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ML Farms Texas – McCollum-Lemke Ranches

Farm & Ranch in ZZ No Location - 8.02 mi

ML Farms Texas - McCollum-Lemke Ranches hasbeen in continuous operation for more than 100 years. They currently raise beef, sheep, goats, and pigs to market through retailers in the Southwest and direct to consumers through on-farm sales. They do not use any growth hormones, injections, or unnecessary antibiotics. And, they have "fantastic all-natural and great tasting beef, pork and lamb". Most loyal customers "especially like the steaks and lamb chops". They are "good on the grill or broiled in the oven". Also, "to maximize tenderness and flavor, cook slowly!"

Twin County Dorpers

Farm & Ranch in Kemp - 17.92 mi

The Twin County Dorpers in Harper, Texas, is a ranch that has historically raised several breeds of sheep and goats throughout the years. The farm begins with wool and mohair producing animals. Then, later on, they also producing breeds of sheep and goats. Their bestselling white Dorper sheep starts since 2004. They choose to raise this breed because of their outstanding characteristics, which include its overall field products. Happy client says, "I bought lamb from Twin County Dorpers today at the Dripping Springs Farmer's market. For me, it is the best lamb my husband and I have ever had." You can visit the website of Twin County Dorpers to find a short description of the breed and photographs of some of their sheep. Furthermore, they also offer sale quality breeding stock! If you want to know more about their products, do not hesitate to call or email them. They are happy to answer questions!

Texas Food Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Duncanville - 23.62 mi

The Texas Food Ranch in Fredonia, Texas, is an organic farm of fruits and vegetables. Their goal is to produce tasty and fresh vegetables and fruits for everyone. Texas Food Ranch already has 98 years of experience in traditional farming practices and organic principles.  As the farm grows and keeps improving every day, the owners share their expertise on their official website. Moreover, they want to connect with people. They also want to educate people about organic food and farming. To know more about Texas Food Ranch, you can visit their website! Don’t miss the opportunity to experience organic food and vegetables from Texas Food Ranch! Call them for inquiries! 

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