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Big Poppa’s Kettle CornNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Richmond - 20.22 mi

Established in 2008, Big Poppa’s Kettle Corn proudly offers a vegan-friendly and deliciously healthy snack: gourmet kettle corn done with the perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness that will make you go, Wow, that popcorn is AMAZING!” Enjoy some old favorites and some new ones that are always unique in design and flavor.” Be sure to start with their authentics such as the "original" flavor which is a little sweet and a little salty, the "cinnamon delight" that comes with a free smile on your face, and their "fruity kettle" that is truly the kids’ favorite! Oh, and Grandpa’s. Don’t forget to try their bestselling "kickin' Cajun" that is remarkably  “spectacular” that “you cannot stop eating” it. It’s a lot of delicious packed in one bag,” guaranteed!

Gooding’s Specialty FoodsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Katy - 20.51 mi

Wake up your taste buds as Gooding’s Specialty Foods celebrates escabeche with marinated eggplants and marinated mushrooms like you have never had before. This is the “best food you’d ever want to taste!” The taste was “amazing” as they are made with the finest ingredients without using any kind of preservatives. Plus, it has a one-year shelf life too! These goodies will surely treat your family to pure goodness by jazzing up any food; make a charcuterie board, use as a side dish for steaks, or make crostinis with cream cheese. And speaking of crostinis, this escabeche-marinated eggplant and mushroom comes with a free bag of toasties! Catch them at the local farmers market; or, if you’re from the Houston metro area, have yours delivered at home!

Gordon Specialty FoodsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Katy - 21.03 mi

Gordon Specialty Foods is a well kept secret for professional Barbecue cook-off teams and outfitters throughout the United States. Grub Rub is a “seasoning, tenderizer, and marinade” all in one. What separates Grub Rub seasoning from the other seasoning is how it sticks to the meat after only a 10 minute marinade. Once it becomes moist, it will not drip off. As the fire begins to cook the meat, Grub Rub seasoning will create it's own delicious sauce to seal in the meat's natural juices and flavor. This “old family recipe” keeps the meat moist and tender throughout cooking. Grub Rub seasoning first arrived on the shelves of Randall's grocery stores in 1994. Now, you can find it in close to 1,000 stores across the United States.

The Great Texas Pecan Candy Co – Katy

Artisan Food Producer in Katy - 21.06 mi

The Great Texas Pecan Candy Co. - Katy is a great source of “delicious” and “absolutely stunning” treats and dessert that will surely “fill that sweet tooth.” Their main products include 9 different flavors of pecan candies. Aside from that, it also offers other items like pralines, dipped Oreos, cakes, and more! These treats can be ordered as snack options or as party favors to any type of event. Upon request, each item can be creatively designed and wonderfully packaged. Furthermore, each item can match the event or occasion's theme! Visit their two locations, one in Katy and the other in Gruene to grab and personally sample their offerings.


Artisan Food Producer in Katy - 21.22 mi

Live a healthy and happy life! Offering an easy and delightful means to your body, Koldprezz produces “nutritious juices and smoothies” from 100% organic raw vegetables and fruits in small batches to keep the natural nutrients. Their juices are free from additives, preservatives, artificial flavors, and added sugars. Behind this is a team of juicing believers with passion and dedication in helping you look and feel better through the art of juicing. It is founded on a base that values health, organic, local, sustainable, knowledge, and affordability. It's about time that you find out what all the excitement is about. Swap your soft drinks for these cold-pressed juices, embrace your basics and discover that being healthy doesn't have to be that difficult. Pick up a juice, enjoy a range of healthy snacks and salads, and relax with free Wi-Fi.

Half & Half BakeryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Katy - 21.42 mi

Half & Half Bakery is a home bakery and mobile bakery business that makes custom cakes, desserts, and treats. This is located in Katy, Texas. Besides the traditional cake and cupcakes, they also make cake jars. Yes, it is a cake in a jar. This makes it portable and easy to store. Not to mention very convenient to eat. They offer many cake jar flavors, so if you are thinking of having one, you can choose from any of these: Classic Vanilla, Birthday Cake, Berry-Nutella, Fresh Strawberry, Strawberry Lemonade, Lemon, M&M, White Almond, Marble, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate, Chocolate Oreo, Red Velvet, and Carrot. They are very active in participating in events and going to venues where they can sell their goods but you can find them daily at the Mala Market.

CatSpring Yaupon TeaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Cat Spring - 21.53 mi

Born out of desire to rediscover the lost American resources of yaupon tea and under-served Texans, Cat Spring Tea sustainably harvests “Yaupon”, the only caffeinated plant native to America, while creating second chance employment opportunities. Although enjoyed for centuries by Native Americans and a powerful source of jitter free energy and antioxidants, the use of the tea plant has been forgotten. With harvesting, processing, and packaging all done by hand, the yaupon tea making process requires a large amount of skilled and unskilled labor. Cat Spring Tea creates second chance employment job positions, amplifying the message that, although overlooked, our people and our product have great value. Cat Spring Tea collaborates with Texas organizations that offer support for individuals fighting poverty, previous incarcerations, addictions, disability, and other personal obstacles. Need your Yaupon Tea Fix? Order directly from Catspring Yaupon Here

ShoSho’s KitchenNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Katy - 22.51 mi

ShoSho's kitchen makes delicious, homemade, one of a kind, wine, pepper & fruit jellies! They are a delectable treat and “can be paired with anything” to make a tasty snack. Their specialty jellies has the perfect mix of fresh fruits and peppers that create an unforgettable taste. It's sweet and it's spicy! They also added recently their newest and tastiest item, the “walnut baklava” Order some to treat yourself, or buy as a gift for friends and family. They do custom personalized orders! Their specialties are sweet jellies with peppers as well as their top sellers which are the wine jellies, chocolate wine jellies, mimosa jellies, pineapple coconut rum jellies, and more!

XOCOLLA Chocolate CraftersNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Sugar Land - 23.44 mi

Xocolla Chocolate Crafters is a craft chocolate maker based out of Sugar Land, Texas that makes “handcrafted world class single origin chocolate” made in small batches from bean to bar. They have wide selections of Dark Chocolate, White Chocolates, Specialty Craft Chocolates, Craft Gianduja, Fruit Collections, and they also have Keto Chocolate Line. Xocolla Chocolate Crafters carefully source selected quality cacao beans from local farmers and reputable brokers to bring the best ingredients for their chocolates. They have a unique roasting profile for each type of beans in order to get the best flavor. They have also worked along side chefs and sommeliers in order to pair the chocolates with wines, beer, liquors, coffees, teas, cheeses, fruits and other foods.

Sugar Land Spice CompanyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Sugar Land - 23.99 mi

The name alone evokes taste and flavor. Sugar Land Spice Company describes itself as the "creator and purveyor of handcrafted, small-batch seasonings and snacks." And when they say that Sugar Land Spice Company makes everything  nice, they are not wrong. Whether the meat tastes good or bland depends on the seasoning or the rub.  Sugar Land Spice Company made sure they have everything covered. They have every kind of spice concoction for any preparation you want for the meat you are planning to cook.

Dolly’s BakeryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Bellville - 24.86 mi

What holds back the other home bakery is having a limited menu. Thankfully, Dolly's Bakery can bake different cookie flavors. It is exciting to think about what to order next, and this keeps customers engaged. These sweet treats look really yummy, looking at the photos on the website. I bet it makes it more difficult to pick what to order. The owner also promises to expand the menu to include cupcakes and pies. I am sure they too will be quite delectable.

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