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Gluten Free Baking Mixes

Whether you have celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or just want to consume less gluten in your diet, gluten-free baking mixes will be your best friend. You can get anything gluten-free nowadays. There are gluten-free baking mixes for pancakes, cakes, cornbread, brownies, cookies, and even pizza crust! These premixes allow you to make your favorite bread and baked goods without all the hassle of weighing out individual dry ingredients. Simply scoop out the required amount, add the wet ingredients, and bake!

Gluten-Free Premix Trivia

  • About one percent of the total population has celiac disease and about 10% of the population has some sort of gluten sensitivity, this is the reason why there are so many gluten-free options out there.
  • If you keep feeling bloated after eating, this may be a sign of gluten intolerance.
  • Gluten-free baking mixes are technically processed food.
  • A gluten-free diet is best for those who need it. If you don’t need to go gluten-free, stick to a healthy diet.

Gluten-Free Premix Buying Guide

Since most gluten-free premixes are already low in dietary fiber and are higher in calories than regular baking mixes, it follows that the choice of premix is as important as the choice of going gluten-free. To get the best gluten-free baking mixes, make sure that all the ingredients used are Non-GMO. Also, check if there are other ingredients included that you don’t use in your own kitchen. In the case of gluten-free baking mixes, xanthan gum and guar gum are accepted to help them bind properly.

Gluten-Free Premix Production & Farming in Texas

To get gluten-free baking mixes in Texas, you don’t have to go further than your nearest farmers’ market. Not only can you get the premixes, but they will usually have some baked goods there that are made from the premixes so you can taste what they’re really like once baked. Aside from farmers’ markets, you can also get gluten-free baking mixes from gristmills, farms, and smaller mills all around the state. These local artisanal premixes are far better than their commercial counterparts because these have been formulated to match with the local taste and most importantly, these are made from locally grown, organic, and non-GMO grains.

Preservatives, Additives, and Chemicals:

Aside from the accepted guar gum and xanthan gum, some commercial gluten-free baking mixes will contain additives like food coloring, preservatives, “improvers,” and mix-ins that have not been organically processed, artificial/natural flavors to improve the overall taste of the product.


Gluten-free baking mixes are usually packed in resealable bags to extend freshness and keep air out. For larger sizes, they are usually packed in cans with a replaceable lid.

Enjoying Gluten-Free Premixes

With gluten-free baking mixes, just follow the instructions provided and you should have your gluten-free goodies in no time.


Store your gluten-free baking mixes in an airtight container (or in the original packaging if resealable) in a cool and dark place and they should last until the best before date indicated on the packaging.

Make your own gluten-free flour:

There are many different types of gluten-free premixes for almost every type of bread and pastry that you can think of. It’s a good idea to just purchase the one you need as opposed to making your own.

We can, however, help you make your own gluten-free flour as a starting point if you really want to try your hand in making your own gluten-free premixes.


Brown rice flour, 1 ½ cups
Potato Starch, ½ cup
White rice flour, ¼ cup
Tapioca flour, ¼ cup
Xanthan gum, 1 teaspoon (optional)

Step 1:

Blend them all together and store in an airtight container and away from light.

Usage directions:

Gluten-free flour reacts differently than regular whole wheat flour, but as a rule of thumb, a 1:1 ratio works fine. Experiment to find the best ratio to use for your favorite recipe. But to make things easier, there is a lot of artisan gluten-free baking mixes available locally and we highly recommend those rather than spending time and money experimenting.



  • Serving Size: 1 Cup, (120g)
  • Calories: 514 166
  • Carbs: 76g 25%
  • Sugar: 14g
  • Fiber: 2.5g 10%
  • Protein: 9.6g
  • Fat: 18g 28%
  • Saturated Fat: 4.8g 24%
  • Trans Fat 0g 0%
  • Cholesterol 2.4mg 1%
  • Sodium 1531mg 64%
  • Vitamin C 0.6%
  • Vitamin A 0.1%
  • Calcium 17%
  • Iron 18%
  • Potassium 196mg 6%
  • Thiamine 0.3mg 12%
  • Riboflavin 0.2mg 10%
  • Niacin 3mg 15%

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