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Katysweet Confectioners

Artisan Food Producer in La Grange - 9.77 mi

Fresh, creamy and gluten free Pralines made by KatySweet Confectioners is something that everyone can enjoy. It was founded in 1996 by “Kay Carlton” with a recipe passed down from her Cherokee grandmother to her mother to her. She combined her love for business and love for candy. She spent several years developing the recipe for the commercial market without sacrificing the homemade taste. Her pralines are some of the few natural products on the candy market today. When you bite into one of the “Creamy Original Pralines”, you will taste the finest ingredients and the care that goes into making every piece. She’s using a two-kettle method to achieve a creamy praline where you'll never get a dry and gritty taste. KatySweet candy is still made to order, so it's always fresh!

Stroup Honey Farm

Artisan Food Producer in Lincoln - 16.31 mi

Stroup Honey Farm is a mainstay at the Bastrop 1832 Farmer's market. They only have one product, and that is raw honey. While they don't have a social media presence, those in the know will know where to find Stroup honey farm, and that's during market days at Bastrop 1832.

Lazy Bee Honey Co.No Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Burton - 20.95 mi

Lazy Bee Honey Co is a family of beekeepers that produce 100% pure, raw, all-natural “Texas Honey” and “Gourmet Honey Jams” that are created without the use of Corn Syrup, coloring's, artificial flavors, preservatives, or GMO-sugars. They focused on the health and flourishing of bees as well as providing pure and nutritious honey and honey products. Each bee is born, raised, and works in Texas just like the Lazy Bee owners! Their honey is 100% pure- straight from the comb to the jar. They never cook, dilute, or tamper the precious reward the bees produce. They only use natural, pure, high quality ingredients for their Honey creations!

Blinderhund RanchNo Own Retail Location


Artisan Food Producer in Bastrop - 24.30 mi

Blinderhund Ranch honey is amazing! We had looked ... More

Tough Cookie Bakery

Artisan Food Producer in Bastrop - 24.63 mi

Tough Cookie Bakery and Café started in 2011, serving the community “mostly organic fresh-baked vegan and vegetarian” menu. This locally-owned café, bakery, and coffee shop offers brunch and lunch items, as well as espresso, that are mostly wholesome food – vegan and using the highest quality and organic local ingredients. Tough Cookie Bakery and Café is great for those with diet restrictions, but everyone can enjoy their menu items, even the kids with their sammiches and cookies!

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