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Davis Mountains Nut Company

Artisan Food Producer in Fort Davis - 31.56 mi

If you are looking for pecans, whether it is candied, flavored, raw or roasted, Davis Mountains Nut Company have it for you! Known as the “best tasting pecans on the planet”, they only use fresh Texas pecans from San Saba, the “Pecan Capital of Texas” They painstakingly hand pick the pecans, searching for the dreaded “bitters”. After dry roasting or marinating, they amazingly coat the pecans one small batch at a time. They have 9 different flavors to choose from, including: Vanilla Almond; Chocolate Fudge; Cinnamon Toast; Hot & Spicy; Sweet & Spicy; Mocha Madness; Orange Twang; Key Lime and Praline Pecans. You can select up to 7 seven flavors, and they can help create and design your own “custom printed tins”   Update: They now have (3) new pecan flavors including -Roasted & Salted -Salted Jalapeno -Cinnamon Glazed

Davis Mountains Nut CompanyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Fort Davis - 31.59 mi

The Davis Mountains Nut Company offers candied nuts that will make any sweet tooth's mouth water. Specializing in gourmet Texas Pecans, they only use the finest ingredients to make their very own Fort Davis delicacy. They currently offer dry-roasted pecans, salted Jalapeño Pecans, and as well as sampler boxes.

Taste & See Bakery

Artisan Food Producer in Alpine - 35.33 mi

A bakery, gourmet wine & cheese shop, and a fine arts gallery and a “sweet little neighborhood café,” all in one place! Get a jampacked sensory experience from “farm to table” in Taste and See Bakery.  “A true manifestation of southern hospitality,” shop to your heart's content hearty and filling loaves of bread and other yummy treats made from scratch, using freshly milled specialty grains and stone-ground flour. Also available are specialty cheeses, a highly curated wine selection, more vegan items, and other deli goodies, organic fruits, vegetables, and meats, and of course, “amazing coffee”! There is just so much to choose from and they even offer vegan and gluten-free options! Visiting this cafe is “all good for the soul.”

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