breakfast (B&B), guests can enjoy many unique activities or can just enjoy the panoramic view while rocking on the front porch. They can be contacted directly. You can order and also ask directions to their place.

J&J Taylor Cattle Co.

Farm & Ranch in Grand Saline - 7.67 mi

Nestled in the lush Texas hills, J&J Taylor Cattle Company spans 1000 acres of improved pastures. Our advanced facilities and cross-fencing system ensure stress-free herd management. We prioritize quality grass for our cows, maintaining weed-free pastures with 10 miles of freshwater pipelines. With an in-house hayfield, we aerate, prep, weed, and naturally fertilize, resulting in lean, tender, and marbled meat cuts. Our commitment to natural grains during inclement weather ensures top-notch USDA certified organic beef. Contact Jason Taylor today for an exceptional beef experience!

Lindley Organic Farm

Farm & Ranch in Mineola - 8.24 mi

Lindley Organic Farm is a 150-year-old family farm. It is located off Hwy. 80 halfway between Dallas, TX and Shreveport, LA in the East Texas community of Hainesville. John and Pam Trent bought the farm from her family in 2004. They chose the Heritage Devon and Milking Devon cattle due to their excellent performance on grass. Devon’s were originally used as a triple purpose breed for beef, dairy, and draft work.

7 Acres HomesteadNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Quitman - 9.43 mi

Acres Homestead, which is located in Quitman, Texas, promotes living an organic way of life that includes being self-sufficient. There are different products sold here, from rabbit manure fertilizer to baked goods. They also sell canned food like cowboy candy, dill pickle, and pickled green beans. If you visit 7 Acres Homestead and get hungry, there are vendors there selling sandwiches, nachos, and cold drinks. But that is not all. 7 Acres Homestead also hosts talks and seminars focused on being prepared at all times.

Mason Wholesale Greenhouses

Farm & Ranch in Pearsall - 9.79 mi

Mason Wholesale Greenhouses is a veteran-owned family farm, located in the Piney Woods of Quitman Texas. Even if it is your "first time", you will be "super excited to experiment with microgreens". These microgreens "have 40 times more nutritional value than the full-grown version". The "microgreens" are "amazing just by themselves" but will even taste "amazing" on "tacos... very juicy flavor added". Even on a "lunch on a sandwich", it is truly "amazing". "Drew and Michael", the owners, "are passionate about their products". They also even "go to great lengths to offer, not only a variety of microgreens but a supreme product direct from a grower".

The BlueBerry Farm

Farm & Ranch in Quitman - 11.00 mi

In just an hour and forty-five minutes driving towards the east of Dallas, you'll find The Blueberry Farm. Whether you like to pick your berries or get them pre-picked, drop by, and you'll get to enjoy your preferences. A customer says, "We have picked blueberries here for over two years. The berries are always big and tasty." Their berries start to ripen in late May so you may want to free up some of your time. Hurry because their harvest only continues for about two weeks. If you're lucky and it doesn't get too hot, you can call them and check if they can still let you pick or buy their berries in July. And oh, before you go, be sure to bring your cooler so the berries can comfortably join you on your ride home.

Wells Berry FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Lindale - 11.18 mi

Wells Berry Farm sells blueberries, blackberries, peaches, strawberries, okra, squash, onions, tomatoes, plums, watermelons, cantaloupes, and shelled peas from a tent outside of Collin Street Bakery in Lindale. This farm also grows blueberries, blackberries, zucchini, squash, onions and peaches. They also have seasonal vegetables every year and his peaches come from the Red Springs/Winona area. Their "spicy strawberry jam is "amazing" and "goes great on just about any and or everything!" Wells also goes twice a week to the Dallas Farmer's Market and twice a week to the market in Shreveport to make deliveries. You can also check out their social media page for more updates.

Corazon Natural BeefNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Lindale - 11.18 mi

Corazon Natural Beef offers local East Texas raised CLEAN beef free of antibiotics, added hormones or pasture chemicals in vacuum packed single-serving packages of hamburger, steaks, ribs, and more, from our pasture to your plate. They have the "best local beef you can get at great prices!" You can buy their products online on their website and you can also buy them at the Athens Farmers Market. "The New York strip steaks" are "great". "Seriously--you can taste how healthy it is".

Tony Phillips Farm

Farm & Ranch in Kaufman - 11.25 mi

Tony Phillips Farm has been producing excellent quality sweet potatoes thorough the years in Grand Saline, Texas. Many people like the sweet potatoes of the farm because of its excellent quality. They do not use any growth hormones or antibiotics to maintain the freshness of their vegetables. People keep coming back on their farm to try the potatoes that they offer. Also, they are selling their crops at the most affordable price. One of their clients says, "The Tony Phillips Farm knows how to raise delicious sweet potatoes! It is amazing!" Drop by to Tony Philips and Farms if you want to know more about their crops. Visit their website of Facebook page for more details!

Red Moon Farm

Farm & Ranch in Van - 11.79 mi

Meet the farmers behind Red Moon Farm, Justin and Jessica Bullock, who cultivate chemical-free, safe, and clean fruits and veggies on their 38-acre land. With over fifteen years of organic farming experience and a genuine passion for sustainability, their produce is of the highest quality, as endorsed by their happy CSA members. Discover their certified organic produce, honey, and fresh flowers. Join their CSA or visit them at the Rose City Farmer's Market to savor their bounty. Jessica also crafts herbal products from locally-grown plants, including eye serums, shampoos, moisturizers, lip balm, arnica balm, pain massage oil, and healing ointments. Explore Red Moon Farm's natural goodness today!

Zillmer Farms

Farm & Ranch in Aransas Pass - 12.10 mi

Zillmer Farms has "super friendly folks" and "great produce". Blackberry season normally runs from May through November every year. Besides blackberries, they also grow other seasonal fruits and vegetables. The owner, "Mr. Zillmer" is "super sweet". He "has such a lovely farm and he tends his garden with such care!" It is "like a little piece of heaven". Check out their website for available fruits and vegetables that you will surely buy. Contact them and visit their place and be able to "picked up some of there awesome Blackberry Jelly" and "the strawberry preserves". You will "love them". You will "be buying from him again!!"

Moody’s Garden and Farms

Farm & Ranch in Tyler - 14.63 mi

Moody's Garden and Farms is teeming with crops and products to choose from.  They produce grapes, fresh herbs, and vegetables, along with their beehives.  They also raise cattle and their ponds stocked with catfish.  You can also see them at "the Lindale Farmers Market".  Some of their produce include tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, onions, mustard greens, kale, and radishes.

6195 fm 515

Farm & Ranch in Yantis - 16.17 mi

At 195 P.R. 5263, Yantis, you can reach 6195 FM 515. 6195 FM 515 is a farm that grows purple pecans, hull peas, cantaloupe, watermelons, pumpkins, and different kinds of vegetables. Some of their vegetables are carrots, cauliflower, collards, cucumber, green onions, hot peppers, onions, peas, pumpkins, sweet peppers, and tomatoes. For more than 90 years, farming has been part of their family. They have heritage breeds and use organic farming methods (although not yet certified ). In 2017, they started selling CSA shares. Moreover, their harvesting season is from May through October. When goods are in season, you can find them at Winnsboro and Sulpher Springs Farmers Markets. Contact Vincent Cunningham for available produce and more information.

Melton Farm

Farm & Ranch in Grand Saline - 16.49 mi

Drawing from over a century of farming expertise, Melton Farms welcomes you to savor their nourishing produce. Nestled in Van Zandt County, their fertile land thrives with an array of crops just outside Grand Saline. Discover a bounty of red potatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, and more. This family-run farm also tends to cattle and hay production. Don't miss the raved-about peaches, lauded for their irresistible flavor, as praised in Facebook reviews. Come experience the essence of Melton Farms today!

Falster Farm and Cattle Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Winnsboro - 16.54 mi

'Falster Farm and Cattle Range' has been raising excellent cattle breeds since 1998. They carry Mini Hereford Cows, Red Angus, Mini Jersey, and A2A2 Dairy cows and bulls. Nancy and Karl are the farmers behind the success of the farm. They offer organic food, cattle breeding services, and educational events. Whether you are new in farming or someone looking to add cattle in your farm, the couple offers an on-farm consultation. They are ready and willing to share their knowledge and answer all questions related to starting a cattle line on your farm. They are one of the registered breeders of Herefords in the entire USA so you can be sure they will give all the information you need. They also offer on-farm processing as well. They haven't updated their CSA page since October 2019, contact them directly for more information.

Lonesome Lady Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Tyler - 16.70 mi

Founded in 2012 by Alissa Rhodes and her mother, Lonesome Lady Farm began by raising calves in their debut year to manage their workload and test the waters. The following year marked a significant expansion, incorporating laying hens, sheep, meat chickens, and more cattle. These animals now graze freely across 50 acres of pasture using a rotational system. Emphasizing meticulous care for both land and animals, Alissa and her mother yield top-tier pasture-raised poultry, eggs, turkey, pork, and exceptionally tender grass-fed lamb and beef. Their premium meats are accessible through the CSA and local farmers' markets, with distribution points including Dallas and Tyler. It's worth noting that their CSA page hasn't seen updates since 2017, so reaching out to them directly is advised for the latest information.

Sanchez Farms

Farm & Ranch in Fruitvale - 17.03 mi

Sanchez Farms, located in Fruitvale, Texas, is "founded with hard work and dedication."  The people behind this operation are fully committed to "providing quality produce" for the community.  Drop by their farm or farmers market stalls to check out their products.  Sanchez Farms have yellow, white, and red onions, red potatoes, and other seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Ranchez Farm

Farm & Ranch in Winnsboro - 17.07 mi

Welcome to Ranchez Farm, a true labor of love born from the fusion of 'Robert' and 'Sanchez.' Our ranch specializes in producing pastured beef, free-range chicken, and farm-fresh produce. Customers rave about our friendly service and the exceptional quality of our produce. You'll find us every Saturday at the Winnsboro Farmers Market, where we proudly offer chemical-free, non-GMO foods, and the most delicious honey you've ever tasted. Our dedication to bee welfare means avoiding all kinds of pesticides, even organic ones, to ensure the health of our beloved bees. Ranchez Farm is also a haven for beautifully cut flowers, seedlings, herbs, and more, although availability is seasonal. Don't miss out—stay updated on our seasonal offerings by following us on Facebook. We're here to provide you with wholesome, natural goodness straight from our farm to your table.

Angelina All Natural Beef

Farm & Ranch in Canton - 17.69 mi

Angelina All-Natural Beef takes pride in their beef that is “grass-finished, antibiotic and steroid free” and sold “direct from the farm to the freezer.” Owners maintain that their mission is to provide a "clean and lean source" and healthy alternative to the usual beef that can be purchased in groceries. They assure their patrons that their cattle are ethically raised and well-cared for “from conception to consumption.” Every beef is allowed to graze freely in their acres of land, and everything is assuredly grown and processed in Texas.  

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