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T’s SauceNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Corpus Christi - 18.16 mi

T’s Sauce is an artisan food manufacturer based in Corpus Christi, Texas. This company crafts and provides a line of multi-purpose sauces from sweet to heat and everything in between. All of their products use only the freshest natural ingredients. Their sauces are sweetened with natural honey and molasses, not with refined sugar. They also use fresh fruits and not from concentrated juices for all their fruit-based sauces. On top of that, they focus on spicier flavors that doesn’t compromise the flavor for heat. As a result, you’ll get a perfect balance of both with these sauces. They offer a great sauce lineup, including honey bbq, cilantro lime, jalapeño apple whiskey, smoke bbq, sweet heat, habanero, mango ghost pepper, and fire sauce. On top of that, they also offer limited edition sauces such as avocado cream, bacon bourbon, pineapple chipotle, raspberry chipotle, and poblano pear. All these sauces come in great flavor, and they can be used in numerous ways.    You can find their products at Made In Corpus Christi in Corpus Christi, and The Point in Palacios, TX.  Their products will be available at several more locations in the coming months.

Rockport Coffee Company

Artisan Food Producer in Rockport - 18.70 mi

Rockport coffee company is without a doubt a favorite purveyor of fine coffee beans in the Texas area. This family owned roasting company has been roasting good coffee for many decades on the Gulf Coast of Texas. The have a wide array of coffee and tea selections from the premier blends coffee, premium regionals coffee, legendary flavors coffee, to imported blended teas. Roasting coffee for decades is just a proof that the guys at Rockport Coffee Company make the best blends, the old fashioned way. Nothing beats classic! Come and grab a delicious coffee or fine tea at Rockport Texas where Gulf waters kiss the feet of longhorns, and good coffee is an essential part of life!

Driftwood Coffee Company

Artisan Food Producer in Corpus Christi - 19.98 mi

Driftwood Coffee Company brings the perfect blend to Corpus Christi. This family-owned business loves coffee not only for its delicious flavors but also because of its ability to bring people together. Their goal is to roast specialty coffee that’s “high-quality, ethically sourced and brings love” into the lives of their customers. They responsibly sourced specialty coffee direct from farms utilizing sustainable business and farming practices, “roasting the coffee with expertise”, and deliver it with care. Driftwood’s various blends can be found in certain coffee shops throughout Corpus Christi such as Brazilian Coffee, Colombian Coffee, Midnight Drift Blend, and Unabashed Decaf Coffee. They also offer brewing equipment and servicing, merchandise, barista training and freshly-roasted beans for your enjoyment at home or your place or business!

Paloma Street Market – Home of The Faerie BakerNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Corpus Christi - 20.46 mi

Time to add some spice and magic in your treats with The Faerie Baker! With the wide assortment of baked goods she is offering, it seems like she had the help of a magic wand and some fairy dust to bring to life all these yummy and tasty goodies! Choose from her lemon, coffee, oat, and currant cookies or her herb and spice flatbreads, cornbread and blueberry muffins, goat cheese scones and so much more that she whips up seasonally! You will truly be entranced with how good and fresh they are! She even makes these cutely designed Baby Yoda Matcha shortbread cookies and spiced piggy cookies or the Marranitos! She also has vegan and gluten-free offerings from her menu of baked items, as well as her granola and snack mixes so there is surely something for everybody.  

Fulton Kettle Corn

Artisan Food Producer in Corpus Christi - 20.53 mi

Daniel Fulton and his team pop some of the “finest puffs of addictive goodness” to ever hit a Texas tastebud. Fulton Kettle Corn is a popular mainstay at local farmers' markets, fairs and pop-up festivals all around the Coastal Bend. They use “all-natural ingredients” such as organic, raw, pure, unrefined cane sugar, sea salt, non-GMO corn and gluten-free soybean oil. It took them a month to develop their unique recipe and tested many combinations. Today, Fulton Kettle Corn offers different flavors like caramel sea salt, cocoa kettle corn, white cheddar popcorn and pickle popcorn. For Corpus Christi Pride, they made a special batch of “Pride Popcorn" – cherry, banana, orange, grape, sour apple and blueberry!

Sherry’s Jams N JelliesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Corpus Christi - 20.62 mi

Sherry’s Jams N Jellies is an artisan food vendor at the Downtown Farmers Market, Island Market, and the Southside Market. You are going to “love the plethora of flavors” that awaits you. “Sherry is currently carrying 34 different varieties of homemade jams and jellies” that will surely make your tastebuds happy. To name a few, she got four lemon, four strawberry, four berry, and three fig varieties available in the market. Her “Meyer lemon marmalade and peach cobbler” are “so good” that you cannot miss on trying these ones. We “highly recommend the blackberry and key lime” too! The cranberry orange, apple pie, and holiday pear are also scrumptious. Not to mention that these ones are the perfect holiday gifts! “All the flavors” are just so good; it’s hard to pick a favorite. So, be sure to drop by at these farmers’ markets and experience “the best” jams and jellies in Corpus Christi. 

Serfer Brew Chimcha FoodsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Corpus Christi - 20.62 mi

Serfer Brew is an artisan food vendor that started in April 2017. It is committed to bringing healthy fermented food to all through its famous kimchi. Although kimchi is known all over the world, this particular one is definitely “a unique product” as “this stuff doesn’t seem quite traditional.” And “that’s good,” actually. The variants revolve around Napa cabbage kimchi, jicama & chile pequin kimchi, and cucumber kimchi. “All the products are well crafted and Jack is very knowledgeable about their benefits.” It is indeed “a tasty, quality food that is super healthy” and has “no MSG.” You’re gonna love its “fresh taste” and “the extra crunch from the jicama” that blends well with the kimchi’s spiciness. We “highly recommend” you trying their kimchi – it’s “the best on the market.”

Meshel’s TreatsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Corpus Christi - 20.62 mi

Meshel’s Treats is a local home-based business that focuses on baking and catering delectable food and baked goods for everyone. “Spend your free time with your kids this week by allowing Meshel’s Treats to be your personal chef.” She can basically cook anything: “enchiladas, rice, beans,” everything! She has “the best tortilla soup” that “even the chips” that comes with it “were delicious!” And if you ever “need a ‘fancy’ cake, Michelle” is definitely the one to call. Her special occasion cakes are not just “amazing” to stare at, but they taste wonderful as well! She can also whip up “waffles, muffins, and cinnamon rolls” that are a hundred percent “delicious.” So, if you need a complete package of savory and baked goods for your upcoming events, we “highly recommend” Meshel’s Treats. 

Crafty CookieNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Corpus Christi - 20.62 mi

Located in Corpus Christi, Texas, Crafty Cookie specializes in “awesome cookies” for any occasion. These “great tasting cookies” are “fantastic and a great hit” at many parties and gatherings. They are “super cute” and “they aren’t your basic sugar cookies”; these ones “are buttery and tasty” compared to its competitors. “Lauren is super creative” and “so talented”; certainly “she’s very professional and responsive.” She will do “everything she could to make sure the cookies” reach you perfectly. She’s definitely “great to work with” and therefore “Crafty Cookie never disappoints” at all. This company is indeed “a great find,” we highly “recommend” them “to everyone!”

Buddy’s Sweet GemsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Corpus Christi - 20.62 mi

Buddy’s Sweet Gems, which is located in Corpus Christi, Texas, is a confectionary with 20 years of experience. Some of the best-tasting sweet treats made by this very successful Texas business include Fudge with Pecans and Coconut Chew Pralines. If you want a mix of nutty goodness with some spicy zing, try Buddy's Sweet Gems' Jalapeño Pecan Brittle. This product is not a very common brittle flavor and if you are lucky enough to visit a farmers market where they sometimes set up shop to sell sweet treats, make sure to buy a pack. If you have a family or friend who likes jalapeños and pecan, let them have a taste too. It is not your fault if they get hooked and buy more.

Nauti T’s Creations

Artisan Food Producer in Corpus Christi - 21.16 mi

Nauti T’s Creations specializes in “delicious hand-crafted jams and jellies” that are “available in regular flavors or modern blends with optional spicy jellies that may have jalapeño or ghost peppers.” Indeed, it’s “definitely not just jelly,” it’s a creation after all. “These jelly ‘creations’ are amazing; they are bursting with flavor and the spicy ones have just the right amount of heat.” Her products consist of “flavors” that “are a great addition to any meal,” and it can be “used as a marinade on a variety of meats: steaks, ribs, chicken, or pork chops.” Tisha “is also one of the nicest people” around; “she has a true enthusiasm for her craft and is more than willing to develop creative ideas for any event.” Having “the best customer service” equipped with “professional staff that is very helpful,” it is indeed “very convenient” to use Nauti T’s Creations – “Highly recommended!”

The VINE Juice Company

Artisan Food Producer in Corpus Christi - 21.47 mi

Are you looking for great options for fresh juices, smoothies and light meals? The Vine Juice Company sells raw, natural and fresh cold-pressed juices, smoothies and smoothie bowls, and vegan options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Its menu features vegan-friendly, dairy-free and gluten-free options for the “health-conscious crowd” in Central Corpus Christi. You can build your own smoothie bowl with their selection of toppings and add-ons. The Vine Juice Company has been serving juice in Corpus Christi for a little over a year. These delicious drinks, which have fun names like “Whatamelon and Romaine Calm”, are often made with locally grown produce. In addition to their cold-press juices and cleanses, they also offer cold brew coffee, teas and health bars.

Teacup Goods

Artisan Food Producer in Corpus Christi - 22.09 mi

Teacup Goods specialize in all things tea! Teacup Goods strives to carry a variety of blends ranging from “traditional black and green tea blends, to fun and fruity herbal blends” like Blueberry Pie Herbal Tea, Candy Apple Black Tea, Scarlet Spell Herbal Tea, Passion fruit Tango Herbal Tea, Peach Bellini Herbal Tea, Chamomile Lavender Herbal Tea, and Elderberry Spice Herbal Tea. Aside from carrying the tea itself, they also have a variety of “Texas Cottage Food Law approved foods,” such as tea jelly, tea shortbread cookies, and unique tea blends, that can only be sold at Cottage Food Law approved events. At Teacup Goods, they believe that "tea is always the answer." In addition, they also have products created from tea, including scented candles and wax melts, bath bombs, bath salts, and soap.

Huerta’s Tamales

Artisan Food Producer in Corpus Christi - 22.13 mi

Huertas Tamales is a food truck and caterer located in Corpus Christi. Y’all will “never be disappointed” as they have “the best street tacos” and “the best tamales in South Texas.” Besides their “super fast service” and “excellent customer” support, their “green sauce is delish,” their “seasoning to the hot sauce was on point,” and of course, “their street tacos are the bomb!” This place is “highly recommended” if y’all are “looking for good authentic Mexican food.” After all, there’s “nothing better than tacos and tamales out of a bus on the side of the road” that has “great service, great prices, and of course outrageously delicious food!”

Off Brand SalsaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Corpus Christi - 22.13 mi

Off Brand Salsa, which is located in Corpus Christi, Texas, specializes in freshly-made, small-batch South Texas-style Mexican salsa. If you are concerned about the quality of salsa, you can put your mind at ease. The salsas made here comply with all State of Texas regulations for Cottage Foods. Take the word of customers who enjoyed eating the salsa they swore to continue buying from this local brand. They say it is an amazing salsa, the tastiest they've had after using it on pork chops and corn chips. They make Salsa Roja. They also have Salsa Verde, Habanero Salsa, Salsa Pequin, and Creamy Salsa Verde. They have fruit-based flavors like Mango Salsa and Pineapple Salsa. For those who like hot and spicy flavors, choose from any of these variants: Three Pepper Salsa, Texas Ghost Salsa, Fire Roasted Red Salsa, and Fire Roasted Green Salsa.    

La Familia Salsa

Artisan Food Producer in Taft - 22.69 mi

La Familia Salsa is a family-owned business that produces fine gourmet quality salsas using “fresh ingredients.” They handcraft their products with no artificial preservatives or additives. “Every product they offer is great” but the top three favorites are smoked green pineapple scorpion, smoked green pineapple, and salsa Roja diablo. If you're a spice enthusiast, their “xx red scorpion salsa” has the “best flavor with an outstanding heat"; and, you will also “love the blend and thickness of the Reaper salsa.” Plus, “no one does candied jalapeños like” them! There is no wonder that their “great salsas” has been reaping awards consecutively since 2009! Feel free to join them at cook-offs and festivals nearby, or catch their products at various retail locations. 

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