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Paris Vineyards

Winery in Paris - 27.68 mi

Paris Vineyards is a "nice little quaint place" located in the most northeastern winery in Texas. They opened in Paris, Texas with the idea of a vineyard during a trip to Missouri. They can be found across the street from Paris Coffee Company. With "great wine" and "friendly people", you will find the place "very charming, both in the way it looked and customer service". Their "Cabernet Sauvignon" is "amazing". You can also have "free wine and wine-a-rita tastings" such as the "Strawberry Mango wine-a-rita" at several Farmers Market. Check the posts on their Facebook page regarding any updates on any events and if you want to "stop in" to "try some wine".

Red Road Vineyard and Winery

Winery in Naples - 30.50 mi

Red Road Vineyard and Winery's original brick structure, built in the 1890s, housed the first power and ice company. It has "great wines" and the location is "just as great". You will "love the history and the atmosphere of the tasting room in Naples". It is "so relaxed and at home feeling". It "serves the most delicious wine and ports". You will also "loved the atmosphere" aside from their wines. They also have an "amazing" staff that "goes above and beyond". You will end up joining "the wine club" because you will "believe in this place". The "passion for the wine and the success of Red Road is so refreshing".

Phinesse Farms

Winery in Sulphur Springs - 34.91 mi

Phinesse Farms is a local vineyard with a storefront winery in downtown Sulphur Springs. You can "just swing in and have a glass of their Merlot" which is very good and "it's to die for!" You can also try the "Carmel Apple winerita" which is "just perfect on a hot afternoon". They also offer home winemaking classes throughout the year. You can contact them or check their website for the schedule of events and "live music" which they sometimes have "on weekends". Aside from the "wonderful wine", they also have the "friendliest folks" and you can even "enjoy" a "conversation with the owner".

Los Pinos Ranch

Winery in Pittsburg - 36.93 mi

Los Pinos Ranch is a "beautiful vineyard tucked away in Camp County" is a "good place for a date, getaway weekend, or something new to see/do for sightseeing if you're in the area" of Piney Woods.  When you visit the winery, you will be "impressed with the well-maintained vineyards and grounds" and you can "walk through the vineyard which is fun and interesting". They serve "amazing" wines and "they even have two of their wines available frozen - Frose’ is the best!" You will have "a lot of fun and a relaxing time" even if this is the "first vineyard" that you will visit, it will not "disappoint" you. Los Pinos Ranch has been included in Kim's Lists as one of the 7 Most Scenic Wineries Across Texas. Check out the link to read more!

Della Terra Farm

Winery in Brashear - 46.21 mi

Della Terra Farm is "a working farm and vineyard" located just a short easy drive in the country. Going to this "most picturesque place in East Texas", you will enjoy the rolling hills of far Northeast Rains County. As of 24th of August 2019, "after careful consideration", they have already closed their "public tasting room" and are now focusing on "retail wine sales". They will "continue to bake for coffee shops and cater to small private events". Check their website, contact them or send a message thru their Facebook page. "If you love our food, let us bring it to you!" are the words they want to convey.

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