El Paso, TX 79936
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Local Family Farms & Ranches near the El Paso, Texas 79936 Area (3)


Growing with Sara Farm

Farm & Ranch in El Paso - 7.54 mi

Growing with Sara Farm is a 100-year-old Farm. It has a farmer’s stand, called Bodega Loya where you can buy fresh produce harvested from the farm. This farm is located in El Paso, Texas. If you are very particular about the fruits and vegetables you buy and eat, consider buying from this farm. All fruits and vegetables from the farm are grown following certified organic practices. You can visit the farm so that you can see for yourself where your fruits and vegetables grow. That's not all. When you visit, you can also take part in other activities here, like Yoga on the Farm. If you can't visit the farm, they also sell at the Moonlight Adobe Hall farmers' market. They sell there from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

New Mexico Desert Farm

Farm & Ranch in Adkins - 16.72 mi

New Mexico Desert Farm is a honey bee farm. They offer bee pollen, propolis candy, balm & spray for muscular relief, honeycomb, and honey w/pecans. "I’m loving my Wildflower honey but even more, I’m loving the CBD honey and the quick relief I get and the non-after taste you tend to get with other edibles. So good and such a need small amount needed!!!" This is just one of the positive comments from one of their buyers. This only shows how wonderful their products are and you will not regret buying from them. Contact them directly on where you can buy their bee products.

The Buzzbee Honey

Farm & Ranch in Fabens - 22.72 mi

The Buzzbee Honey Company specializes in bringing local raw honey to the greater El Paso area. They also have a "great soap for sensitive skin". They also sell three varieties of soap containing their local honey. These include Raw honey, Oatmeal and Honey, and Wildflower. They specialize in both the wholesale and retail of raw honey, as well as other handmade bath and body products created using their own honey and beeswax.

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