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ATX Cocina

Restaurant in Austin

At ATX Cocina, you will get to enjoy traditional Mexican dishes elevated with "modern" approaches and techniques. The menu showcases freshest, locally-sourced, all-natural ingredients available, featuring appetizing starters like "guacamole", organic greens like "mixed lettuce caesar", and succulent entrees like "barbacoa beef short rib". This restaurant's dedication to using only the freshest, natural ingredients not only applies to the food it serves but extends to the bar as well, highlighting "organic" agaves, hand-shaken margaritas, curated tequilas and mezcals sourced directly from Mexico, and a diverse selection of wine and beer.

(512) 263-2322

Boulanger FermentationsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

An Austin basedcompany, Boulanger Fermentations offer packets of “Vegan Jerky” made with fermented foods like Sauerkraut and Kimchi. They are using a low-temperature dehydrator to make the dried products, which preserves the “good-for-you bacteria” that draw many people to fermented foods in the first place. They strive to source our ingredients locally as much as possible. Their goal is to support a growing network of Texas based farmers who farm responsibly and sustainably. The owner has been fermenting with her family for 8 years and loves the science, health benefits and cultural traditions of fermentation. Boulanger Fermentations aims to make fermented foods delicious and approachable for everyone. They love sharing recipes and talking about their process with market goers!

(737) 400-1189

Cookbook Bar & Cafe

Restaurant in Austin

Situated in the Austin Public Library, Cookbook Bar & Cafe is a counter-service eatery serving seasonal dishes in a library-themed atmosphere. It offers a chef-driven menu that highlights farm-to-table ingredients, featuring breakfast food like "ham & cheese omelette", lighter fare like "granola parfait", snacks like "mac and cheese", greens like "classic caesar salad", soups like "vegetarian chili", sandwiches like "patty melt", and entrees like "chicken pot pie". For beverages, it serves craft beers, wines, and literary-themed cocktails. At Cookbook Bar & Cafe, you will get to enjoy "delicious" meals paired with "refreshing" drinks while appreciating culinary-themed publications at the library.

(512) 487-5166

Dad’s Premium GranolaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Located in the food-friendly capital city of Texas, Dad’s Premium Granola is an artisan food company that produces all-natural granola and gourmet nuts. “Everyone loves Dad’s Premium Granola.” These goodies are made with organic rolled oats, almonds or pecans, organic coconut, maple syrup, brown sugar or agave nectar, and organic coconut oil. You can top off your desserts with it, “pour over some milk and eat it as a cereal,” or in “desperate times, eat it raw – right out of the bags!” It’s also a “really good deal because the packages are a full pound.” Come by at their stall this weekend but be sure not to forget the “one thing worth driving to Austin” – their bestselling Austin Manna.


Restaurant in Austin

"At this small, bright breakfast/brunch place, farm-to-table comfort food gets a creative twist without becoming pretentious". "Everything is so unique at Forthright and has an upscale feel - but it's priced just right". It is a "nice spot with excellent food, coffee, and drinks". Also, "super convenient to pop in for your caffeine fix on the way into the office, a cozy brunch date, or fly solo and grab some food and drinks at the bar". And, "all of the brunch food options are solid, and the menu is diverse enough to have options for everyone". Plus, "they're also great at making substitutions to satisfy dietary preferences and restrictions". "Tiny but mighty" place and yet, "it's a nice go-to if you're looking for something a little more upscale in the downtown area".

(512) 300-0886


Restaurant in Austin

Set on the fourth floor of Hotel Van Zandt, Geraldine's is a farm-to-table restaurant boasting "elegant" and "spacious" dining area with "panoramic" views of Austin's glistening skyline. The menu features "contemporary" Southern-inspired fare, including breakfast food like "brioche french toast", appetizers like "aged cheddar cheese fritters", greens like "iceberg wedge salad", sandwiches like "pork belly & braised collard greens melt", entrees like "crispy pork ribs", and desserts like "chocolate caramel torte". It also offers handcrafted cocktails, a wide variety of beers, and an extensive selection of wines. Ultimately, Geraldine's is a celebration of its region, giving guests a taste of Austin on a plate and in a glass.

(512) 476-4755

La Condesa

Restaurant in Austin

La Condesa features a menu that reflects a combination of authentic Texan and Mexican cuisine. This restaurant works closely with local farmers, ranchers, and regional producers to provide "amazing", locally-sourced dishes. The menu includes small plates such as "chips & guacamole", entrees like "tamal", a variety of tacos & tortillas, and desserts like "dulce de leche". They also serve a wide selection of tequila, mezcal, beer, wine, and cocktails. On top of that, they also serve flights for guests who wish to get a little bit of everything. Enjoy half-off all alcoholic beverages and discounted shareable snacks on happy hour, which takes place 5 PM until 7 PM on weekdays.

(512) 499-0300

La Traviata

Restaurant in Austin

Situated in the heart of Downtown Austin, La Traviata is a chef-owned, farm-to-table restaurant that has been a favorite dining destination for "authentic" Italian cuisine for nearly two decades. It focuses on serving seasonally fresh fare in an "elegant" and "intimate" atmosphere of its "spacious" dining area. Serving lunch and dinner, the menu highlights locally sourced meat and produce, featuring appetizers like "cheese plate", greens like "caesar salad", seafood like "seared wild Atlantic salmon salad", and entrees like "penne pasta with Italian sausage". It also offers daily specials during lunch Monday through Friday if you're craving something "extraordinary". Whether it's a date night, business lunch, family gathering, La Traviata is a "staple" for Italian cuisine cooked and prepared with love and honesty. 

(512) 479-8131

Lamba’s Royal Indian Foods

Food Truck in Austin

Lambas Royal Indian Food offers the "real taste of Indian food" in the Austin Area.  This family-owned business specializes in traditional North Indian cuisine.  Their menu is prepared by using exotic Indian spices while also catering to specific diets with vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free, and meat options.  Aside from their food trailers, they also sell at about 18 different farmers markets in Austin, San Antonio, New Braunfels, and Waco.

(281) 617-9374

Loco AvocadoNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Loco Avocado is home-based and local business that makes crazy delicious dips and sauces using 100% natural real food ingredients, and of course, avocados! By combining these heart-healthy avocados with tomatillos, jalapeños, and serrano peppers, this company has developed the perfect balance of creamy, spicy, flavorful, and fresh, therefore making this concoction perfect to amp up any meal. Indeed, “Loco Avocado is a must-have daily staple in” every home. You can undoubtedly “use it on everything and it’s also great just eating it straight out of the container.” But let me remind you, “this stuff is addicting to the core!” And “not only” that “this product tastes amazing and always fresh,” but it’s also “dairy-free and gluten-free.” Not to mention that avocados are basically a keto rockstar! We highly recommend you to live life the Loco Avocado way!

(512) 228-7019

Marigold Artisanal Granola

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Marigold Artisanal Granola was created out of her desire to nourish and delight her community with her baked goods. Offering small batches of goodness baked with love in the heart of the Lonestar State. If you also want to "add a little sunshine flavor to your cloudy day, you can now order" their "granola via email" and they "will ship it to your door". You can also check out her social media pages for more updates and information.

(512) 567-3508

Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill – DOWNTOWN

Restaurant in Austin

Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill gives its customers a sense of history, being situated at one of the oldest commercial buildings in Austin.  “Comfortable and familiar, relaxed and easygoing,” dining at Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill is like coming home and being greeted by family while being served an “innovative take on classic American comfort food!”  The menu features a wide variety of delicious dishes:  from appetizing starters and sides, to refreshing and savory salads, filling burgers and sandwiches, tasty platters, and the yummy desserts! And of course, the star of the happy hour, or any time of the day, the assorted cocktails, brews and drinks!  Each visit to this restaurant is also a way to support local businesses, with Moonshine using fresh and natural ingredients from local farmers and ranchers. 

(512) 236-9599


Restaurant in Austin

Olamaie is a modern Southern food restaurant serving dinner 7 days a week. This restaurant showcases an ever-changing menu based on seasonality and market availability. The menu mainly consists of starters, steaks and classic cuts, seafood, desserts, cocktails, wines, beers, and spirits. The "dewberry hills farm chicken", "Rittenhouse rye brined pork chop", and "ranger cattle beef tartare" are among the most popular items on the menu. Olamaie has also gained massive following especially for its "famous biscuits", a bunch of honey infused buttery goodness that melts in your mouth. House-made "peach jams" and "pimento cheese" goes perfectly well with their biscuits and can also be purchased at Olamaie.

(512) 474-2796

Stella San Jac Restaurant

Restaurant in Austin

Situated at the corner of San Jacinto Boulevard and Fifth Street, Stella San Jac is a farm-to-table restaurant featuring "upscale", American-Southern cuisine in a "casual" environment. Serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, the menu features morning fare like "pecan praline french toast", lighter options like "grapefruit curd parfait", appetizers like "deviled eggs", salads like "kale & brussels", sandwiches like "gulf shrimp and lump crab roll", entrees like "pan-seared chicken", and desserts like "chocolate s'more cake". The beverage program, on the other hand, features a few varieties of beers and an extensive selection of wines.

(512) 792-5648

Vince Young Steakhouse

Restaurant in Austin

Enjoy a "wonderful dinner here" because you will learn to "love this restaurant". Vince Young Steakhouse has "extremely delicious steak!" Try their "prime rib eye bone" which is "very succulent" as well as the "roasted bone marrow". It is recommended that "you get a reservation with enough time to find parking and this is not a place for on a budget dinner". Their "dining room vibe is very nice". Their "steaks" are "melt-in-your-mouth good and the sides" are "phenomenal" too. You will "love that the sides are shareable". And, "the lump crab Oscar topping" is really "WOW". It is "spectacular" and "amazingly delish". It is "absolutely the best ever Oscar topping". "Not only" is "the Crab Oscar topping spectacular, the tenderloin" is "as good as, if not better than, any" you will ever enjoy. It is "absolute perfection". It is "not just in terms of "your "ordered rare-side-of-medium-rare doneness, but as well in terms of the wonderfully seasoned and grilled flavor". "A great experience" because it is "steak Nirvana".

(512) 457-8325

We CultureNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

We Culture is a small-batch business and artisan food vendor that specializes in natural probiotics. Vegan option is also available. They ferment all these “awesome” goodies in a separate kitchen, using the freshest and most organic ingredients possible. They offer a “great” line of signature products that include pickle sauerkraut, beetnik sauerkraut, and karé sauerkraut. Each and every jar is “so yummy” and versatile to use. They can easily complement meals like sandwiches, salads, meats, tacos, and more. They come in a good 16-oz jars; and, you can “buy some of this deliciousness” at select farmers’ markets in and around Smithville, Texas.

(737) 400-1189


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