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Local Family Farms & Ranches near the Freeport, Texas 77541 Area (9)


End of the Road Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Lumberton - 6.54 mi

End of the Road Ranch is a multi-generational family farm located in Clute, Texas. You can find them selling their produce at the "Peach Street Market" and you will even have "some beautiful green beans, Zucchini, and squash". "They are HUGE!!" They also have "soaps made with oils". "Taylor and her family have an adorable set up each week at Peach Street Market". They also have tons of eggs from their free-range, organic and non-GMO fed chickens available. Just send them a message to arrange to pick up. Sometimes they are also at the Lake Jackson Farmers Market selling fresh flowers, kale, and parsley plus homemade spice mixes too.

Evans Acres

Farm & Ranch in Freeport - 10.98 mi

Evans Acres provides several variants of pickles and jams as well as freshly-baked bread loaves.  Everything is homemade and handmade by the owners of this farm, using their own tried and tested recipes.  They also offer fresh produce and sometimes, duck eggs through their Facebook account or at their booth at the Jonas Creek Farmers Market.

The Eggplant

Farm & Ranch in Freeport - 11.52 mi

The Eggplant provides fresh yard eggs, homemade canned goods and other yummy treats - everything "truly handmade with love."  They do have quite a list of available items for sale.  From chicken and quail eggs, to several variants of jams and jellies, pickled vegetables, pie fillings, cowboy candy and salsa.  They also do whip up delicious quiches with several filling combinations to choose from these ingredients:  spinach, mushroom, feta, sausage, bacon, chorizo, potato, onion, bean and cheese!

Heaven’s Harvest Microgreens

Farm & Ranch in Angleton - 12.12 mi

Heaven's Harvest is a charming "direct to community" farm that brings the farm-fresh experience right to your doorstep. With quick home deliveries available in Alvin, Manvel, East Pearland, Lake Jackson, Angleton, and Friendswood, they make it convenient to access their bounty of fresh produce. Specializing in four varieties of nutrient-dense microgreens, Heaven's Harvest is dedicated to providing the community with an array of healthy and vibrant options.

Cackle Fruit Factory

Farm & Ranch in Angleton - 13.42 mi

Cackle Fruit Factory produces farm fresh pasture-raised eggs locally.  These eggs are picked from chickens, ducks and quails.  The eggs are exclusively sold at the Peach Street Farmers Market.  Aside from eggs, Cackle Fruit Factory also whips up delicious and scrumptious pastries like cookies and brownies of different flavors.

Seco Creek Farm

Farm & Ranch in Corpus Christi - 17.59 mi

Seco Creek Farm is a farm that has great love for their goats. They believe that happy goats produce great products, and we agree. They have "Nice Looking Goats" and they have "exciting breedings going there!" They strive to develop an excellent herd by focusing on great bloodlines and a strong herd health program. All goats are Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAE) negative and Caseous lymphadenitis (CL) free. They also have a yearly test for their goats. The owners attend every time their goats give birth. Then, the kids are separated from their dams and hand-raised. The Nubian milkers are fed a ration consisting of LaCuesta dairy pellets, 16% mare and foal ration, beet pulp, and Chaffhaye. Their goats always have access to freshwater, minerals, and quality hay. The owners also participate in linear appraisal and DHIR (Dairy Herd Improvement Registry) programs.

Jolly Farms Chickens

Farm & Ranch in Alvin - 21.97 mi

In Alvin, Jolly Farms is a  chicken farm "offering free-range and pastured chickens" that are "organic and non-GMO". They are certified. Moreover, they never medicate their meat birds. "They locally raise and hand process their chickens" at a facility that the state has certified. The passionate owners started with a mission to raise chickens for their friends and family. But now, they are selling to everyone and getting much praise. Also, they "attend numerous farmers' markets all over Houston and surrounding areas. Moreover, they have gained loyal customers due to their chicken's superior taste and texture". Happy customers said, "Consistently fantastic!" and "Excellent chicken and wonderful people!" Aside from their listed phone number on the right, they can also be contacted through the following numbers:  281-824-0137 and 832-875-3661 Find Jolly Farms chickens in Jolie Vue Farm CSA boxes.

PP Farming Co.

Farm & Ranch in Rosharon - 24.18 mi

PP Farming Co. is one of the regulars in the local farmers market. The fresh produce they sell there are harvested from the farm, all bounty of the land. They often bring different vegetables - including those big, green leafy vegetables that will surely catch your attention. They also sell tomatoes, root crops, eggs, ground meat (lamb and goat), and many more.

Lonely Pine Natural Farms

Farm & Ranch in Alvin - 24.72 mi

Lonely Pine Natural Farms is a five-acre vegetable farm located in Alvin, Texas dedicated to providing the surrounding Houston area with fresh produce. They are also using natural and environmentally friendly farming practices. They are also proud to supply their community with quality vegetables. These vegetables not only taste better but can also make people feel better too. And, "there’s a lot of passion going into this Farm and we’re all going to benefit from it through healthy nutrition". Also, the owner, "Jerry has always taken pride in what he does and the quality of its outcome". You will be "sure this business will be no different, so let’s all support him!"

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