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Artisan Food Producer in Cleveland - 9.72 mi

Cheesemakers Inc. Is known in producing Authentic Mexican Style Cheeses under the Brand name "Jaimito" and Artisan Hand Crafted Goat cheeses under the Brand name "Lone Star". They utilize all natural ingredients from their own dairy farms. Cheesemakers has provided their customers high-quality cheeses over the years. Their product “quality and service” keeps the customers coming back to try their cheeses. Winning the “American Dairy Goat Association Award” for Top Goat Cheese and Yogurt is just a proof of how good they are when it comes to producing high quality products. All Cheesemakers products are manufactured in an FDA, and Texas Dept. of Health inspected facility.

Howling Mad Hot Sauce Co.No Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Conroe - 9.87 mi

Howling Mad Hot Sauce Co. is a company dedicated to making quality hot sauces from fresh ingredients. This business is located in Conroe, Texas. These are the four original flavors for sale. Angel Fire is made with red jalapenos, red Thai chilis, garlic, and Roma tomatoes. Demon Blood is made with green jalapenos, green Thai chilis, and garlic. Perrito Loco is made using serrano peppers, lemon, lime, and Mexican oregano. Mangosplosion is made with mangos, habaneros, and turmeric. Each bottle is sold for $8. They also have seasonal flavors sold for $10: Peaches -N- Scream and Mexican Blackbird. Other flavors are The Ex-Wife and Insanity.

Sweet Addiction CakeryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Conroe - 10.84 mi

Sweet Addiction Cakery is a home bakery that specializes in making custom-order sweets. They make sure that the cake you ordered from them is made from scratch, and not some stale pre-made cake. They make sure that the ingredients they use in making the cake are all fresh and of excellent quality. Why? Because they know that cakes mark a special moment in your life. They do not want to ruin the moment by giving customers poorly-made cake. They are good at what they do and they are waiting for you to contact them for your cake needs. Sweet Addiction Cakery is located in Conroe, Texas.

H & W FarmNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Kingwood - 12.72 mi

Right now, H & W Farm is busy with their home-made pickles. A lot of people like it. Some customers come up to them to let them know a jar of pickles didn't make the return trip home. Others are making suggestions because they want to use the pickles in their own food, like burgers. The home-made pickles are a hit, without doubt, but H & W Farm is also invested in something else.  They are currently growing fruit trees and other produce and once harvest is complete, they are ready to sell their fresh fruits and vegetables in the farmers market in and around Kingwood, Texas.

Bird + TwineNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Conroe - 14.24 mi

Operating under the Texas Cottage Food Law, Bird & Twine is a home bakery that creates delicious treats for everyone. You are going to be “obsessed with how good the grave digger cake and cookies” are. And “not only did they look great but they taste amazing as well!” They were “so moist and good”; it “just melts in your mouth!” Not to mention that “the packing was perfect” too! We “highly recommend this shop; the owner was so easy to work with and the cookies were outstanding.” She is “incredibly sweet and professional”; she will find time to make these treats despite her busy schedule and last minute orders. You can find them at pop up shops and markets in and around Houston.

Houston Coffee Exchange

Artisan Food Producer in Conroe - 14.29 mi

For over 40 years, Houston Coffee Exchange has been a leader in the gourmet coffee roasting industry, providing the highest quality coffees, personal attention and outstanding service to an array of customers including; restaurant distributors, office coffee services, and food service distributors. By the palette or by the pound, Houston Coffee Exchange can handle any size order, both locally or nationwide. They have a full line of premium coffee and tea including Fort Royal coffees and High Island premium teas. Houston Coffee Exchange was dubbed as “Best coffee in Houston” and “Best coffee in Harris County

Lucy’s Country Store and Tea GardenNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Cleveland - 14.51 mi

Are you looking for a quick serenity getaway that fits your busy schedule? Do you need to refresh and reboot your mind and spirit with all the chaos going around? Search no more as Lucy’s Country Store and Tea Garden is ready to “pamper” you! It is definitely “a hidden gem” in Texas; “the food was great, the atmosphere very relaxing and the country store was charming.” Enjoy an all-natural farm-to-table lunch and dinner menu, right at their beautiful deck, and get a hold of their unique artisan gifts and all-natural body products at their country store. For all the reasons, Julie, “the owner,” will surely make it “a very special day” for you. She “loves to serve people” and “she cooks delightful food.” Her “blueberry muffins” are “delicious, not too sweet and loaded with blueberries.” Her “tomato basil soup is out of this world” and “the pasta and Italian sausage was fantastic!” I highly “recommend stopping in” for the overall serene and “wonderful” quick getaway experience.

Frank’s BakeryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 14.93 mi

Yummy baked goods need no instruction on how or where to eat them. But just in case you are wondering, Frank's Bakery has a few suggestions. They recommend their famous Blueberry Coffeecake Muffins for breakfast. This scrumptious muffin is filled with layers of juicy blueberries and cinnamon sugar. Perfect for coffee, milk, tea, or whatever beverage you want to start your day. Scones, muffins, loaves of bread, cakes, and cinnamon rolls are made to order. You can schedule a pick-up or have it delivered. Frank’s Bakery is located in Spring, Texas.

Leonidas Low Carb BakingNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Conroe - 15.25 mi

Embracing an improved and cleaner lifestyle is easier with Leonidas Low Carb Baking, with their tasty treats that can accommodate "those who are gluten-free, diabetic, practicing a keto lifestyle, or just trying to reduce their sugar intake."  Indulge on your favorite sweet treats, yet still be in line with your chosen diet with their baked goods "that are made of organic fruits, grass-fed butter, cold-press avocado oil, and other natural/organic ingredients. No artificial ingredients and additives."  Imagine muffins with frosting, cookies, bread loaves, breakfast biscuits, and even pizza crust that you can devour without the guilt!  Cravings satisfied while your health is still prioritized! 

Payeton’s PastriesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Humble - 16.13 mi

Payeton’s Pastries, which is located in Humble, Texas, is a cupcake shop that uses organic ingredients to make cupcakes from scratch. This cupcake shop uses organic flour, vegan pure cane sugar, organic milk, and organic eggs. Payeton's Pastries' first product, the Red Velvet cupcake, remains a popular item among loyal repeat customers. This is a must-try if this is your first time at Payeton's Pastries. Today, this cupcake shop offers a variety of gourmet pastries that will definitely satisfy your craving for sweets. You can buy just one, or you can buy a dozen cupcakes and mini-cupcakes. They have cookies and muffins too!

Vintage Food

Artisan Food Producer in Conroe - 16.31 mi

Located in Conroe, Texas, Vintage Food produces “all-natural quality foods” like jars of jellies, pizzelles, grahnola bars, pickles honey stixs, raw local honey, and gift baskets. They make everything in small batches using only the freshest ingredients in the kitchen, which sells quickly so they don’t use any preservatives. At Vintage Food, they strive to be different. You’ll find unique flavors that you’ll never see at a grocery store, but they carry the traditional favorite flavors too. They have three Jelly flavors that are made with raw honey. Everything is all-natural and they use any food coloring to make the jellies look different. Come and try their local products. They always have free samples for you to taste!

The Creative OvenNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 16.37 mi

The Creative Oven, which is located in Spring, Texas, makes craft baked goods. Creative flavor combinations and unique twists on classics. Selling at local farmer’s markets and available to order for local pickup. You might spot them at a local farmers market, where they sometimes set up shop, like at The Woodlands Farmer's Market at Grogan's Mill, which opens at 9 AM every Saturday. What to be on the lookout for? They could be selling Toffee Pistachio Cookie Brittle, for example. Or perhaps some Rosemary Salted Caramel Oatmeal Bars.

Migaloo ChocolatierNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 16.62 mi

Migaloo Chocolatier is a good source of unique artisan fine chocolate with luxurious taste! For anyone who loves chocolates and can’t resist the urges of their sweet tooth, grab one or many from Migaloo’s offerings: chocolate bars, truffles, brownies, cookies, and more! Each piece of chocolate looks delectably amazing and is delicious “with a unique blend of out of this world flavors.” Migaloo truly enjoys “bringing sweet moments” to everyone’s lives.  

Migaloo Chocolatier goes beyond your chocolate cravings.  They put their hearts into every piece they create that turns into a unique bite and a sweet experience for you.

They are Artisan Chocolatiers who truly believe everyone in the process of creating their chocolate is special and important, from the farmers to you.

Migaloo Chocolatier was born from the heart of a dream that becomes true in every piece of their fine creations. With every bite you taste of their chocolate, you will feel the care and love they put into it and you will be inspired to lift your spirit and experience joy!

Jessie’s Jams & JelliesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 16.73 mi

Jessie’s Jams & Jellies, which is located in Spring, Texas, is a cottage food business that makes fresh, homemade jams and jellies. They make jams and jellies in small batches. There are many flavors to choose from, depending on what you and your family like. If you are more into fresh and fruity flavor, they have Cherry Berry Jam and Blueberry Jam. But if you are into sweet and spicy jams, try the Red Jalapeño Glaze, the Green Jalapeño Glaze, or the Green Jalapeño Jelly. You can find them selling at the Legends Ranch Farmers Market or at the Wunderlich Farm Interactive History Park. But if they are not there, you can also just send them a message and arrange delivery. Worried that you might be ordering a lot? Don't worry because these jams and jellies are also a perfect gift to family, friends, or co-workers.

Granny’s Tamales (1st Street)

Artisan Food Producer in Humble - 17.08 mi

Granny's Tamales have two locations in Humble, Texas: one of which is here on East 1st Street while the other one is on Bypass 1960. This artisan food producer offers a great variety of tamales that are so "delicious" and "very tasty." The "pricing was very reasonable and they had a good assortment. They came out piping hot and are sold in either half dozen or dozen." Pork & beef, "spinach, cheese, chicken," jalapeño, bean, and sweet corn are only some of them. And, each one can also be bought in either mild or spicy version. All their "tamales have a nice kick when you first bite down on one. Very flavorful and delicious." Top that with a "great customer service" and the "satisfaction is 100%" guaranteed at this place!

Whitman Farm / The Honey House

Artisan Food Producer in Conroe - 17.19 mi

Serving top-quality products, the Honey House at Whitman Farm has the “hands down the best honey”. Their honey is made in-house and licensed by the Montgomery country Healthy department. Rest assured, that you will be served with only the best of the best. Aside from their honey, they also offer a great selection of jams and soaps that are both “excellent” and “delicious”! They have an “absolutely delicious three berry jam”, perfect for your morning toast. Enjoy their top-quality products and even gift them to friends and loved ones, the packaging looks “stylish and professional”. Their products are definitely worth the try!

Cowboy’s CookiesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Humble - 17.32 mi

The cookies at Cowboy's Cookies are thick, luscious, and delicious - a sweet treat that is hard to refuse. Equally difficult is keeping yourself from asking for seconds. But hey, no one's judging you. No one can resist the charm of these delightful brown temptations. It is interesting how Cowboy's Cookies upped the ante and made cookies more delicious by creating cookie sandwiches and cookie cakes. Now, these are truly next-level delectable sweets! If I can't look away at the photos, I can't imagine how I can manage to keep my fingers clean and cookie crumble-free if any of these are within grabbing distance.

Lemon Bear CookiesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 17.85 mi

Lemon Bear Cookies, which is located in Spring, Texas, is an in-home bakery specializing in custom-made sugar cookies perfect for all occasions. Custom-made cookies are great as a graduation gift. It is great to have to celebrate holidays and special occasions. It is a great way to leave a short, witty, personal message to a family member, a friend, or a co-worker. You can use custom-made cookies to show everyone which one is your favorite sports team and celebrate with them every time your team wins! Looking for a creative gender reveal? Use custom-made cookies by Lemon Bear Cookies.

Alicia’s Sweet Obsession

Artisan Food Producer in ZZ No Location - 18.10 mi

Alicia’s Sweet Obsession is a Houston-based artisan bakery that specializes in designer desserts that can be purchased at select farmers’ markets and cook-offs. For your convenience, delivery and pick up options are also available. Take advantage of Alicia’s outstanding selection of treats that are “so amazing and fresh, using the best ingredients” – with “love being the main one!” The “cookies are so good and soft” even if you “put them in the fridge overnight.” The common favorites are the “red velvet cookie, cinnamon rolls,” and stuffed s’mores. All of the cookies are “really moist” that “you don’t need a glass of milk” for you to “eat and enjoy them.” Surely, that "says something," right? Alicia is “on point with everything from flavors to service” and her goodies are definitely a must-have!

King PierogiNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 18.30 mi

King Pierogi sells frozen homemade pierogi made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. You can have a dozen of this delicious pierogi for only $10. If this is the first time you are hearing about pierogi, you should try it now and have a taste of Central and Eastern European cuisine. You have other choices too, since King Pierogi also makes home-made bread, banana cake, carrot cake, and pumpkin cheesecake. King Pierogi is located in Spring, Texas. They frequent local farmers markets, like The Woodlands Square Market. If you are around, come by and check them out!

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