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Larry’s Speciality Meats

Butcher in Odessa - 158.48 mi

Providing Odessa with an “authentic butcher shop experience” for over four decades, Larry's Specialty Meats is a family business that is owned and operated by Dwayne P. It became a “go-to place for highest quality meat and exotic game.” Their selection includes a little bit of everything and they offer only the highest quality cuts of meat possible, including certified Hereford beef, DUROC All-Natural Pork, Honey Glazed Hams, Texas Seasons, Vicious Vince's Salsa, Fredericksburg Farms, Beef, Buffalo, Deer & Turkey Jerky, Bacon, Cheese, Marinated Chicken Breasts, Freezer Bundles, Gourmet Condiments, Pickles, Canned Goods, Spices, Marinades and Seasonings, all to bring “incredible flavor” to your kitchen. Whether you’re doing your weekly shopping or celebrating something special, Larry's Specialty Meats has everything you need!

Midland Meat Company

Butcher in Midland - 172.69 mi

If you're looking for some of the most freshest and flavorful meats in Midland, Texas, then the Midland Meat Company might be worth a visit. Coming from decades of cattle-raising tradition, the Scharbauer family established the Midland Meat Company to introduce their farm-raised beef to the public. And apart from fresh cuts of beef, they also have beef sticks, tamales, and even Wagyu beef cuts if you're planning to spoil yourself.

Hull’s Meat

Butcher in Turkey - 204.33 mi

Proud to be a part of the community, Hull's Meat Company is your friendly and affordable neighborhood meat market that is known for producing the “finest beef, pork, chicken and deli meats” available in Big Spring Texas. They only carry high quality fresh meat and they also have Cookout packs that will have you “fire up the barbeque for mouth-watering delicious meals.” Once you try their delicious meats and deli selections, you will be hooked! Their specials keep the customers coming back for more, because they offer delectable meats that you can afford! Hull’s Meat Company has “competitive pricing” and delicious cheeses, deli style lunch meat, spices, and much more. They can also customize your orders just how you like them.

Rockin’ N Ranch Grassfed Beef

Butcher in Uvalde - 209.83 mi

Rockin' N Ranch is a family business that has been processing beef for about 25 years. They have continually strived to produce "better beef", and until today, they have some of the tastiest, most healthy beef available. Rockin' N Ranch has delicious “100% Grass-Fed Angus Beef” raised from their cows, grown and finished on their property. They don’t use any pesticides, herbicides, hormones, and antibiotics, ever! Rockin’ N Ranch goal is to produce the “most healthy beef possible” and an experience that will make your taste buds dance every time you think of it. They currently offers bone-in rib stk, T-bone, sirloin, roasts, and ground meat. This gives their customers an opportunity to enjoy high quality steaks along with tasty roasts and ground meat.

Uvalde Meat Market

Butcher in Uvalde - 210.04 mi

Uvalde Meat Market is said to be the "best family-owned market around Texas" and "absolutely the best for processing wild game."  Have steaks that "melt in your mouth" as well as other cuts of "the best beef" you will ever have.  This meat market is "very clean" and "smelled clean" with great prices.  You can also order from them for shipping and when it arrives at your place, you will notice that "the packaging of the meat was above and beyond expectations".

El Aguila Meat Market

Butcher in El Paso - 229.18 mi

El Aguila Meat Market is located at El Paso, Texas. They have the "best meat on town, excellent customer service and affordable prices!" With "great staff, very helpful and attentive". Their "marinated Chuck steak" will be "enjoyed and complimented by everyone". They also have "great produce" and "very good meats". Also, has a "large selection of groceries".

Quintero’s Meat Company

Butcher in Amarillo - 237.98 mi

Quintero's Meat Company is known in El Paso for providing the residents with the finest cuts of meat. They offer direct delivery of “USDA approved beef, pork, poultry and other quality products” to your home or restaurant from their centrally-located El Paso warehouse. Some of their products include “Steaks and chops for grilling, Barbecue cuts for the smoker, Ground beef and formed patties, Cheese, chorizo and deli meats.” For quality and price, Quinteros is as "old school" as it gets. They ship in direct from the Midwest and have an USDA inspector onsite because they move so much volume. Quintero's Meat Company pride themselves in product quality and still process most of their boneless cuts by hand.

Coronado Prime Meats

Butcher in El Paso - 245.10 mi

If you are looking for “fresh and USDA Prime meat,” Coronado Prime Meats is the place to go in El Paso. They sell all sorts of high quality meats, seasonings, craft beers, and other specialty items. They have a team of “expert butchers” that can cut your steaks as well as ground meat, and fresh sausage. They do special cuts on pretty much all their meats. Whether it's a “classic cut such as Ribeye or Lamb Chop,” Coronado Prime Meats can help you with that! Their beef short ribs are great if you're looking for an absolute perfect ratio of tender, flavorful “melt-in-your mouth meat.” They also have a frozen section with duck breast, lamb, pheasant, bison, wild boar and other exotic meats.

Alamo Market and Lockers

Butcher in Comfort - 258.85 mi

Alamo Market and Lockers is a family-owned meat market selling a wide variety of fresh and frozen meat products. They have T-bones, prime boneless ribeye, and sweetheart ribeye, to name a few. If you are looking for a meat and cheese tray, they also have a Parisa Party Tray and a Meat and Cheese tray. They also sell branded frozen items, like the La Boucherie line of frozen meat products (Cajun chicken, green bean casserole, broccoli and rice, and more). If you have meat from hunting that needs packaging and labeling, bring them over to Alamo Market and Lockers and they will prepare them for you. Alamo Market and Lockers is located in Comfort, Texas.

Dutchman’s Market

Butcher in Chireno - 264.18 mi

Started by Glenn and Kathy Beyer in 1986, Dutchman’s Market Inc. is a family business that “specialize in fresh meat products as well as butchering and processing.” Today, their sons Barry and Brett continue to run the business making sure that all of their products maintain the “same outstanding quality” that customers have come to expect for the past 30 years. All of the sausages, jerky and ham products that they offer are “made in-house.” They cut the meats in their fresh meat case daily, and can even cut them to the thickness you desire. Dutchman's Market recently added some new products including snack sticks, snack trays, frozen grass fed lamb, frozen goat, and smoked chickens.

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