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COWBOY-UP Chocolates

Artisan Food Producer in San Angelo - 1.93 mi

COWBOY-UP Chocolates, which is located in San Angelo, Texas, makes artisan and designer chocolates with a West Texas flavor. If you have been supporting this business for years, you know that it used to be called Sugar Daddy Desserts. But even if you are a first-time customer or a repeat customer, one thing is for sure. You will definitely enjoy eating the sweet treats they sell here. The Texas Truffle, the brittles, and the chocolate bars - everything here is amazing! They make it with so much care and effort that everything you buy here is eye candy, you can't help it if you take pictures first before eating them.

The Latest Scoop

Artisan Food Producer in San Angelo - 1.94 mi

The ice cream at The Latest Scoop is good. The best topping to this tasty treat perhaps is listening to the story of how this family business grew from its humble World War I roots. The business was handed down from generation to generation, and each generation is making sure there is something new with The Latest Scoop. Besides selling what they call locally handcrafted ice cream, The Latest Scoop also has homemade flavored waffle cones, premium homemade hot chocolates, smoothies, ice cream sundaes, and yes, vegan options too! Take home a pint or quart, because I am sure you'll want more of this creamy, yummy sweet treat.

Salsa Basket

Artisan Food Producer in San Angelo - 3.18 mi

What's not to love about Salsa Basket? They make eating tacos, nachos, and chips a really tasty experience with their yummy Bacon Flavored Salsa. If you need a good barbecue sauce or jam, they have these too. They use 100% real ingredients - no artificial colorings, no artificial flavorings, and no preservatives, making it a healthy choice when snacking! The best part - they are not just for profit alone. Salsa Basket is active in helping out different organizations focused on helping families live better lives.

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