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El Fogón Tacos & Beer

Restaurant in Brownsville - 12.18 mi

El Fogón Tacos & Beer believes it is "redefining the taco experience". They want to bring "a new level of taste and versatility." In short - fresh taste for a great price. I'm sure many are willing to give it a try since they offer a combination many cannot refuse: tacos and beer. The restaurant's open kitchen is where these gourmet tacos are handmade fresh. The restaurant is located in Brownsville, Texas. While we usually associate tacos with street food and casual eating, El Fogón Tacos & Beer wants to add versatility and sophistication to how we see, eat, and savor tacos. If reading this already made you hungry, you can book a reservation online to reserve a table for you and your companions. One final tip: once you are here, make sure to ask for the specials.

Tacos Al Vapor Monterrey

Restaurant in Brownsville - 14.59 mi

Tacos Al Vapor Monterrey, which is located in Brownsville, Texas, is a family-owned restaurant that serves delicious Mexican food. Their specialty is vapor tacos or steamed tacos. But they also offer a variety of choices on their menu, like the Steak Tacos, Hidden Potato Tacos, and Tacos Al Pastor. They also have flautas, soups, toasts, bean charros, and cakes. They also sell hand-made flour tortillas for those who want to make a tortilla-based dish at home and want to use a fresh, delicious, and authentic tortilla. Customers who have been here loved the vapor tacos and the breakfast tacos. They also offer home service and free delivery with a minimum order.

Bigo’s Bar & Grill

Restaurant in Brownsville - 14.82 mi

Bigo’s Bar & Grill is a Mexican restaurant specializing in grilled fajita, Mexican beer, and mixed drinks. It is located in Brownsville, Texas. They have parrilladas, ensaladas de fajita, enchiladas, enmoladas, and more. If you don't know what to order, try the Nachos Bigos, Tacos Matamoros, Tacos de Pollo, Enchiladas de Fajita, Enmoladas de Fajita, Huarache de pollo or Fajita, or the Fajita de Res or Pollo. Besides great food, the restaurant also boasts of having great drinks, from micheladas (made with beer, lime juice, assorted sauces, spices, tomato juice, and chili peppers), Long Island Tea, Strawberry Colada, Piña Colada, Tequila Sunrise, and more. For those who want to sample the food here but can't dine in, Bigo’s Bar & Grill offers free delivery and curbside services.


Restaurant in Brownsville - 15.88 mi

Terra's Restaurant, in the heart of Downtown Brownsville, offers modern Mexican cuisine at affordable prices. We operate a scratch kitchen, sourcing ingredients from local vendors and small businesses. Our frequently changing menu is inspired by seasonal, fresh ingredients, featuring appetizing starters, organic greens, seafood specialties, savory poultry dishes, flavorful meat entrees, hearty vegetarian options, and succulent desserts. Don't forget to check out our mimosas and refreshing beverages. Join us for a taste of Mexico in Downtown Brownsville.

Sylvia’s Restaurant

Restaurant in Brownsville - 16.38 mi

Sylvia’s Restaurant, which is located in Brownsville, Texas, is a family restaurant best for casual dining. This is a great place to eat if you are craving authentic and delicious Mexican food. What to expect to eat here? They have great enchiladas which received positive feedback from many customers. If you are a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, you will feel at home here. The sign at the entrance already tells you what team this business is rooting for in the NFL. If you are planning to visit, they open at 8:00 am every day, just in time for a very filling breakfast to start your day.

Easy to Go Tacos #1

Restaurant in Brownsville - 16.67 mi

Easy to Go Tacos #1, which is located in Brownsville, Texas, makes authentic Mexican food like tacos, capirotada, and more. The store opens at 10:00 am and closes at 10:00 pm. For curbside pick-up, you can call to place your order. They have steak tacos and Tacos de papa Escondida. The tacos here are delicious companies order in bulk to feed their employees, like H-E-B, which ordered 600 tacos! They also have capirotada (a traditional Mexican food that is similar to bread pudding, usually eaten during the Lenten period and served on Good Friday) and frijoles charros or charros beans, a traditional Mexican dish made from pinto beans, onion, garlic, bacon, chili peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, ham, sausage, pork, and chorizo.

Marcelo’s Tacos

Restaurant in Brownsville - 16.75 mi

Marcelo’s Tacos, which is located in Brownsville, Texas, offers delicious barbecue and Matamoros-style tacos. Customers keep coming back to Marcelo’s Tacos, and the reason behind the delicious food sold here is using fresh ingredients all the time.  Customers hail the barbecue here as one of the best in Brownsville. And the tacos have been getting praises all the time. It is so good even people from other states like Chicago wants Marcelo's Tacos brought to them. This is unfortunate because the restaurant does not deliver or ship the freshly-made items they sell here. But you are always welcome here, so drop by the restaurant and treat yourself to excellent Mexican food.

Las 7 Salsas Restaurante

Restaurant in Brownsville - 17.53 mi

Las 7 Salsas Restaurante, which is located in Brownsville, Texas, offers delicious Mexican food, excellent service, and affordable prices. What to expect when you visit Las 7 Salsas Restaurante? Caldo de Res, caldo de pollo, menudo, pozole, chiles rellenos, tacos de picadillo, entomatadas (enchiladas covered in a tomato-based sauce), and tortas. And what do customers who have been here had to say? A lot of good things. Mostly, the review is about how delicious the food is here, overall, so good people are convinced they should go back and eat here again. They love the caldo, the menudo, and the salsa here. They love the very friendly service here too.

Taco El Compadre

Restaurant in Brownsville - 17.80 mi

Taco El Compadre, which is located in Brownsville, Texas, offers authentic and affordable Mexican food like tacos, tortillas, tortas, and other snacks. There are a lot to choose from so you will surely never get tired of eating here. There are many varieties of tacos to choose from. If you want a torta, which one? De pollo, de bistek, pambazos, Torta de la Barda, or hamburguesa sencilla? It will take you several visits before you have finally sampled all of the snacks (or antojitos) they offer here. There are also a lot of ways to eat tortillas here, so make sure to take your pick when you order. And before you can say you are done eating, don't forget to sample their postres or desserts. They have cheesecake, Empanada de Cajeta, capirotada (bread pudding), and champurrado (a chocolate-based atole).

Tacos Pkchü

Restaurant in Brownsville - 19.17 mi

Tacos Pkchü, which is located in Brownsville, Texas, is a food truck specializing in making delicious and authentic Mexican tacos. They have Tacos de Pastor filled with pieces of marinated pork. They have Tripitas Bistek y pastor. The specialties include Piratas de Bistek (tacos filled with steak). Customers love the tacos here many are asking if they can order in bulk, to share with family, friends, or bring them to work so that co-workers can also enjoy the delicious tacos from Tacos Pkchü. Judging from the lines you will see daily, you'll know that the tacos here are beloved by regulars who come here all the time.

Nana’s Taqueria

Restaurant in Weslaco - 20.39 mi

Nana’s Taqueria is a restaurant that makes tacos that are considered one of the best in Rio Grande Valley. The restaurant is located in Weslaco, Texas. They have steak tacos, chicken tacos, and fish tacos. They have mini-burritos, lonches, quesadilla, torta, and stuffed jalapeños. The salsa verde is freshly made, as well as the lemonade. The food here is so delicious that this restaurant is frequented not just by locals but Texans coming from different parts of the Lone Star, like Austin and Corpus Christi. It is also not surprising to find tourists from Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, California, Illinois - even Canada - eating here. This restaurant was voted by radio station Wild 104 as the best tacos in the Rio Grande Valley, but customers also believe they have the best lonches as well. They describe the food as delicious and mouth-watering. They love the great food, the great music, and the great service, and many customers promise - and do - come back. When the weather is fine, customers opt for cozy al fresco dining. They eat outside under the shade of the trees surrounding the restaurant. It is open by 11:00 AM and closes at 9:00 PM. Nana’s Taqueria also offers catering.

The Blue Onion Brewpub (Weslaco)

Restaurant in Weslaco - 20.55 mi

Promising “good times and great food with character (and) soul”, The Blue Onion Brewpub in Weslaco is a Rio Grande Valley success story. Founded by friends Eric Arndt and Gary Ancelin, the two quit their jobs and set out to establish the restaurant – something they had always wanted to do. Eric was a home cook and 9th grade teacher who used to work at several restaurants while in college. What differentiates their restaurant is its use of fresh, local ingredients – “no microwaves and no prepackaged nonsense”. They opened for business in 1999. By 2001, with the Dan Price as additional partner, they opened a second location in McAllen. In 2014, they added a third location at Sharyland. All three locations serve excellent beers and even carry “obscure beers” from other parts of the world. “We stock what we like”, the owners say. Of the three locations, however, only the Weslaco location brews its own beers on site.

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