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Stella’s Sassy SalsaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Victoria - 15.26 mi

Stella Sassy Salsa is an artisan food vendor owned and operated by Stella Calzada. Carrying her mission to bring a little sassy with some spices to the market and satisfy fellow enthusiasts, she crafts homemade salsas from scratch using fresh vegetables and spices. She offers three flavors from mild, to medium, to habanero hot; and all of them are both sugar-free and gluten-free, and are FDA approved and state inspected. Her salsa also won the first place in the Texas Salsa Showdown in Wharton last 2019. Indeed, her products are certainly a must-try.  It is “so darn tasty” and healthy. It is a great addition to most meals like “scrambled eggs, tacos, tortilla chips, and avocados.” You can also eat it “straight” from the jar! 

Alaina’s BakeryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Victoria - 16.13 mi

Alaina’s Bakery is a Victoria-based business that offers a great selection of “delicious treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth.” She “makes the most delicious strawberry lemonade cupcake”; they are totally good and so is her “zucchini bread.” She also offers “great peanut butter Reese’s cake,” awesomely “delicious cake pops, and S’mores brownies.” Her “cookies are amazing,” especially the “chocolate chip and walnut.” All of her “goodies are beyond tempting”; it “is always so moist and flavorful.” Plus, her specialty cakes “were decorated with such detail; you could taste the passion for baking with every bite.” Nonetheless, “Alaina is extremely personable and so easy to talk to. She takes a challenge and molds it into something special for your occasions!” On top of her “outstanding customer service” and “very professional” ethics lies a “sweet and courteous person” – something that would bring “happiness to look forward to.”

Huvar’s Artisan Market and Catering

Artisan Food Producer in Victoria - 16.45 mi

Huvar's Artisan Market and Catering is a locally owned and operated food joint that serves up nutritious and flavorful dishes. This food joint in Victoria, Texas is situated at the historic Huvar's Cash and Grocery's former building. Customers can expect nothing but Southern hospitality when it comes to their service and is matched only by their awesome dishes that use all-natural ingredients. The owners can manage a steady supply of fresh ingredients because they maintain a close relationship with local producers. This means that everything is made fresh and from scratch every day.

Crossroads Homemade GoodiesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Victoria - 16.66 mi

Situated in the heart of South Texas, Crossroads Homemade Goodies crafts jams, jellies, pickles, and other baked goods that are “better than mom used to make.” These are “great jellies” that “you should definitely try.” Select from their “amazing” variants such as the highly “addictive Texas Trash,” Texas dewberry jelly, Texas mesquite, raspberry chipotle jam, pineapple mango habañero, strawberry jalapeño jam, Meyer lemon ginger marmalade, triple berry jam fest, fig jam, and mustang grape jelly. They also have healthier options like the no-sugar strawberry jam and the no-sugar fig jam. For pickles they have beer bread and butter, candied Jalapeños, dill, spicy pickles, zesty corn relish, mango lime salsa plus their new and hot item which is the roasted Cinco salsa and Jalapeño and carrot medley. All condiments are sold in 16-oz jars that can be purchased in the farmers market or online. 

Tempe’s TemptationsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Cuero - 16.90 mi

A proud member of the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent organization, Tempe’s Temptations is an artisan food vendor based in Cuero, Texas. They manufacture a great selection of products from homemade pickles, dried herbs and spices, cookies, and cupcakes, to hair bows, children’s clothes, baby slings, jewelry, and bags. All their edible products are made from the freshest ingredients that are handpicked in their 100-acre farm near Mustang Mott. This land has been in their family for generations. They raise cattle and chickens, and grow an assortment of herbs and vegetables in their garden, where their outstanding products come from. Check them out at Victoria Farmer’s Market on weekends.

South Texas PecansNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Yoakum - 24.23 mi

Established in 2015, South Texas Pecans specializes in shelled pecans, in-shelled pecans, flavored pecans, pecan oil, and hand shelling tools. Although this company started not so long ago, the roots of their pecan trees run deep. Their orchard is located on a family farm that was established over 100 years ago in Yoakum, Texas. To date, they care for and manage over 400 acres of pecan trees along the Guadalupe River. Indeed, South Texas Pecans are truly the stewards of this land. So, when you buy from this purveyor, you don’t just know where your products are coming from, but you’ll also know that they’re being handled with extreme care. And, rest assured that “they will be fresh and taste great, as always!” 

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