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Katysweet Confectioners

Artisan Food Producer in La Grange - 3.99 mi

Fresh, creamy and gluten free Pralines made by KatySweet Confectioners is something that everyone can enjoy. It was founded in 1996 by “Kay Carlton” with a recipe passed down from her Cherokee grandmother to her mother to her. She combined her love for business and love for candy. She spent several years developing the recipe for the commercial market without sacrificing the homemade taste. Her pralines are some of the few natural products on the candy market today. When you bite into one of the “Creamy Original Pralines”, you will taste the finest ingredients and the care that goes into making every piece. She’s using a two-kettle method to achieve a creamy praline where you'll never get a dry and gritty taste. KatySweet candy is still made to order, so it's always fresh!

Lira Rossa Artisan Cheese

Artisan Food Producer in Moulton - 24.97 mi

Italian handcrafted, small batch cheese made on a family farm in Moulton,Lira Rossa Artisan Cheesemakes a variety of traditional Italian cheeses like the classic, “Mozzarella”, the “signature Latteria cheese” - aged from 2 to 12 months that is made with raw milk, and the”Smoked Riccotta” - made with the whey of the latteria cheese and it has creamy texture and delicate flavour. The cheeses made at Lira Rossa are from recipes based on Italian traditions that have been adapted to the conditions at hand in Texas. The availability of their cheeses depends on the season and the demand. You can buy their products directly at the farm or visit them at the farmer’s market in the area. Italian Made in Texas features how Lira Rossa Artisan Cheese continues the traditions of Italian Cheesemakers right here in Texas!

Stroup Honey Farm

Artisan Food Producer in Lincoln - 24.98 mi

Stroup Honey Farm is a mainstay at the Bastrop 1832 Farmer's market. They only have one product, and that is raw honey. While they don't have a social media presence, those in the know will know where to find Stroup honey farm, and that's during market days at Bastrop 1832.

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