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Local Fish & Seafood Markets near the Beeville, Texas 78102 Area (3)

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Saltwater Valet

Fish & Seafood Markets in Corpus Christi - 45.84 mi

Saltwater Valet is straightforward when it comes to its purpose and mission: to provide “high-quality products at a fair price” to their customers. This locally owned and operated business caters to the Coastal Bend community, particularly caterers, restaurants, and individuals. They have a wide selection of items, from seafood like shrimps, crabs, fish, and other specialty items, as well as different cuts of beef and chicken fritters.

Morgan St. Seafood

Fish & Seafood Markets in Corpus Christi - 47.91 mi

Morgan St. Seafood offers fresh and quality seafood sourced from the Gulf Coast at “decent prices.” This wholesale and retail business has been serving the Corpus Christi community for over 60 years, and its owner and staff are tagged as “real fishmongers” with their excellent service and knowledge about their products.  

Alby’s Seafood

Fish & Seafood Markets in Fulton - 48.77 mi

Alby’s Seafood is a family-owned and operated business that has been the trusted provider of wholesale and retail quantity seafood in Rockport-Fulton and the Texas Coastal Bend area since 1983. With their location so close to the Fulton Harbor, the short trip from the dock to their processing facility ensures the best quality and freshness of the products for their customers. Their seafood inventory includes oysters from local bays or Louisiana sold by the pint, quart or gallon, different types of fish like Mahi Mahi, grouper, Amberjack, Tuna, Snapper, Flounder and Black Drum. Other specialties and frozen items include shrimp, smoked salmon from Norway, scallops, stuffed crabs, shrimps, crab cakes, breaded shrimp, seafood sausage, and more.

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