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Waypoint Farm

Farm & Ranch in Hallettsville - 6.89 mi

Waypoint Farm / Cross T Brand is a family farm in South Central Texas that serves the Houston, San Antonio, Austin and surrounding areas. They produce pasture raised beef and lamb and are animal welfare approved, ensuring that all their products are humanely raised. Ordering from them is as easy as 1-2-3. Just sign up on their site, choose the grass fed and finished product that you want and then pick it up on the agreed date and time, it's that simple!

Heart Brand Beef

Farm & Ranch in Flatonia - 7.85 mi

Meet Ronald and his son Jordan Beeman, visionaries behind HeartBrand Beef since 2006. Their extensive experience in ranching and beef sales dates back to 1998, granting them profound insight into diverse cattle breeds. This knowledge highlighted the health benefits of Akaushi cattle. Their mission revolves around preserving the pure Araushi bloodline, evidenced by their USA-leading herd of 14,000 heads. Craving a delectable taste? Visit their website for a range of cuts. Unveil the unforgettable essence of Akaushi beef today!

Shiner Pork & Beef

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio - 12.89 mi

English Large Black hogs and Beefmaster cattle are found on Shiner Pork & Beef farm. Located on the rolling hills of the Shiner Prairie, this farm practices sustainable agriculture because even the weeds on their garden are fed to their pigs, although the pigs also have their standards and do not eat all weeds. Nothing is wasted. The pigs also get to munch over-ripe vegetables. "The meat (both pork & beef) taste like meat should taste, the way it tasted when we were kids". "The animals are raised humanely and lovingly". "You can taste it in the final product". "Quality is excellent". "The family is super awesome, too!"

Kitchen Pride Mushrooms

Farm & Ranch in Gonzales - 19.65 mi

In 1988, Darell Mclain and sons Phil and Greg launched Kitchen Pride Mushrooms. Prior experience in out-of-state farms spurred their tech-integrated venture. Today, they're a premier US mushroom farm, uniquely the sole full-service one in Texas. Their cutting-edge facility yields top-notch mushrooms while prioritizing water conservation and waste recycling. Offering enlightening tours, they educate customers on the benefits of their produce. A Facebook review echoes the consensus: "Fresh, beautiful, and delicious mushrooms!" Experience quality firsthand at Kitchen Pride Mushrooms.

Ole Dad Farm

Farm & Ranch in Rowlett - 20.85 mi

The Ole Dad Farm in Weimar, Texas, produces vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Some of their crops are pumpkins, gourds, green and yellow beans, all bell, hot peppers, and some tomatoes. During late fall to early winter, they have spinach, various lettuces, radishes, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, carrots, sweet potatoes, leeks, and green onions. And during late spring to summer, they have some green vegetables and yellow beans, squashes, tomatoes, bell and hot peppers, cucumbers, and many more! Most of their fruits are available during early spring except pears that are available during summer and oranges during early winter. Ole Dad Farm offers a range of brown and green eggs, and they have available fresh processed chicken and turkeys. Their pigs are fed with a natural diet if grains. The farm is open every day, but please call them before coming to reserve a scheduled time for you! Come and visit!

Hamilton Cattle Company

Farm & Ranch in Gonzales - 23.37 mi

Hamilton Cattle Company is "dedicated to bringing you locally-raised, grass-fed cattle." This farm is located in Gonzales, Texas. The beef here is delicious and it is healthy for you because the beef is nutrient-dense. They do not believe in using antibiotics on cattle. They also do not use hormones and other chemicals just to improve the appearance of the beef. The farm is managed in the most natural and organic way possible. If you want to make sure that you don't miss out, they are already taking pre-orders. They have roasts, steaks, specialty cuts, ground beef, and bones and organs.

Little Acorn Farm

Farm & Ranch in Weimar - 24.12 mi

Little Acorn Farm is all about being the provider of chemical-free produce and meats to the Tuscola-Abilene area.  They are inspiring people to eat and live healthily, through their grass-fed meats and cuts like lamb and beef which are antibiotics and hormones free.  They also offer fruits and vegetables like kale, beets, onions, and more, as well as eggs and even sourdough bread!

Olivero Farms

Farm & Ranch in Cibolo - 24.76 mi

Olivero Farms currently sell their products exclusively through farmers markets. Check out their website for the list of farmer markets that they currently attend. They sell Olive Oils, Olive Trees, Olive Oil Soaps, Baked Goods such as seasonal loaves of bread, cookies, candies, and pies. You can also find useful links and resources on their website. Even oil remedies and uses are also found which are very helpful. Did you know that Olive Oil prevents the loss of your skin's natural moisture, softens skin and attracts external moisture to your skin? It also helps keeps your skin soft, supple and younger-looking.  

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