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Eldorado Ranch Grass-Fed Beef

Farm & Ranch in Dawson - 8.35 mi

The Meredith Family boasts a rich legacy of ranching and farming spanning a century. It's in our blood, and we are the proud owners of Eldorado Ranch Grass-Fed Beef in Dallas. Our sprawling 800-acre ranch is dedicated to raising cattle on a 100% grass diet, free from hormones and artificial additives. Our commitment to the science of cattle farming has led to the production of exceptionally high-quality beef that stands out in the market. To savor this premium beef, reach out to Tom Meredith at (214) 683-2213 to place your orders. Join us in celebrating a century of ranching excellence with Eldorado Ranch Grass-Fed Beef.

Lightsey Farms

Farm & Ranch in Mexia - 9.82 mi

Nurturing Central Texas' well-being and relationships, Lightsey Farm, established in 1918, offers farm-fresh, sustainably-grown produce. Their generations of experience ensure peak ripeness, presenting a delectable array including persimmons, pears, nectarines, and more. Find them at their open-air Mexia, Texas market, open daily, year-round.

POP Acres Ranch and Farm

Farm & Ranch in Purdon - 11.62 mi

Introducing Don and Jackie King, the diligent farmers behind POP Acres Ranch and Farm. Their unwavering dedication to nurturing a fertile pasture on their expansive 123-acre land is evident through tireless mowing and grass-seeding efforts. The farm is home to over 40 cows of various delectable breeds, with a focus on pastured Belted Galloway and crossbred British cattle. The Kings have exciting plans for the future, including expanding their broiler chicken, turkey, sheep, goat, and perennial plant offerings, featuring grapes and blackberries. Conveniently situated between Waco, Dallas, and Fort Worth, come and experience the fruits of their labor firsthand. Visit POP Acres Ranch and Farm today!

P.O.P. Acres Ranch And Farm

Farm & Ranch in Purdon - 12.23 mi

P.O.P. Acres Ranch and Farm produces Soy-Free, GMO-Free, and Corn-Free poultry on pasture. They raise Turkeys (sold whole) and Chickens (whole and parts). They also raise grass-fed beef (by the cut) without grain, hormones, commercial wormers or antibiotics. Both beef and poultry are processed at small, local USDA inspected processing facilities.

Losee FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Hubbard - 13.10 mi

Losee Farm, which is located in Hubbard, Texas, is a non-GMO, non-soy, all-natural, no pesticides, no hormones egg farm. If you want to visit Losee Farm and check what they have for sale, you may refer to their official Facebook page. If they still have chicken sausage in stock, buy some. One customer said it was delicious. If it is sold out, you know why. The location of the farm is marked on the map you can find there so that it will be easy for you to find the farm. People living in and near Hubbard have another choice when it comes to buying organic eggs, thanks to Losee Farm. Feel free to send them a message if you have questions.

Glory Farms

Farm & Ranch in Streetman - 13.94 mi

Since 1996, Glory Farms has been a trusted provider of top-quality Registered Mini Hereford cows, both in live cow form and as frozen meat. Our commitment to raising 100% grass-fed and grass-finished Hereford Beef has made us a favorite among discerning food enthusiasts. Our customers rave about the exceptional tenderness and flavor of our beef, with even a renowned chef specializing in fine dining restaurants complimenting its excellence. With 50 different cows currently residing on our farm, and our numbers steadily increasing, Glory Farms is dedicated to expanding our offerings. Whether you're interested in purchasing calves, sires, or heifers, we invite you to visit our website for more information. In addition to our renowned Hereford Beef, we take pride in producing delectable bacon, sausage, and pork chops sourced from our wild boar. These flavorful options are sure to please any palate. Choose Glory Farms for premium Registered Mini Hereford cows, exceptional grass-fed beef, and a variety of delicious pork products. Visit our website today to explore our offerings and place your order.

C Texas R RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Groesbeck - 15.01 mi

Embark on an unforgettable wildlife experience at C Texas Ranch in Groesbeck. Chuck Radney, the owner, has dedicated himself since 1988 to preserving wildlife for future generations. Spanning over 300 acres, the ranch is home to a diverse range of wild animals including Axis deer, Whitetail deer, Sika deer, Fallow deer, elk, llamas, blackbucks, buffalos, doves, and fish. Enjoy fishing in stocked ponds and witness dove hunting and skeet shooting. Create cherished memories with your family on this unique and adventurous hunting journey. Join fathers and sons who often visit this remarkable ranch.

Foster Farms TX

Farm & Ranch in Groesbeck - 15.01 mi

In Groesbeck, Foster Farms is a family farm where three generations work together to produce registered South Poll cattle. They strive to create superior genetic stock for the South Poll breed through adaptive / regenerative farming methods. The Fosters use managed grazing to improve soil health and forage production while also reducing their reliance on purchased feed. Their system of rotational grazing allows them to move their cattle to fresh pasture every day. This system has improved the quality of their pastures and increased the nutritional value of the forage their cattle consume.

WK Cattle Company

Farm & Ranch in Groesbeck - 15.14 mi

WK Cattle Company takes pride in providing delicious and nutritious pasture-raised beef. All of their animals are not receiving any hormones nor antibiotics, resulting in meat that nature has intended it to be. They believe that healthy livestock is the byproduct of healthy soil and healthy, nutritious forage, truly a reflection of their passion for stewardship of the land.   From taking care of the family herd, to starting a cattle company in 2020, WK Company has come a long way and are excited for the coming years as they continue implementing regenerative methods and begin adding other livestock to the farm!

La Vida Buena AcresNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Barry - 20.86 mi

A cozy farm run by former city-folk turned small-town folk, the people behind La Vida Buena Acres built a homestead from scratch guided from above by their special needs kiddo. Join them on journey! Come enjoy country life with the luxuries of a modern tiny home! You can fish, snuggle by a fire, wander through the forest, enjoy reading on the porch, nap in a tent by the pond, help with farm chores...everything a quick getaway from the city can provide!

Cooper Farms Country Store

Farm & Ranch in Fairfield - 21.43 mi

Most known for their “sweet peaches and homemade Ice cream”, Cooper Farms Country Store has made their own name for producing “Artisanal” jarred products, sweet treats, sodas, pecans, and a lot more! They have a physical store where they sell their own peaches and a bakery where they make many different pies and cobblers year around. They offers a wide variety of jams, jellies and preserves as well as a large selection of nostalgia candies and over 350 different craft sodas in glass bottles. They can also make over 30 different flavors of fudge and they have milkshakes and floats too. Come visit the store and try the best-selling “Peach ice cream” that a lot of people are raving about!

Prime Beef Company

Farm & Ranch in Donie - 21.82 mi

Meet Jessica and her husband, the passionate ranchers behind Prime Beef Company. With deep ranching roots, they continue to raise their family alongside their beloved Wagyu cattle breed. Known for its exceptional quality, Wagyu offers a melt-in-your-mouth beef experience, with embryos and semen available on the farm. Their herd also includes Hereford and Angus crosses, providing a variety of premium beef options. If you're craving the finest Kobe beef in Texas, you're in luck! Conveniently located between Houston and Dallas, they ensure effortless shipping to your location. Savor the best in town at Prime Beef Company.

Lee-Lynns Farm & Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Barry - 22.71 mi

In 2013, Terry Lundburg and Rick Tantlinger founded Lee-Lynns Farm and Ranch, dedicated to providing the freshest products. They embrace a pasture-raised approach, allowing animals to graze on nutrient-rich grass and forage, supplemented with non-GMO feed. Chickens, too, benefit from insects for added vitamins and proteins. Their offerings include fresh eggs, pasture-raised broiler chickens, Heritage Turkeys, in-season veggies, homemade cheeses, rustic bread, pies, and more. Discover exceptional quality at Dallas Farmers Market every Sunday and Waco Downtown Farmers Market on Saturdays. Join our delighted customers today!

JuHa Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Barry - 22.95 mi

Welcome to Juha Ranch in Barry, Texas—where dreams took root! Harry, a devoted owner, cultivated a lifelong passion for animals, birthing the ranch. With Judi by his side, they raise animals for wholesome, hormone- and antibiotic-free sustenance. Employing controlled grazing, they champion sustainable practices over pesticides. Their commitment extends to preserving exceptional genetics and natural habitats. A delighted customer praises their tender, flavorful lamb. At Juha Ranch, fresh, grass-fed meats are the norm. Explore their offerings on their website for a taste of their story. Join us in Barry, Texas, as we celebrate a ranch born of dreams.

C & J Farms

Farm & Ranch in Corsicana - 23.83 mi

C & J Farms creates Texas Artisan Seasonings that are hand crafted and fresh from the farm. They specialize in growing and selling the freshest & most flavorful herbs available. They also have great variety of Infused Raw Honeys that are infused by hand, slowly, and over low heat so all the valuable heath qualities are maintained not to mention the great flavors! All of their products are fresh and their "One of a Kind" Seasoning Blends are all made by hand and free of any artificial ingredients and preservatives. Distinct in their fresh aroma & taste all of our products provide a great addition to any kitchen! They use “all natural and organic growing methods” and they are constantly making fresh products available to you.

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