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Miller Farms

Artisan Food Producer in LaCoste - 34.11 mi

Miller Farm Raw Milk is a family farm with Jersey and Jersey cross cows located 15 miles west of San Antonio that sells “Raw Milk”. If you love drinking milk, this is the spot to go to! Their milk is always fresh and delicious! Their cows are grass-fed and given absolutely “no hormones” and “no antibiotics”. The milk is packaged in plastic jugs, just like in the store, so you don't have to lug around a box of empty containers! Yay! They also have chocolate milk that comes in half-gallon jugs, regular whole milk in half gallon or full gallon jugs. They also have delicious dairy products like free-range eggs, some kind of Irish soda, local honey, and random goodies of the type you'd expect to find on a farm.

Sweet Sunrise CakesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Uvalde - 45.10 mi

Sweet Sunrise Cakes is a home-based bakery located in Uvalde, Texas. They make custom cakes and cookies for parties or other events and occasions. Many customers have already sought the help of Sweet Sunrise Cakes to make custom sweet treats. And the bakery was able to make excellent cakes and cookies fit for birthdays, showers, weddings, and many others.  The customers loved it! They took photos of the cookies and cakes because every baked item was a work of art. And it was a good thing that they took photos because there was nothing left of the cakes and cookies not long after. Why? They were delicious! So, if you want cookies or cakes that are so great they will make the occasion truly unforgettable, let Sweet Sunrise Cakes make you a memorable sweet treat. Check out the bakeshop's official Facebook page for photos of gorgeous cakes and the kind words of very satisfied customers who shared their stories of celebration made more special with these wonderful cakes and cookies.

Texas Olive Ranch

Artisan Food Producer in Carrizo Springs - 47.20 mi

At Texas Olive Ranch, they offer exceptional “single-sourced extra virgin olive oil” varieties. From growing olives to bottling the final olive oil product, it’s all done under their care. They carefully grow the best olives possible to make extra virgin olive oil that’s delicious on its own but also brings out and complements the flavor of beautiful food. They don’t use any chemicals or heat during the entire process. They only use the “first pressing for the highest quality”, and never adulterate it. All of this is done to ensure the finest quality. Texas Olive Ranch is committed to sustainability and preserving the wonderful landscape of South Texas. Their extra virgin olive oil is GMO-free, gluten free, and the family is currently in the process of becoming certified organic.

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