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The Texas Indian Paintbrush, scientifically known as the Castilleja indivisa, is a wildflower that is native to the state of Texas. It is a unique small green-colored flower that is surrounded by orange to red spiky bracts that resembles a paintbrush. According to the legend, this vibrant wildflower was named in reference to one Indian artist who wanted to paint a sunset. Frustratedly, he couldn’t fabricate any of the colors that can resemble the picturesque view of the sunset. Thus, he asked for the help of the Great Spirit, who then gave him paintbrushes to craft his painting. As soon as he completed his work, he discarded his paintbrushes which then blossomed into wildflowers. To date, the Texas Indian Paintbrushes are usually found along with bluebonnets, the official state flower of Texas, and it starts to bloom around the month of March.


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