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Local Family Farms & Ranches near the Graham, Texas 76450 Area (4)


Barn Dwellers

Farm & Ranch in Loving - 1.51 mi

Barn Dwellers is a homestead of the Latham Family, whose principle is “to farm the most natural way.”  They explained the origin of their family name, Latham, which means, “of the barn” or “in the barn,” which they turned into Barn Dwellers. Through their social media accounts, the family has shown their barn life adventures - how they harvest crops and livestock, as well as the different practices and principles they use. And now, their barn is also the host of the Graham Farmers Market, held from May to September, where visitors are given access to fresh and natural Texas-grown fruits, vegetables, breads and pastries, meats, and more.  

Holy Cow Beef

Farm & Ranch in Graham - 6.36 mi

In Graham, Holy Cow Beef produces beef that they grass-raise, grass-finish, and dry-age at the farm. Moreover, they manage an Angus cow or calf operation that offers only a superior quality possible. This means no growth hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides. Aside from that, they are a member of the AGA, which audits them annually. You can buy their meat at Sunshine Natural Living Market and Abundant Health Naturally health food stores. Also, they sell at the Debbie Seelig and Cross Timbers Food Co-ops. For delivery, they sell by cut with a minimum order of 10 pounds within 30 miles of Graham. If you get 20 pounds, they can ship within 75 miles in the area. Contact them for more details. 

Moreno Farms

Farm & Ranch in Olney - 14.09 mi

Moreno Farms produces fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh eggs.  They are also very much loved by their patrons because of their many flavors of jams and jellies, as well as other pickled veggies!  They also raise cattle at their farm. Also, their "prickly pear is delicious". And, even "picky twin boys absolutely adore the grape jelly". You may also want to "try their Pear Butter and Roasted Garlic Tomato Sauce" too. They also have "have Grapefruit Jam, Peach Habanero Jam and Peach Mango Jam" that you can get weekly at the Graham Farmers Market.

Axis & Angus

Farm & Ranch in Jacksboro - 24.82 mi

Axis & Angus, located in Jacksboro, Texas, specializes in selling USDA-certified natural, free-range Axis deer and Angus cattle meat products. Axis & Angus believes that Axis meat is a healthy choice because it is high in protein but low in fat. This low-calorie meat has zero carbs and low in sodium too. Axis meat is rich in vitamins and minerals. If you are interested to try Axis meat, Axis & Angus has in stock some popular cuts, including ground meat and backstrap. French rack is also available, so are tenderloin and roast. If life is about trying new things, it wouldn't hurt to try Axis meat from Axis & Angus.   .

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