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Sweet DeyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Taylor - 0.00 mi

Sweet Dey is a home-based bakery that specializes in customized cakes for all occasions. Dey Ana, owner and baker, is “always on time ready to create any cake with any theme.” She “goes above and beyond to make your cake perfect.” Thus, her “cakes are extremely creative, amazing, and made with tender loving care that you can really taste.” They’re “moist and delicious inside and gorgeous outside.” On another note, this artisan also crafts empanadas, roasted pecans, brownies, sweetbreads, cookies, cake balls, and cake pops that works perfect as favors or gifts. “Everything is always delicious” and “even the packaging is nice” and beautiful. So, do yourself a favor and “schedule your next event with Sweet Dey!”  

Haciendo Coffee

Artisan Food Producer in Taylor - 0.00 mi

Haciendo Coffee Texas is a "micro roaster" which is someone who buys and roasts small quantities of coffee. This family-owned business is located in Taylor. If you are looking for someone that serves air roasted coffee beans, try going here. The coffee beans roasted here are organically-grown. Haciendo Coffee is open for any wholesale or retail transactions. This coffee business practices fair and direct trade with their coffee beans. If you are a coffee lover, you can apply for a coffee subscription so that you have delicious coffee delivered to you regularly. Browse the website so you can see the choices available to you. Or you can try each variety. They're all great! Haciendo Coffee promises customers that their coffee is great, hot or cold.  

SRSLY ChocolateNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Taylor - 0.06 mi

With a commitment to produce the finest chocolate in a sustainable manner, SRSLY Chocolate uses “organic and fair trade” cacao and cane sugar to handcraft each bar. The cacao comes from a cooperative in the Dominican Republic that reinvests back into the community, building roads, clinics and schools. Their cacao beans are sorted, roasted, cracked, winnowed and stone ground in granite mills to produce an elegant and assertive chocolate. Gentle, low and slow roasting develops great flavor while preserving delicate aromas. Currently, SRSLY Chocolate is available in four varieties and two bar sizes – 70% cacao, a richer 84% cacao, sea salt and almonds, and Oaxacan Espresso, made with Mexican chipotle peppers and Austin's Third Coast Coffee. Each bar is hand wrapped with love

Jeany’s Ginger ElixirNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Taylor - 2.02 mi

Ever heard of the Caribbean in a Bottle? Jeany's Ginger Elixir produces this Caribbean-inspired juice product based on an age-old family recipe from Grenada. They uses local and sustainable ingredients for their products whenever possible. Jeany's Ginger Elixir is definitely one of the best Juice Bars & Smoothies near Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk in Austin. They also sell their juices at the Farmer’s Market so make sure you drop by to try the famous Caribbean in a Bottle! They have three exciting flavors available - Classic, Very Berry and Seasonal Ginger Elixir. Everything is incredibly fresh and tastes wonderful!

Coupland Honey Company

Artisan Food Producer in Coupland - 8.57 mi

In today’s market, it is very rare to find a honey that taste like an actual honey because of the modern processing and chemicals. A family owned and run honey bee business, Coupland Honey Company specialize in “100% Real Texas Honey.” Their products are handmade, and they uses the traditional way of producing honey. Their honey are available in different sizes and “no chemicals involved.” Aside from selling pure texas honey and nucs in the spring, they also do bee removals and get swarms when time allows. Coupland Honey Company is registered with the “Texas Apiary Inspection Service.” They also provide bees to people looking to keep an exemption on their property.

S6 Farms

Artisan Food Producer in Granger - 9.75 mi

Indulge in the finest jellies, jams, and delectable treats at S6 Farms. Our sweet creations, available in blueberry, dewberry, and apricot flavors, are just the beginning. We also offer mouthwatering cakes and mesquite goodies. But it doesn't end there. Our vineyard produces grapes in three enticing colors: lime, red wine, and plum. Our products are renowned for their low-sugar content and the freshness of added fruits. You can find our delightful selection at West Bird, so make sure to drop by and explore our offerings. Stay connected with us on Facebook for the latest updates and sweet surprises!

Murphy’s MellowsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Elgin - 14.52 mi

Specializing in Handmade Gourmet Marsh-mellows and S'mores, Murphy's Mellows is a family owned business that came to life in 2015. They are using “kosher beef gelatin” in making marshmallows as well as non GMO ingredients and, organic ingredients whenever possible. The marshmallows are also free of High Fructose Corn Syrup. They only use the best ingredients and never incorporate artificial flavors or preservatives. All of their products are “homemade and packaged by hand” to insure top notch quality. Their marshmallows put a unique spin on a tasty classic! Flavors range from vanilla all the way to raspberry Prosecco. You can also try adding one of the mellows to your coffee to bring it to the next level!

Denise’s DelightsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Pflugerville - 14.96 mi

From the beautiful plant to the gorgeous fruit, to the wonderful confitures, Denise’s Delights crafts and sells Texas made, small-batch preserves, marmalades, and French macarons using local, homegrown, organic, and sustainably raised produce and product. Her treats are always 100% gluten-free and her preserves and marmalades are paleo-friendly and vegan-friendly without using any refined sugars. With a wide selection of variants that comes in different sizes, you all will surely find something that would be perfect to be given as a gift – but that is if you don’t finish the jars by yourself. Shop local and catch her in the nearby farmers market.

Beba’s Pfresh SalsaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Pflugerville - 15.39 mi

A new favorite! Beba's Pfresh Salsa is a 100% all natural "pfresh", delicious, homemade salsa made in the heart of Pflugerville Texas. She produces incredible red jalapeno-based salsa and other varieties that is truly delicious! You can use it for cooking or straight out of the jar. It started when Beba made salsa for her husband to take to work. His coworkers enjoyed it, and some coworkers liked it enough to ask if they would be able to purchase some for themselves. At the time, her salsas became increasingly popular. She began selling her salsa at the Farmers Market and soon attracted a following of repeat customers. By the end of 2014, Beba has expanded her salsa to 8 different markets and 3 small stores.

Keene CultureNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Elgin - 15.42 mi

Keene Culture embodies the readiness way of life. Their goal is to help individuals and families create a sustainable way of living by extending the shelf life of your favorite healthy foods and produce. They have “freeze-dried fruits and vegetables” as a ready-to-eat snack. The selection varies based on availability from local producers but you can always depend on their core products like organic strawberries, yellow cling peaches, pineapple, Bartlett pears, organic cinnamon apples, organic bananas, grape tomatoes, and organic powdered power greens (spinach and kale), as well as Freedom line of hiking and camping meals. The taste of their products reflects the sustainable nature of their raw condition. They don’t processed the food and they never use added sugar as they believe, fruit contains all it needs to be desirable!

Nanny Goat SalsaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Elgin - 15.42 mi

It is not surprising if one salsa flavor is not enough for one household. Someone wants the original flavor, while others want something spicier. That's what is great if you are buying from Nanny Goat Salsa because it is a one-stop-shop for a variety of salsa flavors. They have the original salsa flavor for those who love the traditional salsa taste. They also offer cilantro lime and chunky. When it comes to spiciness, take your pick: they have medium hot and really hot flavors.

Maison LolaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Elgin - 15.42 mi

Maison Lola is good when it comes to making delicious, homemade artisan confitures and baked goods like jams and croissants. It is not hard to come to that conclusion. As soon as Maison Lola displays the items for sale, you can bet on it that it is often sold out, like the yummy jam or the delectable croissants that are the perfect partner for coffee. I think the secret is making it in small batches. This way, food is produced with attention to taste and quality. You can catch Maison Lola at the farmer's market in and around Elgin, Texas, where the business is based.

So Good SweetsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Elgin - 15.42 mi

Food prepared by our moms always tastes better. I think that is part of the magic of motherhood we can never really decode or explain. Who cares, anyway? There is a soothing feeling coming home and sitting down for mom's homemade food, and the proud mom, baker, and business owner of So Good Sweets has put that magic touch to good use. She is not lying - her baking produces really good sweet treats. The name of her business is her promise to her customers.

Two Hippies and a HoeNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Elgin - 15.42 mi

The name Two Hippies and a Hoe suggests it is a couple of hippies doing some backyard gardening. Surprisingly, it is something else - and something yummy. Two Hippies and a Hoe actually specializes in delicious food. A must-have is any of the four items they call signature selections. The Sweet Potato Risotto Mix looks filling and tasty. The Cajun Rice Mix offers an alternative to your ordinary rice meal. Rounding up the list is their Chicken and Rice Mix and English Muffins. Reading all about it is enough to make anyone hungry.

Ghost Tree FarmNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Elgin - 15.42 mi

There may be very few items on display at the table for Ghost Tree Farm whenever they are selling at the Heritage Square Farmer's Market, but that is because Ghost Tree Farm focuses on the products it knows best how to produce: canned food and fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables like okra. Sample Ghost Tree Farm's delicious home-made pickled treats like dill pickles, dill chipotle pickles, dill habanero pickles, ghost pepper dill pickles, and its dill mix made with pickles, carrots, and okra.

ATX Homemade Jerky & Artisan Market

Artisan Food Producer in Elgin - 15.46 mi

Are you looking for some great jerky? You can’t go wrong with ATX Homemade Jerky & Artisan Market with their “traditional beef jerky" to their more unique flavors such as Teriyaki or KC BBQ flavors. It was crafted to perfection in the Capital of Texas. Beef Jerky varieties are sure to bring your taste buds joy with every bite. It is easy to eat due to its soft texture and tenderness. It’s surely delicious! The beef jerky artists are testing each flavor to perfection, alongside their unique texture, and tenderness is their recipe for amazing jerky. It all began in the northern woods, making jerky for their trips to the wilderness using a simple dehydrator with pre-mixed flavor packets. Aside from jerky, they also have whipped honey, plain bacon jerky, raw honey bear, and ATX artisan market pickles.

Meyer’s Elgin Smokehouse

Artisan Food Producer in Elgin - 16.29 mi

You will never pass through Eligin without stopping by Meyer's Elgin Smokehouse! This famous restaurant is more than just an eatery. It’s a place where “Cuetopians” slap on their bibs, roll up their sleeves and love up that sweet, sweet barbecue. After four generations of lip-smackin’ know-how, it’s no wonder there are people coming back day after day. It’s because of the high-quality meats, special blends of spices, natural casings and that hickory smoke flavor that make Meyer’s sausage so incredibly tempting. No one can resist the savory taste of their Sausage! You can order at the counter and sit in the no-frills diner-style digs and you can buy meat to take home! Meyer's Elgin Smokehouse can satisfy all of your Smoked BBQ Cravings. Read more about them in Kim's 7 Restaurants for Farm-Fresh Smoked BBQ in Texas.

Mikey V’s Foods

Artisan Food Producer in Georgetown - 16.55 mi

Located in Georgetown, Mikey V's Foods is an award winning, Veteran owned, Texas based food company aimed at offering “high quality, moderately priced” hot sauces, salsas, spicy snacks, pickles, barbecue, and jerky, using only the freshest all-natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives. For spicy food and beer lovers, the “award winning” “Smoked Bacon Salsa” is a must try and their best selling hot sauce, the “Sweet Ghost Pepper” that will surely heat up those taste buds! Mikey’s goal is to become a nationally recognized brand name, capitalizing in Mexican-Tex Mex, salsa and sauces. They were already recognized at the 2012 Austin Hot Sauce Festival, and won 1st place in the red sauce category.

Mac’s Brittle

Artisan Food Producer in Georgetown - 16.58 mi

“Is there anything better than brittle?” Yes! It’s Mac's Brittle! Using a recipe that has been around for 4 generations, this Georgetown, Texas-based company has been crafting “delicious” and outstanding brittles with 40 mouth-watering flavor combinations from traditional peanut to “pumpkin seed brittle,” to their latest bacon-pecan flavor. Plus the good news is, they do custom orders and they ship all over the United States. So if you’re craving any flavor like Bourbon pecan or that Fireball pecan, don’t hesitate to call or message them. Or better yet, drop by at select farmers market where they sell all these “yummy” brittles!

Mi Mundo Coffeehouse & Roastery

Artisan Food Producer in Round Rock - 16.58 mi

Providing the best coffee house experience for the community, Mi Mundo Coffeehouse & Roastery is not just a specialty roaster, it's a personal movement and a way of life. They specialize in a Central/South American coffee house experience, stemming from “Puerto Rican roots with a small Aussie flair”. They are sourcing sustainable, fair trade, organic origin beans that are amazing to drink complemented by delicious appetizers and baked goods in a festive Latino ambiance. You are not just buying a great cup of coffee, you are getting an invigorating experience while making a difference by supporting our communities and the world. Their practices are 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable, based on circular economic practices. 25% of their profits go to local/international charities, with the aim to become 100% non-profit.

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